Niners fire Singletary

When 49ers owner Jed York declined on Sunday to commit that coach Mike Singletary would be coaching the team next week, the message was clear:  Singletary wouldn’t be coaching the team next year.

As it turns out, he won’t be coaching the team next week.  David White of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Singletary has been fired.

He got the job on an interim basis in 2008, after Mike Nolan was fired.  Rumors of a firing had swirled for weeks, but the 49ers opted to stay put, presumably because the 49ers remained alive for the NFC West crown despite being 5-9.

After the 49ers lost to the Rams on Sunday, finally putting them out of their and everyone else’s misery, the Niners could make their move.

UPDATE:  The Niners have announced the move.  And if you had Jim Tomsula in the office pool as the likely interim head coach, congratulations.

83 responses to “Niners fire Singletary

  1. The fool was on the field again during a live play today. Twice. He did the same thing last year against the Vikings but was standing a good 10 yds into the field while the game was going on. He is nuts. Why the 49ers kept this idiot was a bad decision. Now they can get Holgrem or Gruden though.

  2. It’s racially motivated I tell you!

    No, seriously, Singletary is a horrible Head Coach, this needed to be done, hopefully the 49ers will hire someone that can bring them back to respectability.

    Wonder if Jim Harbaugh will be getting a call?

  3. I fail to see the advantage in firing Singletary this week as opposed to the end of the season. What is to be gained for the 49ers organization? The firing appears to be impulsive with regard to it’s timing.

  4. We’ve got a few good players. Vernon Davis..Frank Gore..Crabtree when he feels like it..Andy Lee..Pat Willis..and…and…well, that’s about it.

    Just write a blank check for Chuckie and Holmgren. They’re pals, and both from the Bay Area.

    Let’s get it right this time.


  5. I don’t understand the point of firing a head coach with just one meaningless game left in the season. Singletary certainly deserved it, but I fail to see what it accomplishes doing it now as opposed to a week from now. Then again, a lot of the things the 49ers have done in the past decade are mystifying.

  6. What have the Niners done right in the past 10 years? They make my Bills look like a bunch of elderly geniuses, not.

  7. great player…horrible coach.

    no reason to keep switching qbs every other game. troy smith is the happiest person in the bay area tonight.

  8. Agreed,good human being,great intentions,tremendous work ethic…but in over his head…Just not ready yet.

    ..Hope he gets another shot down the line…all that passion and dedication has its place…just needs to polish a few people skills,and surround himself with better assistants..

  9. Too bad he pays the ultimate price for a disfunctional O-line, horrible QB situation and a lack of an offensive attack since Gore went down.

    The time for Alex/Troy is up and enough of this “new young coach” idea…go after a winner and draft a QB.

    Bring on 2011

  10. Although i have said this for awhile, i don’t think he should have been a head coach,but you have to think he belongs in the NFL somewhere, and i mean the NFL, not sitting in a studio with the likes of Chris Carter and Shannon Sharpe….For some reason, I always liked Singletary, and i’m no bears fan, and i’m sure niners fans are relieved, and he is a decent man, but no way he should have been a head coach…..

  11. YES YES YES. This guy was clueless and crazy. It’s good to see that Jed is making the right decision moving forward. If we can get Holmgren or Harbaugh it’d be a great thing. Please god don’t get Gruden

  12. Great player, but the only person I’d say shouldn’t be coaching at the pro or college level. He just doesn’t have the temperament for the job. At times I was concerned for his emotional well-being. His decision-making and behavior didn’t seem altogether rational. For his own sake, I hope he stays out of football for the foreseeable future. Then perhaps he could return on a consultant basis, but never as a coach.

  13. I had high hopes for Singletary.. But he completely let us 49ers fans down.. I think he makes a great position coach, maybe even a coordinator. But he’s just not a head coach. By talent alone, there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be in first in the NFC West, even with the question mark at the QB position. We have so much individual talent that it’s really a shame that they can’t play as a cohesive unit. I’m hopeful that we can secure a real QB, a real HC, a real GM and upgrade our secondary over the offseason. I know that’s a lot, but we need massive changes. I’d love a new owner too, but that may be too much to ask! Nonetheless, bring back Eddie D please!

