Frazier: Favre will start if healthy in finale

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier couldn’t bask in the best win of his short head coaching career for long before he got the question.

Yes, Brett Favre will start over Joe Webb at quarterback next Sunday against the Lions if Favre is healthy.

That’s not an answer that will make many Vikings fans happy after they watched Webb complete 17-of-26 passes for 195 yards in a win against the Eagles Tuesday night.  Webb ran for 31 yards and a score, made pass rushers miss all night, and seemed to improve throughout the game.

Webb could be a big part of the Vikings future, but Frazier and the organization have already sunk all their time and money into Favre this year.  They won’t make him sit on the sideline if he’s ready to go.

Favre seemed as excited for Webb as anyone Tuesday night.  Perhaps Favre feels the same as the fans and wants to see Webb get another start.

UPDATE: Frazier also confirmed Sidney Rice suffered a concussion in the game.

43 responses to “Frazier: Favre will start if healthy in finale

  1. Last season, he could do no wrong. This season, it’s f### him, the other guy is clutch and doesn’t take as many sacks. 🙄

    Webb looked good tonight, but that doesn’t mean he’s the next Vick. And it’s premature to assume Vick is ever going to bring home a Lombardi. If Favre played Sunday it would be his last game and would make no difference in the Vikings season or Webb’s future.

  2. Deb I respect you, but I don’t get your consistent Favre love AT ALL.
    For a woman who seeks out facts for some reason Favre seems to have you buffaloed.

    IF Frazier genuinely feels Favre gives them the best chance to win, I respect that. But he owes him no special treatment…not one iota…such as a “mercy f*ck” of a final start.

  3. there is no reason for favre to play next week. i would imagine after this game they will probably just continue to say that he is not passing the concussion tests. it was good to see webb out there making plays. if given the right opportunities and ample study he seems to have the tools to be a good nfl QB.

  4. Joe Webb is the future, but if Brett is ready he should play. If Webb doesn’t play again he’s finishing 2010 on a VERY high note leaving everyone impressed. He can carry this momentum into next year.

    Why risk the possibility of a bad game next week which could end his hype as soon as it starts?

  5. are you kidding me?? favre is done and shouldnt play. the vikes need to look to the future and give web a shot

  6. I think it’s irresponsible to play Favre. The man is too old to handle the rigors of the game. Yes, he can still throw a great pass, but he can no longer evade a pass rush. Someone needs to save Favre from himself.

  7. Webb was garbage last week versus the Bears. Let’s not proclaim this guy the next big thing (Mr. Clutch) until he wins more that one in a row.

  8. Dress Favre, and let him be the backup. If the game dictates, let him go out there for one or two series at the end of the game to send him off into the sunset.

  9. Morons. Farve is finished and represents ZERO value to the Vikes in the future. They need to get Webb more time to see how consistent he is at this level as he could be in the Vikes future.

    Pandering to Little Tiny Penised Lord Farve in this way is ridiculous. Hopefully he really will retire and stop embarrassing himself, his team and the league.

  10. Really, who cares? It season over and it will all be hashed out ready to go for 2011. Webb did look great last night. So did the vikes D.

  11. I swear it must be something in the drinking water at Winter Park that induces stupidity on such a grand scale. First, Brad “12 men in the huddle” Childress takes a talent laden team…..nowhere. Then, Frazier is forced to start a rookie QB and finally discovers that his offense can move the ball only to bench the guy on his road to development.

    And to what end? To appease a broken down sex pervert who’s biggest claim to fame is a career INT record that will never be broken. For those idiot Viking fans (excuse the redundancy there) who think that Favre gives the Vikings the best chance to win, ask yourself what would have happened in the Eagles game last night? About four more sacks and two less touchdowns is the correct answer.

    Even in the midst of a disappointing season, the Vikings find yet another way to make it worse.

  12. I’d like for Favre to at least get some work in at Detroit. Love him or hate him he’s pretty much a legendary QB and if he’s healthy he deserves a chance to throw a few more balls.

    It isn’t going to make miles of difference giving Webb the one last game. He’s probably already showcased everything that he has down to this point from a passing perspective.

    But yeah Webb definately has “it”. I don’t know about his work ethic. I don’t know if he can be accurate enough to be elite. Not sure if he’ll stay healthy playing like that. But damnit he has a presence on the field unlike many I’ve seen.

