Sterger doesn’t file suit on Tuesday

Tuesday was the two-year anniversary of the last day that former Jets quarterback Brett Favre allegedly sent a text message to former Jets in-house sideline reporter Jenn Sterger.  Under New Jersey law, the statute of limitations for workplace sexual harassment claims is two years.

Sterger did not file suit on Tuesday, according to her lawyer, Joseph Conway.  It remains to be seen whether a suit is filed raising other legal theories that have later deadlines, either under New Jersey law or the law of other states..

There’s still a chance that Sterger will try to file a sexual harassment claim under New Jersey law.  During a phone interview earlier this month, Conway told PFT that he believes the two-year period for filing a sexual harassment claim ends in June 2011, on the two-year anniversary of the date of the last phone call made by Favre to Sterger.  Since neither Favre nor Sterger were employed by the Jets at that time, that seems like a stretch.

The safest date for filing suit that would have been immune to a timeliness challenge was today.  And no suit was filed today.

Next, look for the NFL to announce its decision regarding the internal investigation that has been pending since early October within the next day or two.

22 responses to “Sterger doesn’t file suit on Tuesday

  1. she didn’t file because she has no case…she tried to extort money and failed; now she needs to go find a pole for some cash

  2. No case what so ever! If they do file their doing it to save face once again not to look bad!

  3. The entire thing has been a sham since day one, I am no fan of Favre but I respect and admire the things he has done. I don’t think he’d harass her, look at all the men who voluntarily take ass slaps from him.

  4. that’s cause she’ll be on “the view” later this week.

    she will get this case tried in the court of public (female) opinion.

    soon, deanna will testify on jenn’s behalf in the court of public (female) opinion.

    it could get ugly, guys. well, with the sound turned up, anyway. and certainly, as long as joy behar is on the screen.

    just imagine being forced to watch chick flicks.

    the kind with bette midler.


  5. Like others said. There was no suit because Sterger has no case and never had one…..

    Her next hustle will be for Larry Flint…..

    As Iron Mike Tyson said. Jenn “fade into Bolivian”……

  6. She was taking calls from Favre months after the photos and after they weren’t working for the Jets? No wonder she didn’t file against him. While they were working for the Jets then maybe you could make the case that she was afraid to turn him away and not take his calls because of his position with the team, but afterwards he doesn’t have that leverage. If it really was unwanted attention then she could have simply stopped taking his calls, blocked his number or even gotten a restraining order. Since nothing like that happened even after both had left the Jets, it really looks like she was a willing participant that decided afterwards to either get some money or just embarrass Favre.

  7. Now that Favre is through porking the Packers the Green Bay fanboys will love him again. Do it !!! Suckers.

  8. “I am no fan of Favre but I respect and admire the things he has done.”

    You’re a perv that takes pics of your junk too?


  9. @commandercornpone …

    The court of public opinion–female or otherwise–doesn’t pay, sugar. Don’t know what Sterger is hoping to get out of this, but her lawyer and publicist work for $$$.

  10. what will you haters do when Favre is gone? She wanted MONEY she didn’t get any. Favre’s lawyer says bring it on she doesn’t. It was always about money.

  11. Sterger’s people said they would not sue if Favre was suspended or the finding was against Favre. Goodell has had the final report for over 2 weeks, its obvious Roger will bend over backwards to protect Favre and at worse what will happen is Favre will be suspended, after he retires (which means any comeback would be delayed). Roger doesn’t need 18 days to say neither Favre nor anyone in the NFL did anything wrong. Hell Roger would have been running to the press to tell everyone that. Of course people like Floor-Boy will dutifully defend the commissioner, while others and possibly Congress will be happy to see him burn for orchestrating letting Favre off.

  12. debthebusybody says:
    Dec 28, 2010 10:13 PM
    “I am no fan of Favre but I respect and admire the things he has done.”
    You’re a perv that takes pics of your junk too?
    An obvious closet jackwagon that has no football sense. Cupcake, let go of the hate and watch an NFL game sometime okay?

  13. debthebusybody “You’re a perv that takes pics of your junk too?”

    And, what’s your point??? I bet you can’t count the times you uttered the words “what’s your name again”? followed by “I don’t normally do this!”

    Farve’s an Icon who will be remembered for being one of the best football players ever.

    Sterger is a gold digging whore whose name will become synonymous with gold diggers! Future generations will most likely shorten the phrase too simply call them “a Sterger”.

  14. Nope.

    Favre is a pig.

    Sterger is a pig.

    Please quit painting with a broad brush.

    PS. Open your eyes and lose your anger!


  15. Well usually the proof is in the pudding. No lawsuit probably means that her lawyers advised her that there was no chance.

    I would look for Sterger to release more photos and/or messages to the public in a last ditch effort to defame Favre because that is what bitches do when they don’t get the money they wanted. But past that this should be done.

    Favre still has his wife to deal with but she is probably used to some of this.

  16. @snarkygurl and dumbaseinstein …

    debthebusybody is a demented packers fan throwing tantrums because I defended Favre. Like importantpftcomment, he’s gone berserk because I dared to comment on a Vikes thread. Sad cases. Truly sad.

  17. for the LAST time:

    I am not a packer fan.

    I don’t throw tantrums because you defend farve.

    I just don’t like bullies who think they are better than you and think they are smarter than others.

    Get over yourself!

    You are not better than everyone else here just because you try too hard.


  18. debthebusybody says: I just don’t like bullies who think they are better than you and think they are smarter than others.
    Were you cut from the cheerleading squad in high school? Get help, seriously….

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