  14. The were numerous positive Singletary brought to that team. One of which was finally getting Vernon Davis in line and performing well in run support and the pass game. Other notables as well.

    The QB carousel and underachieving D is what killed the Samurai. In hindsight, if Shaun Hill was under center, the team they would have most likely made the playoffs.

    I’m sure Singletary’s ferocity and principles of discipline will be an asset on another team. But it was Alex Smith that crippled the Samurai.

  15. Al Sharpton asked on ESPN why haven’t any white coaches have been fired. Tony Dungy will reach out to Singletary later tonight.

  16. He is a ratard. The fact that he ever even got to be interim coach for the niners shows how utterly lost their org is.

  17. Great QBs make coaches look great.

    Alex Smith and Troy Smith… sigh.

    If Gruden & Co. want Andrew Luck this spring, they’d better be willing to swap more than just a first and second rounder; it’s gonna sting.

    Of course, if the lockout happens, then Luck has nothing to lose by not coming out. We’ll all know long before then.

  18. Singletary was a hard nosed player who played for the likes of Ditka and Buddy Ryan and won a Super Bowl in the process. He was an old school type of guy who was trying to coach the modern day prima donnas, millionaires and cry babies….just didn’t work. He is a good man who simply would not give in to the current crop of high paid softies. He will end up in the HOF while most of the others will end up driving a taxie. The very best to you, Mike.

  19. Sing was a great player and great guy, but a terribly HC. He had to go. Oh, and that f*ing gigantic cross has to go too.

  20. I think he’ll be a good head coach someday. He just wasn’t ready. Plus, he was a poor fit for the 49ers organization.

    They need to go back to their roots; find an offensive-minded coach with a west coast offense background, like Holmgren or Gruden.

  21. Good start – Singletary actually has a good record against Arizona, so maybe the change can also help the niners get a more favorable position in next year’s draft. Just have to hope that the only Smith returning on next year’s roster is Justin.

  22. You can’t blame everything on a coach. The coach can’t play for the players. The niners need a QB that’s what they need.

  23. Man I hate to see him go. I sure hope he gets replaced with Gruden, or that old gieser that got fired from Notre Dame., or some other re-tread sham coach to keep the whiners down where they belong.

    Now all we got to do is keep ole Peter Dink up in Squak town and what’s his face Temp Tom in the desert to keep this Division right where it belongs.

  24. Singletary got his shot, and proved that he is NOT a head coach. I bet he will have no problem getting a D coordinator job for next season, but I don’t think any team in the league would be dumb enough to hire him as a head coach after his 2 disappointing seasons in San Fran. Except maybe the Vikings….

  25. They can have Leslie Frazier. The Vikes will happily take Holmgren, Gruden, Billick, or Cowher.

  26. Singletary has no business on an NFL sideline. He lacks the necessary tools to be an NFL head coach. He wouldn’t even succeed as a coordinator, as he has no X’s and O’s skills to speak of. The man is strictly a motivator – and an overrated motivator, at that. All he’s good for in the NFL is coaching LBs and delivering pregame speeches. Ask more of him, and he’s in over his head.

    I don’t doubt that he’s a good man, and he was an amazing player. Nobody can take those things away from him. However, he simply does not have the wisdom, knowledge, or experience to coach at this level.

    Also, the terrible QB play is a result of consistently piss-poor coaching, not vice-versa. None of the 49ers QBs in recent years has had a chance to succeed. Since dumping Jeff Garcia, the revolving door at QB has been a result of consistently terrible coaching, offensive linemen, and receivers. From Tim Rattay to Troy Smith, not a single QB has had the solid support necessary to play well. Only in 2006, with Norv Turner calling the plays and Alex taking all the snaps, did we see even limited success.

  27. Singletary was a great player. We all know by now that great players don’t always become great coaches. Singletary was apparently afforded every opportunity to succeed as a head coach, and squandered it.

    He had time, talent and played in a miserable division… What more do you need?

    Best to stick to defensive coordinator for a while… Another opportunity will eventually present itself in the future if you can build a good defense somewhere.

    Sorry it didn’t work out, good luck.