    He almost looks bored out there.

  13. I agree with Jimmy. Figure the Vikes decide to go qb in round 1. It is VERY rare that rookies, regardless of how good they are in college are immediately ready to play in the NFL. We see Webb can play. Get a Veteran in there (a good one) and give Webb one more year to develop. Then we don’t HAVE to wonder if they got Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf

  14. I think Webb is our future. That being said, Favre deserves the start if he wants it. The season is over. 20 years and future HOF QB should get what he wants if the team is not in playoff contention. Kick the Lions ass Brett…

  15. Lord Favre seems to get as much airtime and attention by just standing on the sidelines looking like an old dote so why put him in harms way and let him ruin the offense once again? Let the new guy take it from here.

  16. Sure, let Webb have a pretty good game and then sit him not knowing if he can do it again. Seems logical considering Favre won’t be there next year? Jesus this team is fubared.

  17. Every time I find a jimmy1smith post, I find stupidity (excuse the redundancy there). Apparently jimmy is unaware that Vikings fans do not actually make the decision of who plays, which means just because the COACHES say someone gives them the best chance to win, it does not mean the FANS agree, stupid.

    If you actually read the other posts here you’d see almost nothing but people saying they would like to see Joe Webb start.

    Looks like you may be reusable fodder for my future rants. Keep it up.

  18. I thought Favre did quite well last night in his role as cheerleader. I mean, I’ve never seen any other teammate run 25 yards out onto the playing field to congratulate a teammate on a nice catch. I doubt it had anything to do with camera exposure either. Just Brett being a great teammate, down in the trenches with the boys, having fun out there, wearing Wranglers.

  19. Wow… What is this guy thinking? The season is over Leslie, time to see what you have there. I know he is looking to keep the job, but it may impress the owners if you move on and show that this team can survive without the lil’ wee wee.

  20. I think the best thing Brett Favre can do for his legacy is just say “I told Coach Frazier that he should start Joe. The franchise has to determine if he can be their QB of the future, and they need to get all the looks at him as they can get. I have played enough in my 20 years. I certainly don’t mind taking a back seat in this one game if it is in the best long-term interests of the franchise.”

    Lol. I would love for him to say that, but there is probably no chance,

  21. jimmy1smith, what are you the 2nd coming of Sean Salisbury? You seem to be the smartest guy in the room after the fact!! Did Joe Webb win last week?

    After the Giants game who were you calling for Brett?

    After Brett Favre led the Vikings to an early TD against the Bears who were you calling for Joe Webb?

    Show us something we can really use.

  22. As a Lions fan I say, please, Mr Frazier, start the “legendary” Brett Favre. I had a long Christmas and I’m wanting the Lions to end the season on a 4 game winning streak. Against a statue in the pocket like Favre might be the only chance the Lions have to win the game. If a QB can run and give WR’s time against our banged up secondary, we’re screwed.

    I really hope Favre plays. I want to see his last pass for 4 consecutive seasons be an INT. And, no, if Favre plays, the Vikings will get beat. Favre won’t even walk out of the game this time. It’d be nice to see Suh get the rookie sack record for his position. He won’t if Webb plays so please, play Favre.

    It would be a dream come true to watch the Lions, after years of watching the “hero” Brett Favre run up the score with stacked teams late in games against the Lions, have his career ended in fitting fashion in Detroit. That in itself would make the last decade and a half worth it. Lets send him into retirement.

  23. This is a bunch of crap. Farve shouldn’t start! No one wants to see that primadonna on the field EVER again. Webb earned the start. Teams not going anywhere why on earth would you start Grampa? Just shows you that Brent is still running that team.

  24. what a shock! jimmy1smith again trashing the vikings. Just think, if you channeled all that energy towards finding a job, you wouldn’t have to hang out on PFT all day thinking about your fascination with the vikes

  25. Thanks, CKL, the feeling is mutual.

    Webb looked good last night, and I can’t argue that he has more mobility than Favre. But Webb also has the vulnerabilities of youth and inexperience. By necessity, Frazier has to limit his play-calling to accommodate him. Then again, the Lions are much improved, but they’re not the Pats, so Webb wouldn’t need a full quiver of arrows to handle them.

