Jerry Jones lines up two Rooney Rule interviews

Adhering to the path that the Redskins blazed a year ago with a sham in-house interview that complied with the letter but not necessarily the spirit of the Rooney Rule, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Monday that he’ll interview receivers coach Ray Sherman for the head-coaching job in Dallas, according to Calvin Watkins of  Jones also will be interviewing another minority candidate, whose name has not yet been disclosed but who apparently is a current member of the coaching staff.

“I’ll do both [interviews],” Jones said.  “Not that it’s the rule, but I will do both.  It’s just too logical for me, if we’ve got qualified people on our staff, to interview them.  And it’s too illogical to say that you’ll leave it at that.  There’s qualified people out here that you would want to interview.”

In the event that the “mad as hell” Jones is considering firing the entire coaching staff after the regular-season finale, it makes sense to interview any minority candidates on the payroll now, before they’re fired and less inclined to be cooperative in the hopes of not, you know, being fired.

Really, does anyone think Sherman is a legitimate head-coaching candidate?  Under the Peter Principle, Sherman maxed out a decade ago as a mediocre offensive coordinator.  He never has been mentioned as a potential head coach.

On one hand, we’re less troubled than we used to be by legitimate head-coaching candidates who happen to be black agreeing to sit for interviews when it appears very unlikely that they’ll be hired.  With each additional interview, men like Leslie Frazier can build momentum toward finally realizing their dreams.

But Sherman wouldn’t be hired to coach a UFL team, much less an NFL team.  Still, as long as the league permits literal compliance with the Rooney Rule, teams will continue to rely from time to time on satisfying the rule by interviewing a candidate who never would have been a candidate if he were white.

Jason Garrett currently is serving as the Cowboys’ interim head coach.  He can’t be hired for the permanent job absent compliance with the Rooney Rule.  Once Jones complies with the Rooney Rule, he can hire anyone to fill the job.

81 responses to “Jerry Jones lines up two Rooney Rule interviews

  1. That’s just too shady for me. He knows he has to comply with the rule, so he interviews two guys already on his staff?

    What’s to stop him from telling them, “This interview will be complete BS, but if you don’t agree to it, you won’t even be keeping your current job.”

    Not saying that’s what he did, but just the appearance of impropriety should limit these interviews to people not already on his payroll.

  2. Still hung up on the Rooney Rule I see………

    Why not just say Jones is going to interview two people from his staff, instead of feeling the need to point out that they are minorities?

    I’m seriously starting to sense some prejudice…..

  3. this really sucks. because Jones is Sherman’s boss, Sherman cannot refuse the interview on sham grounds. Way to take advantage, Jones.

  4. Poor Jason Garrett thought the Rooney Rule meant you had to interview at least one really geeky looking, scrawny white guy. “I mean, wasn’t it those guys who own the Steelers who started it?”, he asked plaintively.

  5. Is the Rooney Rule even relevant anymore? There was never a Rooney Rule for black QB’s and now things appear to be ability only based. Dungy and Tomlin have recent rings. Owners want rings.

  6. And he plans to interview Leon Lett as the other Rooney rule candidate…LOL….But ya gotta love it., this assclown doesn’t want a coach, just a puppet, and garrett is his new bitch, and the CowGIRLS will end up the same as they have for the last two decades, but i can’t wait for idiots like boysroll to tell us again how talented they are…..Tom Landry’s karma won’t end til jones DIES…..

  7. At least they are members of the coaching staff. I’m surprised he isn’t just “interviewing” the kid who washes his car.

  8. I’m not getting why he is criticizing Jones for this. Because hes interviewing guys that the writer doesn’t think are good enough to be coaches? The rule is inconvenient to began with. Not saying its a bad rule, buts inconvenient for owners who have in mind who they want to hire but have to go through this dog and pony show. Now you want to tell owners which minority candidates they have to interview?

  9. Way to follow the letter, and not the spirit, of the law JJ. Doesn’t exactly help to make your organization a desirable place for talented young coaches that happen to not be white. And no, I’m not referring to Sherman as young.

  10. lmao he must have nick saban all lined up to be named hc on jan 3rd lol or maybe he has a big name super bowl coavh up his sleeve or it will just be “the red headed jesus” garrett lmao

  11. The problem with your take on this Mike is that you lean too far to the left for us to take you too seriously. Leave the color questions for politics to decide. I firmly believe that in the NFL locker room – they are all green and they all hail from the same place.

