Hasselbeck “embarrassed” by injury, but determined to play

Pete Carroll said the Seahawks will prepare Charlie Whitehurst to start Sunday night against the Rams.  That doesn’t mean we know who the starting quarterback for Seattle will be just yet.

We find it very telling that Seahawks.com calls the situation “uncertain” and stresses that Matt Hasselbeck is “determined” to play.  The team wants to keep the Rams guessing.  Carroll admitted his decision to go with Whitehurst is subject to change.

“Matt is absolutely determined to be playing in this game. He’s already stated, ‘I’m going to be there. I’ll be ready for us,'” Carroll said.

The Seahawks have made it clear they think Hasselbeck gives them a better chance to win if healthy.   Whitehurst has looked very poor in his limited work this year.  There is just the matter of Hasselbeck’s, uh, delicate injury.

“It’s not my back,” Hasselbeck said after Sunday’s loss in Tampa.  “It’s embarrassing, but it’s more my butt. There you go.”

If they don’t win, this will probably be Hasselbeck’s last game in Seattle.  Carroll said that Hasselbeck could play without practicing.

“A quarterback in his situation could get by with the walk-thrus and things like that, and have a real good chance to have the game plan in command,” Carroll said. “I don’t have any problem with that. . . . If Matt can play a factor in that then we’ll figure that out when the time comes.”