    Whatever he is off the field, I admire Favre’s grit and enthusiasm as a player. On knowledge and instinct alone, a healthy Brett Favre is going to bring more to the table than most QBs. Unfortunately, there’s a difference between being cleared and being healthy. If he’s not at least 90 percent, then he shouldn’t be on the field. This time, I was primarily commenting on the fickleness of fans.

  26. I agree that there’s really no reason for Favre to play again — ever. However, this Joe Webb fixation sounds dangerously like the typical delusional rants of your average myopic Pack fan (See, Smith, Jimmy). Sure, Webb is mobile, can avoid the rush, blah, blah, blah. But watch him on pass plays. Virtually every play was a short pass designed to ensure that his primary receiver was open, he completely stared down each primary receiver, and when the primary was covered, he tried to run ala Vick. He only really threw down field once and made one truly good pass (the 3rd down pass to Percy). He may develop and learn to read defenses, but right now he’s T-Jack lite, and it’s gonna be a long friggin time before we know if he’s any good. I’m cool with playing him Sunday, but I sure as heck ain’t annoiting him our saviour.

  27. Deb:

    A coach’s job is to play the QB that gives them the best chance to win now. It is fairly obvious that right now, not last year or over the course of the last 17 years, but right now, that QB’s name is Joe Webb.

    It’s true that starting Favre makes no difference in the Viking’s season or Webb’s future. As a matter of fact, it is completely and utterly pointless. So why do it?

    Usually a coach that is coaching out the string with a losing team has to choose between starting a QB that gives them the best chance to win that game, and starting a QB he needs to get a look at for next year.

    In this rare case, that’s the same guy. And he’s not wearing #4.

  28. Anyone that bothered to watch the game last night MUST admit that while Webb looked good, he also made many rookie mistakes.

    Will those mistakes be cured by starting a final regular season game against the Lions? Absolutely not. Will those mistakes be cured during the off season, now that he COULD be the starting QB of the figure? Probably, but no guarantees.

    For those that seem to think that Webb is the second coming of Brady, while possible it is doubtful. Most likely, the Vikings will still go for either a veteran QB during the off season or draft a QB and there will be competition for QB.

  29. Hey, Webb has much to prove to become a NFL starter. He has many good things going for him though.Number one being calm and controlled. I think the game isn’t too fast for him. He has no T Jack in the headlights look. I’m hopeful…

  30. Webb is a decent scrambler but missed 5 wide open players. Farve would have carved the Eagles up. Just like he was doing to the Bears before he got his head rung up because of the swiss cheese O-line. Webb is a good backup but his long passes were way overthrown.

    If the Vikings get a new set of receivers then it wouldn’t be bad if Farve didn’t retire. He is way better than Webb no question.

  31. Bwah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    I love to watch the Vikings fans trip over themselves when it comes to Favre.

    Favre pretended to be the “Everyman” team player, tough guy, just-want-to-play guy when he was with Green Bay. All along he was really just putting on an act. He truly is all about HIMSELF, his RECORDS and MONEY. He even had to have his own locker room with the Jets…probably the Vikings, too.

    He has surely gotten advice these past few years about protecting his legacy…about quitting while on top…and he has ignored it all.

    It is just football. Now Favre has to be a real man…a husband and father…hope he can be more successful there in the long run.

  32. @realitypolice …

    My comment to CKL probably answered your point. I don’t disagree with you. As Herm says, you play to win the game. If he’s anywhere close to full strength, Favre still gives you the best chance to do that simply because he’s capable of running a more complex offense. But if he’s still nursing wounds, you go with the guy who’s healthy.

    As for Webb, he was impressive last night. But so was the pass rush and how Vick reacted to it. I’m not sure the outcome was so much Webb winning as Vick losing. I can certainly understand why Vikings fans are hoping he’s their answer. Good QBs are hard to find. But Dennis Dixon almost beat the Ravens in his first start–didn’t make him viable as a long-term starter.

  33. Deb says:But Dennis Dixon almost beat the Ravens in his first start–didn’t make him viable as a long-term starter.
    Geez Deb! Way to crush our Webb love of the moment! LOL

  34. Aw, perv, I’m sorry! Just curbing my enthusiasm. But I hope he works out!! Definitely has more promise than T-Jack. 🙂

  35. Aw, perv, I’m sorry! Just curbing my enthusiasm. But I hope he works out!! Definitely has more promise than T-Jack.
    My 30 year old ass has more promise than T Jack

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