Kevin Curtis cut by Dolphins

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Months after battling through testicular cancer, Kevin Curtis made it back to the NFL a few weeks back.

His return was cut short on Tuesday when the Dolphins cut Curtis Tuesday, according to Howard Balzer of the Sports Exchange.   Curtis caught one pass for six yards in two games.  He got a fair amount of playing time as a reserve.

The Dolphins started to make some moves with an eye towards 2011.  They waived center Eric Ghiaciuc and signed tackle Allen Barbre.  They also activated linebacker Mike Rivera off the practice squad.

18 responses to “Kevin Curtis cut by Dolphins

  1. Still a feel good story. In a time when people are sadly mistaken about what a real comeback story is (Vick), this was an example of a real comeback.

  2. He’ll be back next year. He just needs a full training camp to prepare. There is just way too much talent in him to be out of the NFL. If my Steelers weren’t so well set at WR, I would like to see him sighn with us.

  3. Guys like this are what I believe the Ed Block Courage Award was created for, not criminals who manage to go a whole season without breaking the law.

  4. h0c2000 says:
    Dec 28, 2010 6:41 PM
    He must be thinking, “oh nuts!”
    That’s a really stupid post when you are talking about a serious health issue. How old are you?

  5. try this cut, RP:

    Guys like this are what I believe the Ed Block Courage Award was created for, not criminals and / or trendy liberal minority cause celebres who manage to go a whole season without getting caught breaking the law.

  6. gamby5150 says:
    vick mad a mistake . killing dogs is not like killing a human. maybe animal rights group need a reality check .. meat is good .. get a life …

    No DeeBee, a mistake is forgetting your wife’s birthday.
    Torturing a dog to death is sick, disgusting and disturbing. Wussies who make up enabling excuses to support their (equally disturbing) man crush are just as sick.

    I’m all for 2nd chances, and he has turned himself around..but he did what he did, and that doesn’t change.
    If you don’t see that then you don’t need a life, you just need help.

  7. i dont see him as a hero . what he did is in the past . i dont need help . i live in the real world . so deal with it . you left wing patsy ..go sing your peace and love songs some where else .. get a clue and join the real world .

  8. #
    chapnastier says: Dec 28, 2010 7:13 PM

    Still a feel good story. In a time when people are sadly mistaken about what a real comeback story is (Vick), this was an example of a real comeback.

    If you never been to prison, you dont know. Vick’s story is fantastic, and could be magical if he could get a ring – which he probably wont.

    Grow up. Its not like he went to war in Iraq with False intel. There are far crueler crimes to REAL PEOPLE throughout the world. Sex slavery, illegal detainment, genocide, rendition, child pornography just to name a few. GET OVER IT. Vick is and will be the NFL’s biggest story even if Brady wins a ring. You know why? Cause people talk about Vick – negative, positive and anything else. A polite distraction from the rest of the corruption, ponzi schemes and war crimes that occur daily throughout this planet

    have some perspective.

  9. @ tatum064

    I am sorry sir, I have not had the distinct pleasure of going to prison or jail. Hell I haven’t even been able to sit in the backseat of a cop car before. I am sorry that my life of committing speeding ticket violations and other nonsense crimes isn’t enough for you. The only thing “fantastic” about Vick and his “unfortunate” story is how the American people are able to forgive someone because they have an athletic skill. The only thing “magical” is his loyal followers like you who think he is the second coming of Jesus.

    Vick is the biggest story of the season, obviously. In a country where the news headlines are dominated by Charlie Sheen’s hooker as opposed to the lives of lost soldiers, it is no surprise. Maybe if the guy showed just an ounce of regret for committing crimes rather than being caught, or some humility for his success, those of us who aren’t blinded by other factors might toss him a bone. (see what I did there?)

    This story is about a man who beat cancer to return to the game. If he was a higher profile guy it would be huge. The fact that you appreciate a man beating the legal system as opposed to beating a deadly disease says it all.

    Have some perspective.

  10. @chapnastier:
    How did he “beat the legal system”? Michael Vick made a stupid choice and I’m not making any excuses for him, the fact that he paid his dues, went to prison and served his sentence for a crime he was guilty of and now has shown some legitimate signs of recovery, remorse and a willingness to change. Everyone deserves a second chance and the reason we love Michael Vick is because so far the small sample space of “new” Mike Vick we’ve seen is what we perceive as a changed man. You truly do need some perspective

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