Marvin Lewis expects to know his fate by Tuesday

Despite some recent optimistic quotes, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is expected to become a coaching free agent after the season.  He doesn’t expect a long delay before learning about his future in Cincinnati.

“I think we’ll know something there by Monday or Tuesday,” Lewis told Thomas George of “We [Bengals owner Mike Brown and Lewis] talk every day about the future. About the football team, the players and the personnel.

“We’ve got to decide how it is going to be. His vision of the football team and mine. There are certain things he wants to emphasize with me. Things that are important to him. I expect to hear those.”

Lewis owned leverage after winning Coach of the Year last season.  He hinted at possible structural changes in the organization that held up a possible deal back in February.  Since then, he has generally stayed tight-lipped about his status.  After a deeply disappointing campaign, the leverage is gone.

Lewis doesn’t expect to simply be told he’s not welcome back.  Rather, he believes that he’ll discuss his vision with Brown and see if the two men can come to an understanding.  The odds seem against that happening.

“We planned to talk more about the future after the season was over and that’s what’s next,” Lewis said.  “I think we all know when you get in this business, there is going to be an end at some point and time. It doesn’t have to be negative.”

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  1. Wow … I’d forgotten about Marv with all the other expected coaching vacancies. This is going to be a huge year for cleaning house. Would have expected Zimmer to get the nod, but the defense didn’t perform this year to the standard reached last season. Will be interesting to see what Brown is willing to do for the future of his franchise.

  2. “We planned to talk more about the future after the season was over and that’s what’s next,” Lewis said. “I think we all know when you get in this business, there is going to be an end at some point and time. It doesn’t have to be negative.”

    And then he goes on to say

    “You never look back or sideways, you go forward. You learn. You are always talking to the players about preparing for the future, for their last play. It is the same for coaches.”

    Way to take things out of context or at the very least forget get to add the whole context. You guys obviously spun this one. You wanted to indicate he was most definitely leaving so you ended your this post with the most negative comment made by him.

  3. Marvin will find out on Monday when his security card fails to open the parking gate at PBS and looks down next to the gate and sees a box of things maked ‘Lewis’.

  4. Marv will be a “coaching free agent”. With his record that means “coaching” for “free” and not even bothering with an “agent”.

  5. going out on a limb here, i think he stays
    I think he gets some of what he wants- more personnel and influence on who his coaches/assistants are…he won’t get the indoor facility or more scouts though…..miiiiiiight be an inhouse hire for GM though too- i’d be down with that considering Marvin is the only coach in my 27yrs to even get Mike Brown to remotely listen/respect what he has to say

  6. Marvin doesn’t want to come back and Mike doesn’t want him back. I think Marvin thought he would be leading the Bengals deep into the post-season so he held out thinking he would have his pick of teams.
    He has failed as a HC and Ray Lewis & Co probably made him look better than he really was as a DC.

  7. Why would Marv Lewis want to stay? The owner is clearly happy with lining his own pockets, regardless of the product on the field. The fans seem to support the lack of effort, as evidenced by the 57 sold out game streak. (That’s 3.5 seasons of sold-out futility.) Maybe some home blackouts will send a wake-up call, but I doubt it.

    Bottom line, Mike Brown only cares if he makes money. Nothing wrong with that from an economic standpoint, but it’s wrong to expect to win, too.

  8. Mike Brown can’t fire Marvin. They have no contract for next year. Brown may want or not want him back. If I were Lewis, I would want some gaurentees that the Bengals are going to actually try to be at least a second class outfit. I don’t see Brown being willing to spend the money.

  9. Marvin comes in and says, “i want to win..i want an indoor practice facility, and i want you to spend a few bucks.”
    Paul says,”screw you i am getting richer with this laughing stock. you can go win somewhere else. goodbye.”

  10. The only reason for Marvin to stay is the $. He would be better off leaving that sad sack organization and being a DC somewhere again and becoming a rehire in a couple of years at a better organization. Mike Brown will not commit what is needed to make the team a consistent contender. Hell, he won’t pony up the money for an indoor practice facility.

    Tell you what Marvin, come back to Bmore as a “defensive consultant” and teach Mattison more about NFL defenses. We would love to have you back.

  11. Bengals? Dont you mean the Clippers? Or is it the Royals? Whatever, they’re all the same. Whats a new coach going to do?

  12. Look at it this way; if you’re Marvin do you want to continue working for Mikey and his non existant front office?
    I wouldn’t either.
    My guess is Marvin can’t wait to thank Mikey for the opportunity and wish him well in the future because he can’t wait to leavc.

  13. I seem to remember how this is going to go from Hard Knocks:

    Monday morning @ 4 a.m Jim Lippincott (Mike Browns lackey) will show up at Marvin Lewis’ door and inform him he’s been sent to waivers, he needs to return all of his things and here are tickets for you and your family to get out of town in the next three hours.

    In return, Marvin will be thrilled that he never has to deal with the mediocrity of the Brown family.

    Congrats Marvin! On to bigger and better things.

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