  12. Geez, did Sherman steal your lunch money when you were kids? So maybe he’s not Da Tuna, but you don’t have to be so hard on the fella. BUT it’s true that it’s a sham and there is no reason to have this rule anymore, especially when it embarrases what are probably good men. Does ANYONE think Jerry Jones wouldn’t hire a martian if he thought they were best for the job? He’d hire white, black, mexican, asian…whatever, as long as he thought they could win. And I’m a ‘Skins fan. It’s still the truth.

  13. The Rooney Rule is a Looney Rule….so easily circumvented and basically a charade. Owners hire who they want to hire.

  14. The Rooney Rule is stupid and a waste of time! Especially when the candidates who are being interviewed knows they aren’t gonna get the job! I am sure it was meant with good intentions in mind but it has turned into a joke! Just do what’s right and hire the right candidate for the job.

  15. It doesn’t matter who he interviews or hires because as long as Jerrah is running the show, the Cowgirls are screwed…

    He got rid of the last good coach he had – Jimmy Johnson – because has to be HMFIC or his can’t be fed…

  16. First you get upset by a team trying to get around “complying”, then when they do, you get upset about that too.

    Not to mention, who the hell are you to question the qualifications of Sherman? He has been in the NFL for years and coached for the top organizations in the league. (Packers, Steelers, Cowboys)

    What an insult to the man, and a rule which gives an African American an opportunity to be an NFL head coach of one of the leagues premiere franchises.

    So, according to you, only certain black candidates,(approved by a white guy like you) should be entitled to an interview? Is that what you are saying?? Your arrogance is astounding.

  17. Fact: Hotel workers, waitresses, Potential Coach candidates and nightclub patrons prefer big Tim to big Ben

  18. check out his resume- over 20 years of nfl coaching experience!

    So sherman (black man) should not be taken seriously for this position according to you (white man).

    Wow- with those types of comments you remind us all why this rule is in place.

    It’s up to you, but I think you owe Sherman an apology.

  19. The Dallas Cowturds are the last team in the NFL that will have a Black Head Coach. JJ and the paying customer from texas would not be happy to see their team be lead by anyone other than a white guy. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

  20. I’m curious about the motivations of Jerry Jones. Earlier in the season Jones was suggesting he get an exemption to the Rooney rule from the league office.

    I do expect Mr. Jones will find another defensive coordinator. Now, if he could just find a general manager.

  21. oops…. should say,if you don’t think this……I guess I’m a bag when it comes to proof reading my posts.LOL

  22. I feel dirty. I have to agree with Jerry Jones. If he’s qualified, it is logical.

    There’s kind of a lot of not white coaches in the NFL. I don’t think most people could play and work and bleed with everyone and still stay hateful or prejudiced. Football has to be a meritocracy to work, and that breaks down these stupid barriers. It’s hard to stay ignorant at who you know?
    Something like that. I wish I had something better to do right now.

    : )

  23. ok ,why would sherman refuse to interview for a promotion? whoever asked that needs to go soak his head

    also, i believe it was the rams that asked for permission to interview ray sherman at the end of the 08 season for their head coach job. youre selling ray sherman short. he has got over 20 years in the NFL and has coached players up everywhere he’s been from Warren Moon to Donald Driver to Miles Austin.

  24. I’m half Inuit and half Aborigine. I want one of each interviewed or I will feel slighted.

    Also I want a hamburger-no a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake….

  25. People who say that JJ is color blind when it comes to picking a HEAD coach for dallas must be stupid blind. The rich people that back the cowtreads are white and the majority of fans for the dungboys are racist trailer park trash. This equation = The head coach of my team better not be black. Pathetic but true. There are still a few cities and teams that are in the same thinking but rest assured, the Dallas team will be the last team to make that change. Pathetic

  26. Wow I didn’t even read the story but anything that says rooney rule I like to read the comments. FUN STUFF

  27. sarahpalinhater says: Dec 27, 2010 9:42 PM

    This is just for PC sakes. No way, NO WAY does Dallas accept a Balck head coach. Sorry but, it’s the truth! JJ would be hung out to dry if that happened.

    This is ridiculous. Not just because Texas is one of the most racially diverse states, but just look at the Rangers with Ron Washington as their head coach and the Mavericks just ending the Avery Johnson era…both of them being fan favorites and completely revered by the DFW media. Quit all this BS about Texas being a racist state…there are racists everywhere, not just the south.

    And I guarantee that Jerry does want to hear what Sherman would do with the team as he is a very vital part of the offense and has a knack for developing talent. Wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see him as the offensive coordinator next season.

