Chiefs could be a tough out in the playoffs


Moments before venturing into the New York City day-after-Christmas blizzard, Rodney Harrison of Football Night in America and yours truly convened at the big desk and addressed several big topics coming out of Week 16.

We talked about football in the snow (and the lack thereof), about the Giants, and about how dangerous the Chiefs could be in the playoffs.

And how dangerous they could have been if they still had a future Hall of Fame tight end on the roster.

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18 responses to “Chiefs could be a tough out in the playoffs

  1. 2010 stats:
    Tony Gonzalez: 591 yards, 5 TDs
    KC rookie TE Tony Moeaki: 539 yards, 3 TDs

    Is Moeaki at Gonzalez’s level? Of course not. But KC doesn’t have a gaping hole at TE because Gonzalez is gone.

  2. I think all teams in the AFC will be tough outs. But the Colts and KC are home the first week. Who wants to face Peyton in Indy? And the Chiefs may be undefeated at home when the season ends. And don’t tell me the Ravens and Jets aren’t flawed. They are both beatable.

  3. I’m not sure if you can say the Chiefs have great fans anymore. Great fans support their team every year win or lose. The last couple of seasons there have been a bunch of empty seats at Arrowhead. Hell,even yesterday with a playoff spot on the line they still couldn’t fill all the seats.
    Anymore you can say Chiefs fans are just as lame as the ones in Tampa,Jacksonville. Winning teams being watched by empty seats.

  4. “KC has great fans, but seriously. This team is a year or two away from being a serious contender.”
    That’s what all the “experts” said about them making the playoffs said before the season started. I’m sure a bunch of them said it about the Saints and the Cardinals the years before.

  5. I think KC gives the Patriots a real run for the money if they both make it to the AFC Championship game. Their two coordinators grew up in the Patriots’ system and know Belichick’s strategy better than any other staff in the league. Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassell both know the Patriots like the back of their hands. They feature a power running game, which has been kryptonite to the Patriots D this year (exhibit A Peyton Hillis. Exhibit B John Kuhn.) Scott Pioli is the Patriots’ former GM and acquired more than half of the players on the Patriots’ roster.

    The Chiefs are the only good team in the AFC that the Patriots haven’t beaten yet. So, it would be fitting for them to be the final hurdle that the Pats must clear to make the Super Bowl.

  6. @awestcave:

    just because the ‘experts’ were wrong about the Chiefs making the playoffs doesn’t mean they’re wrong about their chances of making the Super Bowl.

    This team won a division that’s only slightly better than its NFC West Counterpart. They got dumped by the McDaniels era Broncos in a game that was over before the half. While they can score points on the Patriots because they have a superb running game, *everybody* that is playoff worthy can score points on the Patriots.

    Let’s not get carried away about their Super Bowl prospects.

  7. The Chiefs are really tough at home, but get them away from Arrowhead in the playoffs and I think they will have a ton of trouble.

  8. I love Gonzalez, but my 10 year old can out run him now. I dare say Moeaki is a better blocker than Gonzalez and a blocker is what we need in this system. I think Moeaki is big reason reason why the Chiefs are the best rushing team in the NFL. I would rather have the Gonzalez from 6 or 8 years ago.

    “Chiefs cannot defeat Ravens or Jets this year.” Give me a break.

    The Jets have lost 3 of their last 4 and the Chiefs has won 6 or their last 7. The Jets have a below average offense and a defense that thinks it’s better than what it really is right now. The Ravens are much better than the Jets at this time of the year and an overall better team.

    Saying that, I think the Chiefs can beat either team at home. Remember the Chiefs average over 200 yards per game at home. Not to many team loose while rushing over 200 yards. If the Chiefs had to play on the road, I think this would be another story.

  9. KC plays in a crap division, so it’s easy to get wins from there. Playing the Pats, Colts or Ravens and getting wins, well that will be another story.

  10. ITs good to see the Chiefs back ontop ,it shows that all they needed was a good coach. They know how to draft talent(which cannot be said for 1 team in Ohio) sorry Browns fans, i had to say that.

  11. Well, easy schedule and a lesser-division or not, I can’t help but to feel the Chiefs are a for-real team this year and could pull some upsets. Baltimore would be tough but as a previous poster pointed out, the Jets, I think they could handle quite effectively actually.

    I personally would love to see the showdown between KC and New England. I’ve joked all season with my uncle, a huge Chiefs fan, how they are the Midwest Patriots or Patriots of the AFC West. While some may think that isn’t true, stop and think about it for a second…they very easily could be and should only get better moving forward. Fairly young teams, building through the drafts…sound familiar? And though it appeared the Pats dynasty was all but over, they continue to build through the draft, I mean look at the picks they get this year. What is it, the first 3 of the 33 picks. Love or hate them, which I can’t stand them, the Patriots are the model to try and follow after.

    I believe the Buccaneers might finally be on to something and building through the draft and un-signed free-agent gems, like Blount. Still it’s early. If there’s a season next year, then the picture should become clearer. Anyways, sorry for getting off point. Personally, I think the Chiefs and Patriots would make for a great matchup in the championship.

  12. KC’s getting stronger now that guys are healing up, particularly because Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones have taken much less pounding this season than most team-carrying RBs. Charles is the most valuable non-QB in the playoff hunt right now, and unlike a guy like Chris Johnson, his body feels like the season’s only halfway over. Furthermore, the injuries to McCluster and Flowers are healing up, which will be key.

    I couldn’t be happier with the direction of this team. When KC went 13-3 under Vermeil in 2003, I was not optimistic. That was a team that was making its last-ditch effort to run for a championship, and the years after that were the decline that I expected. With KC poised to go 10-6 or possibly 11-5, I’m a lot more optimistic than I could’ve been in 2003, despite that they’ll have two or three fewer wins.

  13. I believe the chiefs have a strong chance to beat the jets, based on the fact that the jets won’t get lucky with a last second td like half of their games they have won. The ravens however…the chiefs will have to be perfect to take them down.

  14. KC has had a good season but they have absolutely no playoff experience. This is a really green team still, and they will have their hands full if they have to face the Jets or the Ravens.

  15. The Chiefs and Pats would be a great game. If the Chiefs would make it to the super bowl would the wear the Dallas Texans uniforms? Here is something else Chiefs vs Falcons.

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