Last word on the Vikings-Eagles postponement

From time to time, we post an item starting with the phrase “last word.”

Often, we honor that commitment.

The Vikings and Eagles finally played last night, with the Vikings scoring an unlikely 24-14 win over the flat and uninspired Eagles, who did nothing miraculous in their first game after the Miracle in the New Meadowlands.  The game, as anyone who hasn’t been stuck in a snow drift for the last three days would know, was postponed from Sunday due to a winter storm that was bearing down on the City of Brotherly Love.

The move sparked considerable debate, buoyed by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell’s invocation of Lombardi and injection of “wusses” and “wussies” and “wussification” into the dinner-table dialogue of a nation that previously had been at times unsure about the mixed-company propriety of the root word.  And while my own battle with the “‘On Blitzen’ Blizzard” caused me to believe that it probably was smart to not put a stadium full of Eagles fans in the position of having to find their way to their cars and then direct those cars to their homes in a pounding snowstorm, we’ve become intrigued by the P.R. posturings that have unfolded in the wake of Rendell’s rant.

On Tuesday, Eagles president Joe Banner said that the decision to move the game was one of the most popular that the franchise has made.  In response to criticism of Philly Mayor Michael Nutter’s perceived role in the process, Banner said, “That decision was ultimately made by the NFL. Any criticism of the Mayor, who was not involved in this decision, is completely unfair.”

And, of course, there would have been no reason to give Nutter political cover if the decision had indeed been as popular as Banner separately insisted.

But we’re told that the decision ultimately shouldn’t be pinned on the NFL.  A league source (but not necessarily a “league office” source) tells us that the Eagles instigated and pushed aggressively the postponement.  The league, acting in a compressed time frame, eventually relented to the previously unthinkable notion of scuttling a game because of the threat of snow.  (Except when, you know, a dome has collapsed under the weight of it.)

Apart from the obvious on-field advantage that the Eagles would have realized by allowing their highly-skilled skill-position players to avoid a potentially slow track (which, in the end, didn’t matter), we’re told that the Eagles wanted to avoid the rash of demands for refunds that inevitably would have come if the game had proceeded with only a small fraction of the home crowd in attendance.

Again, the decision probably was the right one.  And, technically, it was the NFL’s call.  But it was the Eagles who pushed hard for the change, and that change likely would not have happened if the Eagles hadn’t pushed for it.

In our view, the Eagles should embrace it, accept it, defend it on the merits and not with spin, and move on.

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  1. Not many times that I agree with Governor Rendell, but he is dead-on about the wussification of this nation, and the postponement of the game. What kind of precedent has been set? So, should every city just build domes now? Lame.

  2. Of course it was the right decision, that is if you believe that people are incapable of making their own decisions and others need to intercede to save the commoners from themselves………….

    I wouldn’t call us a nation of wussies, rather a nation controlled by wussies. Sadly, that culture has moved into the NFL.

  3. “Apart from the obvious on-field advantage that the Eagles would have realized by allowing their highly-skilled skill-position players to avoid a potentially slow track”

    Brady and the Patriots sneer at this concept with derision.

  4. This wasn’t a snow storm, it was a freaking blizzard! Should the Dolphins play a scheduled game under a hurricane warning? Games are routinely played during snow storms, but blizzards are a different animal all together. We’re talking about people’s lives here; postponing the game was the only sensible thing to do. Common sense should not be characterized as wussification. You’re an idiot, Governor!

  5. Bet the Egirls would have rather played in the snow now. I never heard of such a lame call. Too late now, suffer for the rest of the week as the speculation swirls and you come down to reality. Again no superbowl for you.

  6. Rendell was dead on with this one, look at this way the NHL hadn’t postponed any games on Sunday in New York where the storm was much much worse, or if you take one of the blizzards of last year in New Jersey none of the games were postponed, so the NFL postponing this game was a bunch of crap, Goodell just screwed Philly out of a first round bye

  7. Here is what the postponement did….

    It turned the game into an annoyance in the eyes of Eagles players. And it showed. Last night was an embarrassment.

    I’d submit to you that making a playoff bound team go against a nobody dead-ender squad on an off-night in front of a lame crowd (obviously tamer because it was a school night) was FAR more detrimental than playing in the snow.