  28. Man the Rooney rule is to late, its a freaking joke!


    My head coach could be green and I would not care as long as he is winning!

    This rule would have been better setup in the early days but now, in my simple point of view it is pointless.

  29. I would freaking love to have Tomlin or Dungy as my teams coach I dont care about the color of there skin, people are to stuck on that which takes away from the most important thing winning and leading!

  30. Not a huge fan of the Rooney rule but have never understood the outrage about it either.

    People are ultimately going to hire who they want, this doesn’t prevent that (which is a good thing).

    At worst, it gives someone a chance to have an interview they likely would not have otherwise had. Good experience to have even if you don’t land the job. Again, not hugely useful, but still not worth getting all riled up about, if you ask me.

  31. I would think more of Jerry Jones if I thought he’s serious about finding the best HC for the job if he wouldn’t have asked for an exemption from the Rooney Rule earlier this year. Now he’s announcing he’s interviewing TWO minorities for the job? What a self-serving, PR generating dirtbag….

  32. homerpimpson says: Quit all this BS about Texas being a racist state…there are racists everywhere, not just the south. And I guarantee that Jerry does want to hear what Sherman would do with the team as he is a very vital part of the offense and has a knack for developing talent. Wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see him as the offensive coordinator next season.
    So…it’s okay to interview Sherman for the HC position, pick his brain but offer him the OC position instead? Do you even see the hypocrisy in your post?? And FTR, I’m from the south.

  33. The Rooney rule was designed with good intentions but fails to actually fix any discrimination on any level. Just because a black coach receives an interview doesn’t mean he isn’t going to get hired and if he doesn’t get hired you shout racism. True or not you don’t know.

    The world also isn’t as it used to be either, more and more people do not care about race as they used to. Is Jerry Jones just doing this to comply with it? Maybe, but we do not know. Only Jerry knows. The rule was a good thought to get more diversity and fairer chances to non whites but it is time to get rid of it, as it causes more controversy than it does good.

  34. The only legit candidates would be Ron Rivera of San Diego, Perry Fewell of the Giants or Vikings Leslie Frazier. He’d better off keeping Jason Garrett. I know that rumor of Nick Saban coming is laughable.

  35. The Rooney’s are flaming liberal POSs. They worship Obama and the Rooney Rule is just political correctness with steroids. It is old rich people who feel guilty being rich and white, so they have to do stuff to feel better about themselves. Much like Democrats did for 40 years of control of congress. They decided to give ghettos handouts for not working and reward single ladies for having illigitimate children, and what do you get when you subsidize something? You get more of it. Thanks Rooneys, you scumbags.

  36. PFT, tell us more about the Steelers needing to add thousands more seats to Heinz Field in order to meet the damand:)


  37. I love how some of you right-wing rednecks like to pretend color doesn’t matter and there is really no racism in society. YOU don’t fool me. I know you are all a pack of white racists that watch Fox News and dig the Tea Party.

  38. the nfl will not be satisfied until every team has a black head coach. i bet it’s not mandatory for the vikings to interwiew a white coach.

  39. Has anyone really stopped to think how bad this Rooney rule really makes minority coaches look.
    (ok.. before you hire someone you have to interview someone based on the color of their skin)?
    They couldn’t wait (till the end of the year) to run Singletary in San Fran while Tomlin is going to go legend in Pitt with a few more rings.
    I don’t think there are enough Buddhist head coaches.
    Get my point ?

  40. I love the Rooney Rule… I’d just like to see it applied across the boars. With almost 2 BILLION people it’s a travesty that we don’t have at least 1 Chinese QB. Racism is everywhere.

  41. Its an insult to the minorities.
    What a waste of paper that rule is. Everybody breaks it and everybody laughs at it. I am sure that was not the intended purpose so why not abolish it once and for all? It is nothing more than a hoop for owners to jump through while they get who they have at the top of their list as well as to make the NFL appear to be concerned about equality. Farce.

  42. lmao THE ROONEY RULE IS A CROCK OF CRAP NOW ADAYS! If owners have to interview a black candidate they should also have to interview a white one!

  43. @ mborz

    At worst they make a human being feel like they are being considered for something based off of their skin color alone. That has to be a huge hit to anyone with self respect.

  44. “That’s just too shady for me.”

