Terrell Suggs admits he voted for Tom Brady in the end

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs likes to talk trash, but sometimes his bark isn’t as bad as his bite.  After saying last week that he didn’t think that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady deserved to go to the Pro Bowl, Suggs admitted he voted for him.

“Let’s go ahead and let the cat out of the bag: We did vote for him,” Suggs said Wednesday via Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun. “We’ve got quarrels and our beefs but you got to respect play. It was kind of decided as a unit who we vote for. We did vote for him.”

Suggs and Brady have been volleying verbal jabs back and forth much of the season.   (With Suggs doing most of the talking.)

Brady was named a starter on the AFC squad, while Suggs also made the team in an underrated rebound season for the Ravens linebacker.  Suggs doesn’t plan to attend, though.

“One of us is not going to get to play in the game,” Suggs said. “I hope he has a good time in the Pro Bowl, and hopefully everything goes according to plan, I’ll be watching him from Dallas.”

30 responses to “Terrell Suggs admits he voted for Tom Brady in the end

  1. watch the vikes approach from last night become the way philly loses early in the playoffs too.

  2. LOL…Brady’s mysterious “shoulder injury” is sure to act up around pro bowl time. Then you’ll see him playing golf at Pebble Beach…..can’t blame him. The Pro Bowl is a JOKE and should be eliminated.

  3. Meaningless tripe.

    Awards are meaningless tripe.

    All that matters is that Silver Trophy they give the winner of the last game. And the guys really into it, will tell you the same thing.

    I’m betting Brady, if he gets the award, would trade a hundred of them for a Lombardi. And he would know the value of a Lombardi.

  4. Suggs looks like one of those X-Files creatures that Scully and Moulder used to catch crawling out of sewers.

  5. Igottz….did you see the interview last year with James Harrison at the pro-bowl??? Speaking of mentally challenged…..Suggs is a genius in comparison!!

  6. RT (thats retweet for those of you non-twitter’ers): igottz5onit says: Dec 29, 2010 6:32 PM

    Suggs may literally be mentally retarded.

  7. T-sizzle, can’t help yourself huh? Got to go through Brady’s house first….This time it’s going to be a whole differint experience, if you get that far???

  8. Suggs was probably afraid Brady would take out a restraining order on him. It’s been a whole year since his last restraining order, so he wants to lie low.

  9. Even Suggs can admit there’s no denying Tom’s greatness when it comes down to it.

    Although the fat, sweaty loser fans who have been beaten by Brady over and over and over probably will still live in denial.

    This says something about T-Sizzle.

  10. Somebody explain to me why we have a Pro Bowl again?

    Nobody wants to play.

    Nobody wants to watch.

    Only bad things can happen.

    All the ingredients for a great idea.

    Owners will probably push for 2 Pro Bowls.

    I say, let the Pro Bowlers wives wrestle it out in a 2 day, round robin, loser leaves town mud pit fiasco.

  11. Suggs is just having fun. I hope we get to go to NE again. Rodney Harrison says that the only team the Pats really don’t want to see in the playoffs is the Ravens.

    I think it would be a hell of an AFC championship game.

  12. .

    What a buffoon ! The Ravens may end up facing the Patriots if they can conger up the impossible and defeat the Colts (which they never do). Hey Terrell, any comments about Peyton Manning’s super ginormous head?


  13. Typical cheap shot. Ravens defense is a shell of what it once was. Cheap shot, dirty players. The Patriots will shread the Ravens. Talk is cheap and they do alot of it.

  14. Ray ray told T-Sizzle how to vote. Think linebackers on the Ravens are a democracy? Enjoy Hawaii, Suggs.

  15. tiffpats4eva says: Dec 29, 2010 8:14 PM

    Does Suggs have a crush on Brady or something?
    He DOES act like the chick from Fatal Attraction about Brady doesn’t he?

    It’s like HS when you would get all excited the guy you were crushing on smiled in your direction then all depressed the next day when you would have SWORN he was looking RIGHT AT YOU and he didn’t even acknowledge your presence. Hope T-Sizzle’s freezer has plenty of Haagen Dazs in it so he can pig out while he cries on his couch over his unrequited affection. 😀

  16. translation: “i don’t want him to be pissed off when we play in a few weeks or else he’ll destroy us.”

  17. Suggs is hilarious and awesome. Obviously your readers have no tolerance for devils advocates, deadpan humor, or sarcasm. One of the funniest dudes in the league as well as one of the best linebackers. Go Ravens.

  18. canjura says: Dec 29, 2010 7:27 PM

    RT (thats retweet for those of you non-twitter’ers)

    This isn’t Twitter, so you can forgo the retarded Twitter-speak.

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