Raheem Morris on Pro Bowl snubs: “Slap in the face”

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The Buccaneers need a Week Seventeen upset win over the Saints and lots of help to get into the playoffs, but overall Tampa Bay’s season has been a major success. Playing in one of the NFL’s toughest divisions, coach Raheem Morris’ team has gone 9-6. They went 3-13 last year.

But the Bucs didn’t have a single player selected to the Pro Bowl during Tuesday night’s announcements. The 5-10 Texans are sending three players to Honolulu, two as starters. Dallas is 5-10, and will have a whopping five representatives, four of whom will start. Three 7-8 Raiders will go, two 2-13 Panthers, a 6-9 Redskin, etc.

Morris isn’t happy.

It’s a little bit of a slap in the face,” the second-year coach told JoeBucsFan.com. “…You know, once you get some national games, you get some prime-time games out there and you make some big-time plays in those games, everybody sees them. … It’s the entertainment business.”

Tampa Bay didn’t play once in prime time this season, and every single Bucs home game was blacked out.

Offensive tackle Donald Penn, quarterback Josh Freeman, and tight end Kellen Winslow did earn potential bids as alternates. Freeman posted a better passer rating than Pro Bowl invitee Drew Brees. Penn protected Freeman’s blind side for a Bucs team that surrendered the ninth fewest sacks in the NFL. Winslow has more yards, a better yards-per-catch average, and just as many touchdowns as Pro Bowler Tony Gonzalez.

Ultimately, though, the alternates need injuries to Pro Bowl starters to go to Hawaii.

And the Bucs are in danger of going Pro Bowl-less for a second straight year.

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  1. It’s a bigger “slap in the face” that ALL of the Bucs home games were blacked out. Shouldn’t be mad at other players and fans not respecting your work when your own fans didn’t either.

  2. Brees and my favorite TE ever both have the name recognition in their favor. I don’t agree that it should be what gets them in the pro bowl, but it’s what happens. This is why the pro bowl selection by idiot fans and idiot players is ridiculous. And it’s not like the media, coaches, or league personnel can be trusted to objectively make these selections either.

    Damned just about every which way.

  3. I can’t think of a single member of that team that is pro-bowl worthy. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They perform well as a team. that’s better than putting up great individual numbers.

  4. “It’s a little bitch slap in the face”, the second year coach told JoeBucfans.com.
    Before remembering that he was Raheem Morris and quickly amending his statement.

  5. Just because you win a few games as a team does not mean that your players at positions are the best in the NFL. The Pro Bowl is for the best players at the position not for players that play on a team that happens to win some games as a team.

  6. Five Cowboys, one for every win this season, pathetic.

    Here’s the facts, Josh Freeman has 23 TDs and only 6 INTs, one of the best TD:INT ratios in the league as well as having countless 4th quarter comebacks.

    LT Donald Penn has surrendered one sack on the season.

    Rookie RB LeGarrette Blount needs 59 yards for 1000 yards on the season, this despite having less than 59 yards for the first 6 games.

    Rookie WR Mike Williams has 10 TD receptions and is 76 yards from 1000. His TD numbers are among the best in the league.

    Kellen Winslow HAS to be among the top TEs in the NFL… and yet none got in.

    THe Pro Bowl is just a big popularity contest and it’s ridiculous. Fan voting shouldn’t count for anything for one thing, because then the popularity contest gets even more ridiculous… and besides that, the average fan isn’t much a big fan of the NFL but of their favorite team and all they really know is their own team.

  7. Right!
    Not many votes from the Tampa fans. All the games blacked out? Why does anyone there care at all (answer:they don’t)
    maybe LA would be better.

  8. You guys and your FANS comments???? You sound stupid!! Their 9 – 6!!! HELLO the players on the BUCS are better this YEAR then DALLAS players. Stats r better, Results are BETTTTTER. This and the (2 day Philly delay) make the NFL look like idiots.

  9. Now I get it. It is the Buccaneers’ FANS’ fault that none are in the Pro Bowl. What idiocy. This isn’t American Idol.

  10. I expected something like this. The pro bowl voting is done by fans around the league. Tampa is in no way a bandwagon team like the Cowboys and most recently the Saints. Of course Brees is getting in with more than double Freeman’s interceptions. It’s criminal, but Tampa is a diverse NFL town because of transplant citizens from NY, PA, and the rest of the northern states. Tampa’s fan base is just not as large as others, and I’m alright with it. I voted for Freeman and Williams (Winslow caught fire toward the end of the season but had a slow start) because they are easily among the top in the NFC for their respective positions.
    I am a diehard TB fan, but I realize that all blackouts and the idiots from the media that follow the “usual suspects” year in year out are putting up a huge smokescreen on this young team. Give us a few prime time games next year, Freeman’s in guaranteed. A deep playoff run will help next year also.

  11. Leave the raiders out of your comments Silva. None of the young raiders made the pro bowl. Lechler, Nnamdi, Seymour are perennial pro bowlers who may or may not have deserved it. The reason the Raiders improved was because of mcfadden, ford, reece, huff, kelly,…and none of them probaly deserve it this year.

  12. You guys and your FANS comments???? You sound stupid!! Their 9 – 6!!!
    Try “they’re 9-6”. Not to be mr. correct-all, but if you’re going say others sound stupid……lol!

  13. win more than one year and you’ll get players in. hell morris is lucky he still has a job. if he had underachieved this year he would have been fired. he was a very hot seat guy by the end of last season. best thing he has going for him is Freeman. The guy can play.

  14. No one will take this team seriously until they can beat a team with a winning record.

    That’s when people take notice and select you for a Pro Bowl.

    They’ve had five shots, and lost all five of them.