    The entire Rooney Rule is shady. Think about it. You have to interview a minority coach. Go count how many minority head coaches have won an NCAA Football Div-1 National Championship. The collegiate success-laden talent pool is almost non-existant in this area. Not that hiring a successful college HC gaurantees anything anyway (i.e. Pete Carroll). Now you have to start looking at hiring a seasoned NFL DC or OC or such to a HC role, one who may have had no HC experience. Well, Ray Sherman is a reach, but why not give him the opportunity to interview and maybe hit one out of the park. Worst case scenario is he gets some interview experience which may lead to success interviewing for that position in the future somewhere. So what the heck is shady about that? Is it shadier that JJ currently has a mostly-inexperienced OC as the interim-HC and is thinking about making him the HC? Sounds like its along the same line of thinking as having your WR coach take over. Same vein of thought. Nothing shady about that at all.

  45. “At worst they make a human being feel like they are being considered for something based off of their skin color alone. That has to be a huge hit to anyone with self respect.”

    And yet affirmative action still exists. Somebody clearly is a fan of this forced method of employment…though I’m not sure who.

  46. Competition drives the owners decision not an an affirmative action rule. This is a sham to satisfy the PC crew running the NFL. Any owner who bases his decision on a head coach based in race is a dumb ass. The NFL cannot run this way. It is the job of Congress to screw things up in race relations with prejudicial rules that punish one race to lift up another. When you throw out the merit based system you end up with an academic system. No free speech, no merit and plenty of subjective rules. Get the Ivy League liberals out of the NFL offices.

  47. hey meatball13, why so serious?

    not saying it’s not a sham- simply pointing out you can’t have it both ways- if you put these requirements in place, (must interview a black candidate) you cannot cry foul if the candidate is not someone you think is legit………that’s why this whole system is bogus. I was hoping jerry would interview snoop dog and really make a statement.

  48. I don’t know if my comment didn’t get posted or what but I’ll reiterate:

    The Rooney Rule (and stop me if I’m incorrect) only requires you (the owner) interview 1 head coaching candidate. Thus, the rule would be fulfilled by interviewing, Ray Sherman. So, follow me here (and try to keep up), this mystery second interview has nothing to do with the Rooney Rule, for it has already been complied with.

    In closing, it is incorrect and stating an impossibility to say that Jerry is interviewing 2 people to comply with the Rooney Rule. One could come to the conclusion that it is even racist to assume that the second person being interviewed, is only being interviewed because of their race (in fact, you could go as far to say that is the definition of racism). But I digress. We can debate if the Rooney Rule is racist, reverse racist, practical, or terrible all day, but, the content of my above comment on the actual meaning and wording of the rule and its regard towards Jerry Jones compliance with the rule is based off facts and facts alone.

    What you should take away from this comment? Jerry Jones isn’t interviewing two people to comply with the Rooney Rule. He either has genuine interest in at least one candidates, or has been very poorly informed on what he must do to comply with the rule.

  49. LOL, so what? The Rooney rule is probably one of the stupidest, most racist ‘rules’ in sports. It is insulting to black coaches because it says, “Here, you can’t get a HC job on your merits as a Coach, we have to force an owner to interview you because of your skin pigmentation.” It is insulting to Owners because it implies that all owners are racists who have to be forced to talk to a qualified coach who happens to be black, they wouldn’t do it otherwise.

    The Danny exposed it for the joke it is when he had his sham interview.

  50. Gimme a break, the only color that truly matters in the NFL is green. Whatever pigment the head coach’s skin is is irrelevant as long as everyone’s pockets get a little bit greener.

    BTW: Rooney Rule is past its time. It’s helped, but it’s time to retire it.

  51. That’s quite an assumption for a lawyer. You assume that the interviews are shams. Is that because you have a glimpse into the mind of JJ ?? The Rooney rule states that there must be minority candidates interviewed before the hiring of a HC or FO candidate…Jones is doing just that ?? I don’t get the issue here. This isn’t the 50’s and while racial biasing to some extent still exists in society today, it’s not the stumbling block holding minority candidates back in the NFL any longer. If JJ, a multi-multimillionaire, chooses to belay his team by not interviewing the best candidates, isn’t that his business ? The subjectivity of choosing a regime to run an NFL organization should be left to the decisions of the person(s) that will ultimately pay the price for those poor decisions made during the interview process, in this case, JJ. The Rooney Rule has served a great purpose. There is too much at stake by decisions the owners make in how and who to run the organization for any of these guys to let racial bias stand in the way of what is best for their organization…

  52. Why does anyone care? So what if he follows the rules by interviewing folks on his staff or another person.
    Does in anyway make a difference in anyone else’s life?
    This is about as useless of an article as there is on here. It does nothing but bring out apologist and racist.

