Source: Ochocinco wants to stay in Cincy

After the 2007 season, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco embarked on a campaign to be traded out of Cincinnati.  Making the rounds at the Super Bowl’s Radio Row, Ochocinco pleaded to be traded to the team in the market that the various sports talk stations represented.

It was believed that Ochocinco wanted out because he wanted a new contract and the Bengals wouldn’t give it to him.  Eventually realizing that the team had all the leverage and didn’t intend to budge, Ochocinco decided to love the one he involuntarily was with.

Three years later, Ochocinco has one year left on his deal, at a 2011 base salary of $6 million.  A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Ochocinco wants to stay in Cincinnati.

The ultimate decision will depend on many factors.  The coach, if it’s not Marvin Lewis, may or may not want Chad.  The coach, if it is Marvin Lewis, may or may not want Chad.

There’s no denying that Ochocinco remains a big draw, but as we pointed out in the Week 16 Monday 10-pack, the team’s ability to win a game and have fun doing it by scoring 34 points without Chad or Terrell Owens could mean that both have become unnecessary to the broader cause.  With the Patriots winning without wideouts who need to get the ball a certain number of times lest they pout and mope and complain, more and more teams may decide to move away from receivers who place stress on the quarterback by needing to get the ball early in the game under the threat of checking out down the stretch.

So it could be that, three years after Chad didn’t want to stay but the Bengals didn’t want him to leave, Chad wants to stay and the Bengals want him to go.

Regardless of how it turns out, it will be yet another interesting subplot to what could be one of the most interesting offseasons in NFL history.

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  1. If he wants to stay in Cincy, he certainly can. I think a nice rib joint would be perfect.

    Dude might not be in the leage next year, no way he is in Cincy. He has shown he has nothing left. Too bad the Bengals didnt get the first the Redskins were offering 18 months ago.

  2. As much as Chad “mopes” and complains, he atleast doesn’t dog it when things aren’t going his way. He’s vocal, but he also lets his play do the talking as well. I think, of Randy Moss, T.O and Chad, Chad has the best shot to get another decent contract as well as still be productive. If it wasn’t for T.O., Chad would not be looked at in this light. Carson and Chad have a pretty good relationship, he also doesn’t alienate his teamates. I would like to see him in Cincy, I couldn’t see him in anything but stripes. Best of luck Ocho, I wish you the best of luck this offseason.

  3. In 2007 Chad thought he could more money elsewhere. No way he get’s $6M next year from another team. If he really wants to stay in Cincy, would he take less money with some incentives to get back to the $6M level? I doubt it.

  4. Every executive of every team need only ask one question whenever making team related decisions:
    In this case, Belichick would never allow the distractions that players like the Cincy WRs bring to their teams…never.

  5. He only wants to stay now because if he leaves he’ll be losing money. Nobody is going to give him 6 million next year.

  6. Season ticket sales will determine if Ocho comes back. Odds are the sales will drop if the Bengals resign Chad. So…. Goodbye Chad.

    I would like to say that some of the non-team distractions that Chad has become involved in are the indirect fault of Mike Brown. When Chad wanted his contract renegotiated, Mike told him to find other outlets to earn more money. So thus, TV-Chad was born. If Chad had been paid, TV-Chad may never have appeared.

    I am keeping a close eye on his ‘ankle’ injury. If he signs with another team and doesn’t get the surgery for the bone spurs in his ankle, he will have proven to me that he literally tanked the last three games to avoid injury to keep himself healthy for free agency.

  7. It is clear Palmer does a much better job when he doesn’t feel pressured to feed balls to any particular wideout. Most quarterbacks are this way as well, unless they are depending on a star to make their mediocre talents look better.

    Nothing against Ocho, who I feel is a great receiver, but Palmer and the Bengals will probably be better with a bunch of relatively unknowns at receiver.

  8. well, Who-dey indeed. Big surprise that Chad + T.O. = zero. The Bengals would still have to pay him 3.5 million if they don’t exercise the option.

    off-topic, Palmer is now 4-4 when he gets sacked 1 or fewer times in a game… 0-7 when sacked more. No OL high in the draft, but they could save the ‘star’ money and pick up a free agent maybe.

  9. I think Chad realizes that most other teams wouldn’t put up with his on- and off-field antics.

    I know his supporters will state how he hasn’t had the issues with drugs, alcohol, violence, etc. that other NFL players have. While this is certainly true, it seems that he has lost sight of what got him popular in the first place – PLAYING FOOTBALL. And when he is on the field, he is too often seen trying to put extra flash (i.e. making unnecessary dives) into his catches so that he can make the highlight reel.

    Chad seems like he is a good guy at heart but he has completely lost focus on what the Bengals are paying him to do.

  10. Nobody cares, nobody thinks Chad is all that good anymore. Watch him play, he looks tentative. I think his priorities lie elsewhere & nobody else really wants him. HOF ?? – NEVER

  11. Don’t hang it all on Ocho. Where was Palmer’s ability to be a leader when the Bengals were busy losing ten games in a row and resuming their status as one of the worst teams in the league?

    He let his own teammates (Ocho and Owens) jack him around and let their antics rattle him badly enough that his play stunk on ice for the entire months of October and November.

    I say let Ocho walk, Bengals, and do your due diligence on the later rounds in the draft.

    Do the Bengals have to pay him at all if they don’t pick up his option?

  12. Cincinatti is a trainwreck. Ochocinco has proven that he is not the answer, and if the Bengals want to win (which we know they don’t), they would kick him to the curb asap. They need to scrap this horrible team and rebuild from the ground up. He’ll find a job somewhere else, but Cincy would be insane to keep this guy around.

  13. How can you say OchoCinco has nothing left. He has some of the best hands in the league. If he had nothing left defenses wouldnt be double covering him every game. Im a Cincinnati fan and I still want Ocho because he has the playmaking ability.

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