Dominic Raiola makes obscene statement to Fins fan

From time to time, Lions center Dominic Raiola has said things that create headlines.  This time around, he’ll get a headline — and likely a stiff fine.

While leaving the field after Sunday’s stunning win over the Dolphins, a second straight road win for the Lions after losing 26 in a row, someone in the stands apparently said something to Raiola that Raiola didn’t like.  So he responded with something that he shouldn’t have said.

The incident was captured on video by one of the various citizen members of the modern Orwellian reality.  We’re all Big Brother, thanks to our Swiss Army cell phones — and Raiola’s big brother at 280 Park Avenue will soon be sending him an envelope explaining that his last paycheck of the year will be several thousand dollars lighter than it otherwise would have been.

18 responses to “Dominic Raiola makes obscene statement to Fins fan

  1. Easy there fella. I understand as a player for the Lions it’s probably very difficult to find anyone willing to do that for you, but you’re casting with a net that’s still way to big.

  2. This joker has been doing this since he came in the league. He’s been a terrible center on a historically terrible offensive line for the past 5 years or so. He’s like Olin Kreutz, except he’s not even an average player like Kreutz.

  3. Gee, I wonder what could have happened (in the last 6 minutes or so of that game) that would have made Dolphins fans upset?

    But … very stupid of Raiola to even react to the idiot fans. By now he should be used to hearing that stuff everywhere, including Detroit.

  4. If the average IQ of a fins fan was above short bus status, they might be worth responding too. I think he gets fined for picking on the slow class, which is obviously wrong.

  5. The real problem was trying to get the Miami fans to take turns properly.
    I used to go see all of the Pats-Dolphins games in Miami, and the stadium is filled with 30,000 Freddie Mercury look-alikes.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

  6. The Wikipedia paga on Raiola (already) quotes Raiola’s words, only using the “proper” word for the noun instead of the slang. Shall the NFL find a way to fine Wikipedia too? Sheesh, Raiola wouldn’t have said anything if the fan hadn’t provoked it, give me a break.

  7. LOL! What’s with the steroid induced man-breasts in the photo caption??

    This is another ‘roid freak that can’t control his temper…

  8. good reference to the Orwellian hellhole we find ourselves in…there are concentration camps all over the US that will be opening soon, and the nazi message you see in your local walmart encouraging you to turn your neighbors in is right out of WWII Germany…the US is one of the most despicable police states in the world, and it is getting much worse soon…

  9. @moolah954

    No, they are not, dummy. Look at the rest of his body. Look at his upper body. Not wearing pads.

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