  53. krow101 says:
    Dec 28, 2010 6:05 AM
    With almost 2 BILLION people it’s a travesty that we don’t have at least 1 Chinese QB.


    There was Timmy Chang, but he kinda sucked at the pro level.

  54. I am disappointed and tickled by the level of blatant ignorance exhibited here…. on both “sides” of the issue. Those of you for whom English is not your first language (gypjet) are especially hilarious. When “people” like you are comfortable spouting such obvious bigotry and hatred, it is clear that certain issues are simply not meant to examined or understood by the… intellectually challenged.

  55. Kennypowers, I’ve been saying it too!!! Jeff Fisher all the way! If that happens, I will take off work for a couple of days, submerse myself in Tanqueray, then run through the streets with no clothes on and a star painted on my back. That man is of a rare breed and I would LOVE to see him in Dallas.

    Oh, and mad55555, how many interviews did you conduct and how many polls did you take in order to determine that all Cowboys fans are “racist trailer park trash” that wouldn’t accept a head coach who isn’t white? I’m eager to see your statistics, because your statements are close-minded and bogus. While I can only speak for myself, I’m sure I’m in the majority when I say that the color of our next HC’s skin is probably the least important criteria that we are worried about. Hell, I would support Jerry Jones 150% if he hired Yoda….if Yoda gave us the best chance at winning and not ending up with a debacle of a season the way we did this year.

    That said, I have been talking about the possibility of Jeff Fisher coming to Dallas since he had his falling out with Vince Young earlier this season. I just have a feeling…

  56. jwil444…Sorry if I took what you said wrong…Iagreee that the whole system is bogus…I like the Snoop idea!

  57. muchmaligned obviously didnt read the post he complained about. therefore he deserves much maligning.

    and, the rooney rule is bs.

  58. People saying the Rooney Rule is a joke should look back to why it was started in the first place. Back in 2003, only about 7 coaches in the history if the league were black. Maybe we don’t really need the rule as it stands today, but back then, it needed to be put in place–and maybe that’s why we don’t need the rule today–it did it’s job. People will hire who they want to hire, but maybe the rule will give someone a chance who may not otherwise be considered.

    The Rooneys were open when they said they interviewed Tomlin as part of their own rule and didn’t think he would be a viable candidate, but he impressed them enough to get the job and he was a good hire.

    Jones is going about this the wrong way. He’s only interviewing people to comply with the rule, but if he was serious, he’d look at some good offensive and defensive coordinators and maybe he’d find someone else impressive.

  59. THANK YOU so much to all the FOX news viewers who are vigilantly stomping out reverse racism wherever it appears that another white guy might possibly inconvenienced or competed with by minorities!! Job well done. America NEEDS you soooooo much — NOT!

    All of the arguments against the Rooney Rule can easily be countered with a big “SO WHAT?” Seriously, it shouldn’t bother anyone that a private group of owners have agreed with a private group of employees to have a rule like this. It is in fact a labor relations policy as well as public relations policy. Nobody is in anyway injured by its implementation as well.

    The minority being interviewed may not have a serious chance at the job, but it’s only a joke if YOU laugh! He gets his name in the news at the very least, and may be considered for other jobs in the future as his profile is slightly raised because of this rule.

    Also, there is always the fact that access to the owner will possibly lead to recommendations from the owner to other ones.

    IN fact, there is the chance that he unexpectedly “WOWs” the owner into hiring HIM! Wait, if YOU are the one laughing at this process, YOU are the one saying the minority has NO chance at the job (WHY?), MAYBE YOU ARE THE RACIST – not the imaginary black/liberal/socialist reverse racists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking for racism, prejudice, ect.? Try a mirror first and think before you judge others and there policies.

  60. @chapnastier: Yeah, although I’d augment what you said to read like this: “At worst they make a human being feel like they are being considered for something based off of their skin color alone.”

    If I felt the way you described, I guess I wouldn’t bother interviewing even if the interview were offered.

    Again, I don’t want to come across like I’m defending the Rooney Rule. I’m not.

    The puzzler for me is the amount of outrage it invokes. I certainly understand the outrage affirmative action invokes, but when it comes to this rule, not so much, even though I disagree with it.

  61. @chapnastier: Sorry about that, I inserted the word “could” in between “they” and “make”, but I put html markup around it, which made it invisible. Too bad you can’t preview what these posts will look like before committing them.

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