    Now, for all the lame season ticket holder who cried about driving in 3 inches of snow (which is what was on the ground as of Sunday at 11:59:59 pm)…guess what! Now you will get jobbed on another game, as the backups will be playing against the Cowboys.

    So there is something else for the 8 ticket holders from Doylestown to whine about.

    And yes, it was all about money. And yes, there is nothing Lurie and his HS pal Banner have ever done to make me doubt that it was refunds driving their decision.

    Money 1st.

    Fan experience 2nd.

    Safety 3rd.

    Winning 4th.

    And they’ll still be serving visibly drunken fans multiple beers up until the final second possible next week at the Linc. Because they could care less about fan safety or deaths on the road.

  8. fatguystrangler
    Are you for real? What a moron. Let me ask you, if this event had been huricane, do you think the game would have been held. Then why do you think that 50mph winds with driving snow and a foot of snow on the ground did not constitute a need to cancel the stupid game. You and Rendell deserve each other. Rendell’s motor mouth should have been put out of office long ago. He wasn’t at the game, much less in Philadelphia. Had the game gone on Sunday, he would have been in his nice little skybox all warm and toasty. And how about all those people who took public transportation to the game only to have it cancelled. How long do you think 60,000 people could survive in that kind of weather? I’m sorry, but the mayor of Philly declared a snow emergency. That means get off the roads and don’t drive. How many adults and children would have been put at risk because of not cancelling the game. I really feel sorry for guys like you and Rendell who’s own ego and stupdity would allow thousands of people to be put at risk. Congratulations to the NFL and Philadelphia Eagles for recognizing the risk to its fans. You two are the Wusies of this state and have been for a very long time. Just more Philadelphia bluster from people who don’t give a rat’s a$$ about anyone but themselves. Go pound sand in your ear moron.

  9. Oh, and as for the people saying it would have made the parking lots and city streets a mess?


    If this is such an issue, maybe we should have built the stadium outside of the city in the middle of nowhere, kind of like the Meadowlands.

    But we didn’t. And Philly has a better mass transit system (when considering suburb and city coverage) than most US cities.

    But at least the 6 season ticket holders from Lancaster didn’t have to drive in 3 inches of snow.

    As Bunk Moreland would say: “Ya happy now, bitch?”

  10. It’s quite rare to see an invocation of Lombardi and the Vikings in the same article. Unless its some sort of historical reference, ie, the Vikings are 0-4 in games where they could have won a Lombardi trophy but choked, 3o some years ago, when the Vikings still played outdoors.

  11. I didn’t realize until the game and hearing the announcers talk that this was an Eagles thing. They pushed hard for it. Then they lost anyways.

  12. This will also be my last word on this issue, since there is no getting through to the neanderthals on this site.

    First of all, your contention about not wanting your skill position players on a slow track is wrong. Anyone who knows football knows that it is the defense that is at a disadvantage on a slow field, because it they who need to react to what the offensive player is doing. SEE: New England 36, Chicago 7.

    Secondly, I believe it was the Eagles who wanted the game postponed for a couple of good reasons; 1) the PR nightmare that would have arisen from fans who couldn’t get to the game, and 2) the PR nightmare that would have arisen when the NJ fans who make up 30-40 percent of the ticket base and did go realized they couldn’t get home because the Walt Whitman Bridge and New Jersey Turnpike were closed to all but emergency traffic.

    There are plenty of signs of the “wussification” of America; children’s sports leagues that don’t keep score, school “competitions” where everyone gets a trophy, helicopter parents who bully teachers into giving their children grades they don’t deserve, etc.

    To call the 48 hour postponement of a football game a sign of this trend trivializes what is a real problem.

    And one last word on He-Man Ed Rendell. I’m sure you would love the US to be more like China, with it’s cradle to grave government provided health care and education “systems”, each according to his abilities, each according to his needs.

    If you understand anything about PA politics, you know these attacks on Philly are nothing but Rendell’s cynical attempt to appeal to voters in Western PA, where his support has been weaker than in Eastern PA, where he knows the democratic lapdogs will vote for him no matter what he does.

    He may not be able to run for Governor again, but he hasn’t been a Senator yet.

