Tuesday morning one-liners

A 2011 wish list for the Bills includes the desire for an upgrade at quarterback.

Dolphins LB Channing Crowder doesn’t care for booing from the home crowd.

Will last year’s injury to WR Wes Welker affect the Patriots’ approach to this weekend’s game?

Jets coach Rex Ryan thinks his defense is missing its swagger.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh isn’t thinking about his contract in light of becoming the fourth coach in history to lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons.

Bengals owner Mike Brown has been a big advocate for giving WR Jerome Simpson a bigger role on the team.

Browns CB Sheldon Brown thinks defensive coordinator Rob Ryan would be a good head coach.

The Steelers don’t expect a half-hearted effort from the Browns on Sunday.

Texans fans are organizing a Fire Gary Kubiak rally to express their displeasure with the head coach’s performance.

How will the Colts backfield sort itself out going forward?

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio defended the job that he and his coaching staff have done this season.

The Titans are closing in on a 1,000-yard season in penalties.

Broncos QB Tim Tebow made good use of the screen pass on Sunday.

Looking ahead at potential playoff matchups for the Chiefs.

Plenty of Raiders players voiced their support for coach Tom Cable.

Said Chargers TE Antonio Gates, “I never imagined I’d have to converse about why we didn’t make the playoffs.”

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett explained why he didn’t bench RB Marion Barber after his excessive celebration penalty on Sunday.

It has been a brutal last 68 minutes of football for the Giants.

Sam Donnellon of the Philadelphia Daily News thinks Sunday night’s postponement works in the Eagles’ favor.

Coach Mike Shanahan hopes the Redskins have LB Brian Orakpo and CB Carlos Rogers in the lineup on Sunday.

Bears S Chris Harris has added new dimensions to his game this season.

S Louis Delmas may be able to make his way back to the field for the final Lions game of the season.

Packers P Tim Masthay has bounced back from a rough start to provide the team with a reliable leg.

Leslie Frazier has had to deal with more than many coaches in his attempt to win the full-time Vikings job.

If Andrew Luck isn’t coming out, who will the Panthers pick first overall?

Michael Bennett got the start at defensive end for the Buccaneers over Stylez White in Sunday’s victory.

A 2-1 record doesn’t mean that Cardinals QB John Skelton should stop trying to improve.

Said Rams LB James Laurinaitis, “I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t excited to play in this game. It’s exciting. It’s exciting for the fans, and it’s exciting for us to be in a situation where all America is watching.”

Mike Singletary gave 49ers LB Patrick Willis one last pep talk after being fired on Sunday night.

Seahawks LT Russell Okung re-injured his ankle on Sunday and there’s no prognosis for his availability this week.

5 responses to “Tuesday morning one-liners

  1. “Jets coach Rex Ryan thinks his defense is missing its swagger.”

    Or maybe they just aren’t as good as you thought? Or maybe when you build up their confidence as high as you do, your break them when they falter? Players instilled with an underdog mentality tend to fight harder than players instilled with arrogance.

  2. Mr. Crowder,

    You live up to your end of the bargain and play better football and we, the fans, will live up to our end of the bargain and not boo you… I work very, very hard for my entertainment money and you sir, are not supplying me with any return on my investment of both money and time….

    Thank you.

    Dolphans Everywhere.

  3. Dolphins LB Channing Crowder doesn’t care for booing from the home crowd.
    And the fans don’t care for a inside linebacker
    with 2.5 sacks in 6 years
    or 1 interception in 6 years
    or 3 forced fumbles in 6 years
    OR 35 tackles this season

  4. Maybe the Jets gave themselves too much undeserved swagger since the off-season. Don’t they know that no matter how much “talent” you have, no matter how much swagger you feel you need to display, you still have to play the games.

    I guess humility does not run throught the Ryan household. My prayer is that somehow the Jets advance to play the Pats. The Pats have so much humility that they could certainly share some, beginning with a large slice of humble pie, a kissing of the rings ceremony, and Ryan should pick up a couple of Belichek’s books on how to properly run a franchise. Ryan is just a big, fat, mouthy, self absorbed fool, and he keeps proving that point on a weekly basis. Toejam sucking jerk.

  5. Crowder will not have to worry about home fans in Miami booing him any more…he has played his last home game as a Dolphin…thankfully

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