    P.s… Alex Smith, start packing your bags, homie…

  28. Mike seems like a great guy. I’m sure most of the players loved him. I wish he could stick around. But the NFL is just too fast. Pushes out great guys before they get a chance to make their mark. I know the players love the guy and would work their asses of for him. Just hope he gets another chance and isn’t unfairly judged by the poor play of the Niners. I’m a San Fran fan and am well aware of the fact that he wasn’t up to the job, but I know the man has a passion for the game that he can pass on to another generation. There is a reason that there are only 32 men with the job of an NFL head coach, even if everyone with a copy of Madden thinks they have what it takes.

  29. So yet another team that passed on Matt Leinart. Maybe give the guy a chance? He can’t possibly be worse than what the Smiths, Derek Anderson, Charlie Whitehurst, John Skelton, Matt Hasslebeck and whoever the other guy Arizona started this year. A division win for any of these three teams with Leinart at QB for a whole season.

  30. polegojim says: Dec 27, 2010 12:07 AM

    Great Player
    Good Man
    Decent Guy

    The Samurai was a Poor Head Coach
    There it is.

  31. It’s sad to see him fired after the second to last game of the year. But, his blow-up with Troy Smith was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back, as they say.

    I think it’s clear to everyone that he is not head coaching material. I had high hopes for him too. I was a Niners fan back in the Montana days. While they are not my team anymore (I became a huge Eagles fan when I went to school in suburban Philly), I still like them and want to see them succeed.

    I’ll add to the chorus that’s singing “he should be a coordinator.”

  32. sdchargers25 says:
    Dec 27, 2010 12:27 AM
    Hopefully Norv is next!

    You are sooooooooooo Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. When Troy Smith got in his face and they were going back and forth, it was an embarrassment. Several times, players would angrily be yelling even after scoring TD’s (see Vernon Davis).

    Too much anger, emotion and often times changes in games really didnt give anyone a chance to establish a role. They will assess the team and take a long look at what direction to go. one thing is certain…they have talent on that team and shouldnt be this bad. New leadership and character has to be put into this team.

  34. Stay out of the game, Singletary. You fail. You suck. Time to bring the 49ers back to prominance again.

  35. come to philly as defensive cordinator!!!! mcdermotts horrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Meanwhile, in the land of the frozen lake, also known as Cleveland……

    The CZAR has left his throne!
    There is shuffling and commotion in his wardrobe room!
    Is the great warrior weary his troops poor performance in battle?
    Is he putting on his battle garb to personally lead his minions?
    Is the CZAR personally going to lead the big ‘shock and awe’ show?
    Only the CZAR knows for sure!
    The assembled masses wait with much hope and apprehension!
    The tarnished and failed lieutenants from the other tribe-the tribe of Vernon Gholston-wait with even more apprehension!
    Long live the CZAR !

  37. Average player who played with other player who made him look great! If he played in small market, no one would even know who he was! As a coach..totally overrated! I have a feeling he will be working at ESPN next season!

  38. All I gotta say was the sunglasses worn during a “night game” wasn’t a good look. Maybe his main problem was that he didn’t wear a hoodie.

    They guy was clueless.Would love to see Gruden take over – he’d get those guys to play in a hurry.

  39. greact d cordinator if he can suck it up an do it, needed done last year. like the intensity but really enough is enough.

  40. Mike was a terrible head coach..BUT the 49er’s need a QUARTER BACK!! Alex and Troy are terrible! without a QB no coach can fix this pathetic “every play to Gore” offence. This offence was terrible all year long. Terrible!

  41. Next move, ownership sells the team! Or fire Themselves! New ownership get rid of all front office people. Lets face it, this organization is ruined, and has been since THIS SAME ownership blamed their ineptness on Coach Steve Mariucci and QB Jeff Garcia, way back when, and fired/got rid of, both of them as scapegoats. Funny thing is they havent done squat since then!
    You whiner fans calling for Gruden, Cowher, Harbaugh, etc. WAKE UP!!! Dont you remember just 2 years ago? When your pathetic ownership was offering your head coaching job to anyone that would listen and everyone was turning it down?!?!?! They had to settle on Dingleberry because no one else wanted the job. Candidates were just coming in using the 49ers as experience for the process of head coaching interviews. NO ONE wanted the job then, and NO ONE WANTS THE JOB NOW!!!!!!!