  13. Vick for MOP!!! Most Overrated Player!!! If it weren’t for Belichek we’d be praising Andy Reid as the coach of the decade. He can make any QB look like gold in his system. Look what he did for McScabb, he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a damn boat and Reid has (admittedly less intelligent) people discussing McScabb for the HOF. At least Vick appears more accurate than McScabb but that’s like saying Oprah is better looking than Rosie O’Donnell, you can’t deny it but are you really that impressed? The only reason Vick is the better option for the Eagles this year over Kolb is because the O-Line sucks and Vick can run, not that I think Kolb is that good of a QB but having a quick release and being much more accurate than either Vick or McScabb makes him the perfect cog for Reid’s system. I’m not complaining though, I hope the Eagles sign Vick to a big contract and get rid of Kolb after next year, they’ll be mediocre as always, incapable of winning the big one. Seriously, when was the last time an MVP candidate QB got outperformed by a guy who was a WR in training camp? Wait, this is the first time, I never would have guessed! Hilarious!

  14. If there was a state of emergency in that part of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, then the state and the league had an overriding interest in keeping people away from the stadium. Hindsight is 20/20 and nobody really knew until the storm hit its peak what the accumulation was going to be.

    Philadelphia politicians like Rendell and Specter make themselves look like idiots when they their emotional involvement in the Eagles causes them to make any sane arguments.

  15. Maybe I missed it but wasn’t this a public safety issue – not to mention the safety of stadium and NFL employees forcing them to come out to work in the midst of a blizzard?

    I’m all for the players and ref’s going out on the field and playing in any and all conditions so that I can enjoy it on TV.

    But unless the organizations and the NFL want to set themselves up for all kinds of liability, they should probably close the doors to fans and non-essential employees in cases of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards and your occasional roof collapse.

    Since I don’t see that happening – mainly because of the loss of concession revenue – postponing the game until mother nature has gotten off the rag makes the most sense.

  16. nokoolaidcowboy says:
    Dec 29, 2010 7:17 AM
    But noooooo, Vick is MVP material.

    Oh funny. A cowboy fan trolling and running his mouth. Nice season cowboys. You should just bury your head in the sand.

    The cowboys have been the biggest disgrace of the season.

  17. Yea, and if they play the game and get blasted and fans freeze and their is chaos you rip the hell out of them for not postponing the game. This is a lose / lose situation. They did what they thought was right at the time and I fully reserve my right to put public safety ahead of some damn football game. Cold weather, play the game, a blizzard is a whole different beast.

  18. Not only a bad decision, but an even worse precedent set. Good luck to the league trying to duck their part in this one.

    As far as the Eagles, that Karma’s a real b*tch ain’t it? I’m thinking Lombardi had the last laugh on this one.

  19. Final word is…….2 teams played on an equal field. The Eagles got beat up like little girls. They are damn lucky our fill in corner backs can’t catch! Could have been a massacre! Enjoy a virgin QB kicking your candy asses?

  20. The problem with the decision by all involved, in my opinion, is this. The fans were deprived of a great and memorable experience. Snow games are remembered forever. The fans and players talk about them for years. It is a test of the human spirit to make to the game and participate during adverse conditions. This choice was taken away by those who concerns, while legitimate, have come to override the choice an individual should be able to make for themselves. I am sick of big brother screaming at me about conceived dangers. I happen to enjoy these experiences. Standing by the sea shore while the waves crash, standing in a howling wind and snow blast, these are life experiences here in New England. Big Brother should stay home and let me decide for myself. After 60 years I am still alive and can make my own decesions. Laurie and Banner come from the next town over from me, they know what it is like.

  21. skimmer0220 says:o the NFL postponing this game was a bunch of crap, Goodell just screwed Philly out of a first round bye
    Its whiny little fans like you that make our beat down of the Eagles so satisfying. Your players got to hang at home! Vikings lived out of a suitcase for 4 days. Take your ass kicking like a man and enough with EXCUSES!

  22. It wasn’t a blizzard. We got 3 inches of snow during the window of the game, up until a few hours after it would have been completed.

    We knew this because both Washington and Baltimore got less than expected. We knew it would not be a foot of snow DURING THE GAME!

    But the fear among fans would have prevented many from attending, thus losing the Eagles money.

    THAT is the only consideration that mattered. That is why they jumped the gun and cancelled it at 1pm. That is why it wasn’t moved to 4pm.

