York: 49ers will hire G.M. to hire coach

49ers team president Jed York isn’t wasting any time looking for a general manager.  He’s already reached out to a few people.

“You can probably figure out some people we’ve talked to,” York said at his press conference Monday.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network mentioned experienced guys who have done the job before like  Floyd Reese, Randy Mueller and Ted Sundquist as candidates for the job.  York said that the G.M. he hires will have full control to hire the next coach, although it sounds like York has an idea of what direction he’d like things to go.

“I wouldn’t say we are strictly looking at an offensive-minded head coach,” York said.  “But we’ve had a lot of problems on the offensive side of the ball.”

The 49ers hired Mike Nolan before G.M. Scot McCloughan a few years back, a combination that didn’t work.  They have changed the coaching position and G.M. spot since without really changing much of anything.   (Mike Singletary was a coach under Nolan.  Current personnel chief Trent Baalke replaced McCloughan suddenly before the draft.)

York knows where he’s going to get advice for his decision.

“My uncle is probably the best person out there for me to talk to,” York said in reference to Eddie Debartalo Jr.

The 49ers decided to cut bait with Singletary a week earlier, perhaps in hopes of giving a beaten down fanbase some hope for a fresh start.   It showed the younger York is now in control and not content with dysfunction on the team.

The reality is that the York family has not earned the benefit of the doubt to this point.  This has been one of the worst franchises in the NFL over the last decade.

Only wins, not press conferences, can change that.

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  1. In related news, at a family holiday event, Jed York was kicked in the head by a horse, knocking some sense into him….

  2. I’m available, and I’m confident I can do a better job than the last schmucks you’ve had running that circus.

  3. Man I swear this once proud Franchise was like the God Father, The God Father I tell ya. and Jed York is is Fredo!!! How the F did Michael Corleone get skipped over…

  4. Even a dummy like me would take first swing at Jim Harbaugh. QB developer, success at every level as a coach, comes from a family line of coaches, what’s not to like?

  5. Good one Joe6pak, maybe they’ll steal away Jerry Angelo from the Bears, he’s a big Nick Saban fan….

  6. Holmgren and Gruden seem like an inevitable pair for this job.

    Don’t know the particulars of Holmgren’s current deal, but he must have built in an escape clause that allows him to leave if a job comes available in a city that doesn’t have a rock n’ roll hall of fame 🙂

  7. Holmgren is team President in Cleavland. He has a GM under him.

    To come to SF, Jed York would have to give up some power or lay a ton of cash on Holmgren to take a step down.

    That being said, Holmgren has always coveted being the man for the 49ers.

  8. It may be a crucial step forward for the Niners that Jed York is basically admitting he’s been clueless as an owner and is finally asking for help from Eddie Debartolo.

  9. The Youngstown Ohio tree created SB winners before, and Uncle Eddie, in a more shadowy role, can create winners again. Mike Holmgren becomes sexual thinking about taking the 49ers position, and he will. Watch him and possibly Gruden or Harbaugh follow him as the coach. Mymymy, will Carmen Policy give up stomping grapes at his vineyard and take a position, again, with the 49ers? Who ever thought Big Mike Holmgren would kiss the ring of the bigger “bad boys” in Youngstown?

  10. “I hope he stays away from Tampa . So far the Bucs have not offered Raheem Morris a new contract and I am not sure about Mark Dominik’s status.”

    Best possible outcome. Dominik is a GM on the rise, and would probably clean house to get some people. The only problem is his inexperience as he was recently moved up from scouting. Dominik also has a connection to Gruden, so it could come to pass.

    Holmgren would abandon Cleveland after one 5-10 season?

  11. Jim Harbaugh makes me nervous for some reason. He’s certainly had some a few good years in the college level, but there have been lots of coaches with much more proven track records come up from the college ranks and flame out. If he were hired I would give him the benefit of the doubt, at least a couple years to prove himself, but it seems like as a 9ers fan we have been doing way too much of that his decade.

    Gruden doesn’t inspire me at all. I think too many people remember his Super Bowl year and not anything else. He is 57 – 55 as a Head Coach, and just being above .500, while maybe being an improvement for the 49ers, isn’t exactly the kind of upgrade we’re looking for.

    Holmgren is the only name that’s been floated which seems like a good solution. He would probably take a lot more money. His record is 86 – 74, which is only marginally better then Gruden’s, but it’s enough that he has more consistently appeared in the playoffs. In 17 seasons he’s gone to the playoffs 12 times. Gruden in 11 years as a HC has taken his team to the playoffs 5 times.

    Whatever happens, the fact that the Yorks are willing to hire a GM is encouraging.

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