  42. Quote from earlier post
    “Singletary was a hard nosed player who played for the likes of Ditka and Buddy Ryan and won a Super Bowl in the process. He was an old school type of guy who was trying to coach the modern day prima donnas, millionaires and cry babies….just didn’t work. He is a good man who simply would not give in to the current crop of high paid softies”
    The prima donna’s had absolutely nothing to do with the poor coaching decisions and the poor handling of poor quarterbacks. Make Troy the starter during the week and list all his attibutes, then bench him late in the game? So what happened to all the things he said before the game? In over his head. But a great player!

  43. Singletary has great fire…but needs to be a LB coach or a DC. He clearly cannot run anything regarding offense, and his musical QB’s game is outright embarrassing to the QB’s and the team.

    The fact that he gets in his players’ face every weekend is a problem, too. Sooner or later, one of these guys will have enough and knock Singletary out cold. Fire is good….trying to strip these guys of their manhood on the sidelines is whacked, and he lost his locker room in the process.

  44. Also, the terrible QB play is a result of consistently piss-poor coaching, not vice-versa. None of the 49ers QBs in recent years has had a chance to succeed. Since dumping Jeff Garcia, the revolving door at QB has been a result of consistently terrible coaching, offensive linemen, and receivers. From Tim Rattay to Troy Smith, not a single QB has had the solid support necessary to play well. Only in 2006, with Norv Turner calling the plays and Alex taking all the snaps, did we see even limited success.

    This is what I came to say. The 9ers need to rehire Norv when AJ fires him next week. Whether its as a head coach or an O-Coord, this is the only guy they had a decent offensive year under, aside from half a season with Martz.

  45. Incredible player with undeniable passion for the game, probably a decent man off the field. Its a shame to see him go out like this, maybe not to Niners’ fans though…

  46. Singletary was a good player and a motivator but he is no head coach. I like how he handles some things (like Davis benching) but he has not been able to make a decision and stick with it. His in-game decisions are horrible and it looks like he is unaware of what is happening in the game. His tirades have been comical and some have made him look mentally unstable in addition to being incompetent. Mike may be a good LB coach but I have not seen anything that would suggest he should be a HC or even a DC.

  47. Strip guys of their manhood? Are you serious? Players need to man up and stop crying that someone raised their voice at them. You really believe a Troy Smith could knock out Mike Singletary? Hahaha!

  48. @ all the raider fans:

    Still sore we beat you even with Simpletary and the QB circus eh? I think that makes YOU the worst team on the West Coast, not us. Lmao, brainless raider fans.

    It’s alright. I’m sure your cousin who you married can tell you it’s all going to be okay.

    Hey at least you’ve still got your old regime in place, us Niner fans are SO jealous of that. We really loved having a dysfunctional organization. Oh well, I’ll just have to live vicariously through your team’s endless blunders.

    Best of luck to you, because that’s the only thing that ever elevates you beyond mediocrity.

    -Love, Niner Fans

  49. @ g3ts0me:

    Sounds like youre the one who is sore….

    The last I checked, the Raiders are upcoming and improving, dont think the same can be said about your team…. Check your facts before opening your big mouth…

  50. @PanchoHerreraFanClub

    He didn’t hire Martz.


    Missing the playoffs in an almost equally awful division is nothing to brag about.

  51. Singletary and Martz never saw eye to eye as Martz loves to pass the ball while Singletary wanted to run it more. Martz is a MUCH better fit with Lovie in Chicago as they both coached on the Rams team with the greatest showon turf.

    Yes, the QB situation is/was a mess but Singletary couldn’t pick a QB and stick with the guy, no matter who it was. Granted neither Smith was consistent so that didn’t help matters as well.

    You can blame the Smiths at QB and Singletary all you want for the mess. For me, it all starts at the top with the Yorks. What have the 49ers done since they took over control of the franchise? Not even a sniff of the Super Bowl. There is NO continuity at the QB position not to mention changing offensive coordinators almost every season.

    Don’t forget Singletary canned former offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye thinking he was the problem. Oh no Mike, that was not the problem, you were a big part of the problem not to mention ownership too.

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