  23. The PR nightmare goes away the second you refund the ticket price.

    And everyone south of Market Street would have bought those tickets on stubhub if they were posted. They would have been sold and used by and large.

  24. The NFL has opened up a legal can of worms with this decision.

    Just watch, some lawyer will claim his/her client was involved in an accident on the way to an NFL game, when it was raining, snowing, too sunny, ect.

  25. Thanks Vikes, that was an unexpected treat.
    Vike fans have reason to be hopeful, take something positive from a tough season.
    Webb seems like a cool cat, good character guy.
    Similar to Frazier, really.
    Interesting contrast, because his past is very Vick like.
    Kid evidently listens, learns, has some serious skills.

    Great to see him get a chance. Seeing the unwanted/unknowns come in and get it done has been one of the most enjoyable things about the Pats run. From Brady tom Woodhead, and all in between.

    It is somehow more satisfying.

    Hope Wilf doesn’t run off to La La land. Folks should organize, stay on that, stay on the pols.

    None of my darn business, but my view from New England, it is a no-brainer, team stays in Minnesota.

  26. The Eagles got what the Eagles deserved…..a loss to the Vikings and 3 games in 12 days. They whined to the league about postponing the game for one reason only and it was for better playing conditions for their skill players. I don’t think any of us want to hear the “safety of the fans” b.s. anymore, no one really believes it. The NFL is all about entertainment and money, certainly not football and fairness. This “blizzard” that the Eagles and their fans talk about amounted to a whole whooping 3 inches at midnite of Sunday nite… other parts of the country like Minnesota and Green Bay, they call this a “nuisance”. So much for the idea that Philly has the “toughest fans” in the NFL. There is a world of difference between “mean fans” and “tough fans”……and then there are “wussies”, LOL

  27. If people are concerned about their safety, stay home and watch the game. What about the dozens and hundreds of fans from AWAY that had vacations/trips booked to see this game. What about the kid who loves the Eagles who was supposed to see the big one but it got canceled for a “maybe” snow storm.

    You live in a state where there is snow, and from time to time lots of it. Learn how to drive in it, get snow tires on your car, and learn to make a responsible decision to stay home when you can’t handle your own ass out there.

    If it were all about public safety, anyway, we wouldn’t have waited for the roof to cave in on the Metrodome before changing that games schedule — clearly if it’s snowing enough to collapse a roof the roads must be difficult to navigate as well.

    And just because a state declares emergency does not mean every inch of the sucker is going to be slammed. About an hour/hour.half from here got slammed with a storm about 2 weeks ago that got people STUCK IN THEIR CAR ON THE HIGHWAY OVERNIGHT.
    We saw less than an inch.

    This has by far been the “saddest” NFL season I have ever witnessed.

  28. Pervyharvin re-emerges after a rare Viking victory to trash. The only debate left is whether it was the Vikings or the Cowgirls that had the most disappointing season?

    My pick is on the Vikings because the Cowboys didn’t waste a million per game on a QB that finished in the bottom 5 of all NFL QB’s. Add that wasted money to the $7o million contract for a DE that had 1 sack in the first 7 games to a $44 million contract for a WR that can’t get open and on the oft chance that he does, he can’t catch.

    Pervy needs to go back to predicting games which he has shown amazing consistency. Nearly every game he picked, it went the other way.

  29. My last word on this subject (for now):

    The football gods have spoken, and they are PISSED.

    Last night’s disastrous performance and outcome is what deservedly happens when you mess with 80+ years of tradition.

    To Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner, I’m sure your fan base thanks you know for treating them like mentally challenged children, in the process destroying your golden season, 3 games in 12 days entering the playoffs, good luck with that. Job well done, men (and I use that term very loosely).

    To Roger Goodell, I never thought I would be yearning for the days of Paul Tagliabue, but I am. This debacle would not have occurred under his watch. Your tenure as commisioner has been an utter shame, and your leading the league blindly into its first labor stoppage in 20+ years is evidence that you need to step down, immediately.

    To Mayor Nutter, I have never in my life seen a cold weather, northeast city so consistantly unprepared for a snowstorm, especially considering there were 4 major storms last winter which were much worse than Sunday’s tame non-blizzard. If you and the city are so woefully unprepared to keep one of the nation’s largest metro areas up and running in the event of a moderate snowstorm, then perhaps you need to resign and allow someone with competence and leadership to take charge.