  15. Freeman has been impressive this year and has progressed faster than expected. Raheem was doing his best to screw everything up last year and the early part of this year, but has stopped shooting himself in the foot lately. The Bucs (and Lions) will be contenders for much of the next decade…then the pro-bowl accolades will follow.

  16. The Bucs have four or five guys that belong on the Pro Bowl roster. The good news is the team is young and all excluded will have plenty of chances to make the roster in the future.

  17. This just goes to show how messed up Pro Bowl voting is. As a real Bucs fan(attended 6 blacked out games 4-2) I know how good the Bucs are. But no worries, when the Bucs are beating up teams left and right next year(in primetime) all the fans who slept on the Bucs this year will know who they are.

    (P.S. : Looks like Freeman is already the best QB taken in the 2009 Draft. The Jets Sanchez and Lions Stafford look like a bunch of bums compared to Freeman. Here’s hoping one of the QB’s for the NFC drops out of the Pro Bowl)

  18. Between injuries and the game being moved to before the Super Bowl, half the f’ing league makes the probowl. Like 10 or 11 QBs last year… 1 out of every 3.

  19. “Freeman posted a better passer rating than Pro Bowl invitee Drew Brees.”

    Why do you single out Brees with this comment?

    Freeman – 93.6
    Brees – 92.2
    Matt Ryan – 89.8

    Ryan is the 2nd QB, Brees is 3rd, Freeman and Rodgers didn’t make it, and Ryan has the worst passer rating of the 4.


    “nicalooch says: Dec 29, 2010 8:28 PM
    I expected something like this. The pro bowl voting is done by fans around the league. Tampa is in no way a bandwagon team like the Cowboys and most recently the Saints. Of course Brees is getting in with more than double Freeman’s interceptions.”
    First of all, fan voting is only 1/3 of the voting, with players and coaches making up the rest.

    Second, the Saints are 11-4 and only had 3 players get in. You can’t compare that to the 5-10 Cowboys having 5 players get in.

    Third, Brees has 9 more TDs and 1200 more yards than Freeman, his completion percentage is 68.7 compared to Freeman’s 60.3, and when they played head to head the Saints won 31-6. INTs aren’t everything, there are other good reasons for Brees to have gotten in.

  20. ampats says:
    Dec 29, 2010 10:01 PM

    It was a nice season on a 4th place schedule.


    Which accounted for all of two games on their schedule. There’s no such thing as “a last place schedule” anymore.

  21. Raheem needs to realise names matter. Sure Bucs were deserving to go.
    Though I don’t see the reason to pick on Houston. Their record has more to do with the crappy defense then Johnson, Foster (no one can argue he shouldn’t go) and Leach.

  22. Quite similar to London Fletcher’s outburst last season. When I first got the chance to check out the released rosters I had an outburst myself…




    This IS a slap in the face. Gurode can’t even SNAP THE BALL. This is why the ProBowl is dying. Fans have too much of a say. This is disgusting.

  23. The pro bowl is definitely a popularity contest. However, to all the people talking about how good josh freeman, mike williams, (insert player name here): how many wins do the bucs have over teams with winning records? They arent good, they are an illusion created with a lame schedule due to the fact that they were one of the worst teams in the league last year.

  24. The Pro Bowl is a farce. It’s nothing more than a popularity contest. It should be based on performance, not on who likes who better. The League should set up a panel of judges who could select who is worthy on that year’s play, and then let the players select who should play. As it is right now, it’s nothing more than a beauty pagent. Three quarters of the players in the league are “Pro Bowlers”, because the elected people don’t go, and the 4th and 5th alternates have to play. This exercise is nothing more than the NFL patting itself on the back, and trying to make as much money as it can from the season.

  25. The ProBowl is a farce. I noticed that a few years ago when Calvin Johnson missed out while having the 2nd best stats in the NFL in receiving while playing on an 0-16 team. That being said, however, the facts are straight forward on this one. Look at all the Bucs that people think warrant being in the ProBowl. From Freeman, Williams and Blount to Winslow and Talib. Well, first, like so many have pointed out, the Bucs played a terribly weak schedule and lost to every team with a winning record. This isn’t as much of a knock on the Bucs as many fans would think it is. It’s simply the truth. If they had the same schedule as my Lions they’d have a near similar 3-13 record as they had last year. Secondly, all of these players, while good this year, are not good enough to overtake the players ahead of them. Williams-who you going to take out? Calvin Johnson? See the dilemma?

  26. You can only play who you’re scheduled. And there’s not enough emphasis on beating the teams you’re supposed to beat (save the Lions). See: Packers and Giants.

    Donald Penn is the only guy that I think was snubbed. He’s been great this year. I don’t think it’s a snub for the other guys. They’re young and paying dues, and getting solid recognition. Maybe even more recognition for getting left out. They’ll have plenty of opportunities to make the Pro Bowl in the future.

  27. ok we all get the Bucs had an easy schedule. SO DID THE PANTHERS, and they got 2 crappy players put in the prow bowl. the Cats haven’t had a good season in 10 years.

    Donald Penn for sure should have been in the Pro bowl. You can make arguments for others, but Donald Penn is a Pro Bowl Caliber LT. 1 sack given up all season!

  28. zam1104 says:
    Dec 29, 2010 9:08 PM
    No one will take this team seriously until they can beat a team with a winning record.

    That’s when people take notice and select you for a Pro Bowl.

    They’ve had five shots, and lost all five of them.

    raideralex99 says:
    Dec 30, 2010 1:36 AM
    The Bucs only played 5 teams above .500 and YES they LOST all 5 games … enough said!


    This is the COLD, HARD FACTS!
    When your opponents play such a grand role in making your players look good then they are not quite PRO Bowl material! Play well against quality opponents and it is all you!!!

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