Pro Bowler Brandon Lloyd has a two-word message for his former teams

Cee Lo Green ain’t got nothin’ on Brandon Lloyd.

The Broncos arranged a press conference on Tuesday for Lloyd, the only member of the team who made it to the Pro Bowl after the franchise’s toilet bowl season.  And near the end of the session, Lloyd was asked if he wanted to say “told you so” to the three teams for which he previously played — the 49ers, Redskins, and Bears.

Said Lloyd, per Mike Klis of the Denver Post:  ”No, I want to say, ‘F–k you.’  And I mean that in the most professional way.”

Klis said that the “F” bomb was delivered “half-good naturedly, half-seriously.”

Either way, we think that the most pointed and biting two-word phrase in the English language should now be chased whenever uttered with the disclaimer, “And I mean that in the most professional way.”

40 responses to “Pro Bowler Brandon Lloyd has a two-word message for his former teams

  1. Hardly news and hardly I told you so…if you ask those teams they would say that ‘he has talent, no doubt, but he isn’t using it here. Maybe he will grow up/develop somewhere else but it isn’t working for us here.’

  2. So he sucked in all those cities, he has one good year in his entire career and now it’s there fault. As a fan of one of those teams I have a few words for Lloyd. Go f-ck you yourself.

  3. Damn. Called that when I saw the title. Didn’t think that would actually be what it was though. Go Brandon Lloyd. The only question now is how will Fidel Goodell punish him for dropping an F bomb?

  4. Well if you had played like you got paid it wouldn’t be an issue. Why don’t you give the Redskins all that money back? $500k per catch. He played like a joke in D.C. Here’s what he should have said.

    “I’m sorry I stole all that money from the Skins and Bears, and I’m embarrased it’s taken me EIGHT years to play up to my potential.” EIGHT YEARS.

  5. The fact that he said this tells you all you need to know about Lloyd.

    If he was a true professional, he might have had success in those other cities.

    But hes a lazy bum who was as focused on rapping as he was football.

    He sucked on those teams and now he has one good year on a bad team.


  6. Learned this highly articulate comment from his speech coach, Brady Quinn.

    Quinn is also helping him with his game day attire by teaching him how to impeccibly place his cape, hat and eye black.

    Fortunately for Broncos fans he is learning his on field performance from God’s Child, Tim Tebow.

  7. Bwaahahaha!!! I love it. Im glad to see him finally make the pro bowl. He actually showed glimpses of being a quality receiver while with the 49ers so this isnt a big surprise. Good for you B-Lloyd. Dust yo shoulders off homie.

  8. hey brandon if you had you know actually caught a pass in one of those other cities and not acted like the jack wad you really arethey might have kept i know we bear fans couldn`t wait to see your skinny ass leaving town

  9. That’s funny because all I remember him doing in Washington was catching 2 passes his last season there bringing his total over two years to 25 with a fumble and ZERO touchdowns. All he was ever good for was making bad music and stealing paychecks.

  10. Couldn’t he have just had his agent make this statement? Then he could deny it today and support it tomorrow. And people would call him ‘classy’ for having done so!

  11. I think the teams that were forced to cut him because of his lame performance should say F*** You to him for wasting their time and money.

    I love when guys do this. Spend years giving half a***d efforts and poor performances, and then when the lightbulb finally goes on when they realize their next organization will be one that serves hamburgers, they blame all of the organizations that took a chance on them for their past failures.

    By the way, let’s see how Lloyd does if the Broncos don’t have as much of a run and gun system next year or, heaven forbid, they aren’t playing from 3 touchdowns down every game.

  12. well, on behalf of the ‘Skins, Brandon, we’d like to say f you, you worthless wannabee gansta rapper, for stealing money whilst in DC.

    You are a bag o’ dung.

  13. moochzilla says:
    Dec 29, 2010 9:16 AM
    Couldn’t he have just had his agent make this statement? Then he could deny it today and support it tomorrow. And people would call him ‘classy’ for having done so!

    You must be a proud graduate of the Syracuse University Donovan X. McNabb School of Public Relations.

  14. Funny, I remember when he played for those other teams, HE SUCKED.

    Good for you though Brandon, good year. But as they say even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

  15. right back at you, Lloyd. Don’t act like it’s anyone elses fault you took this long to get your shiyat together

  16. trimgod69 says:
    Dec 29, 2010 5:05 AM
    when did lloyd play for the bears?


    I hope your being sarcastic, but if not… 2008.

  17. First the Donks have a horrible season, then Spygate II and a pack of lies, then McDaniels gets fired, and now this.

    Can’t ANYONE in Denver show a LITTLE class?

  18. In 2008, Lloyd signed a one-year deal with the Chicago Bears after they released of Muhsin Muhammad and the loss of Bernard Berrian to the Minnesota Favre’s. The move reunited him with Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner, who was Lloyd’s head coach at Illinois. Lloyd had a successful start to his career in Chicago, establishing himself as a favorite target of quarterback Kyle Orton, with 15 catches in his first four games……however……..he’ll still regret his comment when he matures.

  19. I think Tebow put him up to it.

    And no offense, but you can’t say that after you failed with 3 teams. When the Bears dropped Cedric Benson (after drafting him) and he went to Cincy I could see a FU moment cause he got redemption and resurrected his career after initially failing. When you fail 3 times…is it really about the teams?

  20. This “toilet bowl” season for the Broncos is their worst season in 40 years…..but, to put it in perspective…..they have as many wins as the KC Chiefs won each of the past THREE

    Worse (for their draft standing), they could actually win MORE games this year than the Chiefs won any of the past 3 years.

    I can’t believe we didn’t hear much about how bad KC was because…… knowing how bad Denver was this year….the Chiefs may have had the all-time 3 year worst performance in NFL history.

  21. I love it because its unfiltered. He didn’t give us that PC crap about thanking all his previous stops.

    I love it

  22. I’m sure this year was the aberration and he will go back to sucking soon enough especially with Tebow throwing him the ball next year.

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