  30. Is anyone surprised by this moron saying these things, as the “leader” of a city of morons?

    They root for a degenerate convict, because he’s winning. They support their own cities police department showing up on Sunday’s, getting pissed drunk, and starting fights with opposing fans.

    To top it off, this guy’s city was TOTALLY UNPREPARED for the blizzard.

    More proof that Philadelphia is full of a bunch of idiots.

  31. jimmy1smith says: Pervy, I am really scared. That Webb looks like he could dominate the Packers for 15 years. Aaron Rodgers can’t ever win in the playoffs…

  32. another vikings artice….cue that idiot jimmy1smith. guy is so fascinated with the vikings that he feels the need to post trash talk on every article that even mentions the vikes, and some that don’t (btw).

    ok dude, the vikes suck, no superbowls, blah blah blah. wow, you are obsessed.

  33. I at first, was outraged because of the possibility of seeing a Christmas Blizzard on Broad Street game and how memorible it would have been for all of us. When I think about it, the players and coaches wanted to play the game so I can’t be upset with the Eagles I see on the field, for that reason. This is what I took out of this bizarre weekend: We cannot assume teams are going to lay down. No team can be overlooked. The Patriots and Tom Brady come out to kill every week, regardless of situation. We have a lot of young guys who need to realize this and a loss like this may have hurt Michael Vicks MVP run. Maybe there were a few bruised young egos due to the Pro Bowl selections. Can’t rule that out. DeSean Jackson, I believe, need to be doing all he can do to maximize his potential as a player. For him, that’s returning kicks/punts as well as receiving. As far a receivers go, we would be fine with Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant, two large possesion receivers who block and have speed. Jacksons stock, to me, goes down if he’s not returning kicks. If the “team” is going to go to the Super Bowl, Me’s and I’s are going to have to go. Lesean McCoy needs to get more touches running the ball. He deserves it, he’s a quiet weapon but he’s deadly. Grind that clock. I’m just very disappointed I hate to lose and to see our team look that bad, on Prime Time. Hey, if they wanna be 22, 23 year olds with rings, they need to start playing from the neck up not just with their bodies like their used to. Mike can’t do it alone. He can’t get beat down like that, ever again. A few coaching errors (12 men on field, c’mon man…) but players gotta play. The weather or day of the game can not be excuses. No excuses. Football parallels life and we all know what lessons our parents taught us and a big one is to never make excuses. Fly Eagles, I still with you.

  34. jimmy1smith says:

    Dec 29, 2010 9:46 AM
    Pervyharvin re-emerges after a rare Viking victory to trash. The only debate left is whether it was the Vikings or the Cowgirls that had the most disappointing season?


    Pervy needs to go back to predicting games which he has shown amazing consistency. Nearly every game he picked, it went the other way.


  35. I notice a lot of Giant fans on commenting sounding really hurt, envious almost. As terrible as we looked last night and no matter how high the mountain we have to climb because of it is, at least we’re at the dance. I can’t sit and say we’re gonna Lindy Hop all the way to Dallas but we have a chance. There’s a good chance Big Blue will be a Little Memory after next week. Everybody in and involved with the Eagles franchise played a role in botching this weekend yes and last weekend we played horrible for 3 and a half quarters. No matter what happens though we have a 6 game win streak and a new Miracle at the Meadowlands.

  36. Minneapolis gets almost 30 inches of snow in 10 days, yet holds the Chicago game in the middle of a storm dumping another 6 inches of snow on the city. Minnesota didn’t reschedule and withstood the “PR” and financial issues without whining like a bunch of pansies — yet Philly pushes for an extension and their fans continue making excuses even after a bunch of them called the Vikes a third rate irrelevant team. The one time I agree with Pervy — karma is a bitch.

    SHHHH! Why tell the world about my Author Spooner reverse betting style?? Now the cats out of the bag!



    I did and I had a great Christmas with the extra cash. But thanks for the belated suggestion.

    BTW, its You’re a Moron, not YOUR. I can see the taxpayers of Minnesota have good reason to be proud of their public education system.

  39. #
    n0hopeleft says: Dec 29, 2010 10:16 AM


    A rookie QB? First start? In Stinkin Financial?


    Karma is a mofo, ain’t it?
    Nohopeleft you took the words out of my mouth! The only thing those classless Eagles and their fans can do is try to put down other teams and not give credit where credit is due. They say Saints and Falcons didn’t play championship caliber game. Well, well well look at this joke of a championship caliber team! You all choked as usual and I don’t feel sorry for you! One thing I know for sure, Eagles ain’t going NOWHERE! NO CHAMPIONSHIP RING FOR YOU. And this is what you get for talking about other teams. You guys are the rudest, most classless and uncouth team and fans that I have ever experienced. You gotta a horrible Offensive Line and a Horrible Defense. And the only thing you know how to hold on to is we beat the Falcons earlier this year, when things weren’t clicking all they way for a young team. Well whether the Falcons are going to Superbowl or not, doesn’t matter because you all are in the perfect position to KISS OUR ASS!! Go Falcons! RISE UP!

  40. The Vikings should send the commissioner a thank you card. If the game had been played on Sunday, the Vikings would never have been able to pressure and beat up Micheal Vick as they did on Tuesday night. The field conditions you see. The Commissioner lends his influence to the playoffs picture.

  41. I’m going to a game sunday where it is likely to rain and then freeze for the drive home. If I crash can I sue the NFL for putting me at risk?

  42. I just want to know what is going to happen if New Jersey gets 3 inches of snow like Philly did with 30 mile winds when the Super Bowl is about to be played??? Is it going to be postponed??? Oh, and I don’t recall any fallout when NE had 15 inches of snow fall during a playoff game…I was there & the fans loved every minute of it!!

  43. Banner can say all he wants that it was about money, and he’s right, but not for the reasons he stated:

    There is no way he’s going to admit that the Eagles and the NFL were likely very concerned about people either getting stranded with no way of getting home or being involved in accidents getting to or going home from the game. If someone was killed or seriously injured in an accident resulting from going to the game, given the society we are now in the Eagles likely were highly concerned about being sued for hundreds of millions of dollars. THAT, and NOT loss of gate (which while important is still far less than what potential lawsuits could have been) was why the game was postponed.

    Even if it really was about the gate, it still was the right call.

    What should have been done, however, was the game should have been played on Monday night with the game moved to ESPN as the first half of a Monday Night Football doubleheader (5:30 PM ET start, with the game blacked out on ESPN in Philly and the Twin Cities where it would have aired on NBC station) with Saints-Falcons moved back to 9:15 PM ET and NBC compensated for losing Vikings-Eagles by being given the Thanksgiving Night game (that normally is on NFL Network) next season (and NFL Network either doing an additional Saturday game, starting their Thursday schedule a week earlier or the first Thursday night becoming a doubleheader).

  44. #
    supportyourpresident says: Dec 29, 2010 10:45 AM

    I notice a lot of Giant fans on commenting sounding really hurt, envious almost. As terrible as we looked last night and no matter how high the mountain we have to climb because of it is, at least we’re at the dance. I can’t sit and say we’re gonna Lindy Hop all the way to Dallas but we have a chance. There’s a good chance Big Blue will be a Little Memory after next week. Everybody in and involved with the Eagles franchise played a role in botching this weekend yes and last weekend we played horrible for 3 and a half quarters. No matter what happens though we have a 6 game win streak and a new Miracle at the Meadowlands.

    Giants fans hurt, envious?

    First of all, support my president? I’m in a tax bracket that FORCES me not to support my president – but we won’t go into detail there, for sake of your pride.

    Moving on:

    All I have to do is walk across my TV room to my DVD rack, and pop in a DVD from 1986, 1990, or 2007.

    Or maybe I’ll hookup my video camera, and watch memories from the Glendale, Arizona parking lot.. Partying with my friends after the game, having a great time.

    The NFL is about accomplishments.

    Your references are simply about games that no one besides Eagles fans will remember. If that is what you’ve set out to accomplish, let me be the first to congratulate you.

    My team’s accomplishments are forever.

    Your team’s accomplishments are hard pressed to find, and are second class memories.

    So hang on to those B level jabs at my organization – for they are the ONLY thing you have.

    And by the looks of your crappy team after last night, it will stay that way for another year.

    GOOD TALK!!!

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