Brandon Marshall endorses Tony Sparano, “not sure” about Chad Henne


Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall supported embattled coach Tony Sparano Thursday, calling him “awesome.”  His words regarding his quarterback Chad Henne were more measured.

Marshall said he’s “not sure” the duo could be great in 2011 together and then dispensed some advice.

“Just got to let it go, you know?” Marshall said via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “Don’t worry about the consequences. Just throw it up and see what happens. Throw a pick or whatever. Let’s live and die by it. We want to play smart football and we want to be consistent, but at the same time if you look at what teams do with Roddy White, Calvin Johnson, that’s something I’m used to in the past. Just guys believing in me.”

Henne can be robotic, but his propensity for throwing interceptions in bunches is one of his major downfalls.   We’re not sure that just throwing jump balls to Marshall solves everything.  Marshall doesn’t have the same deep speed as the guys above.

After giving a so-so review of Kyle Orton, Marshall made it clear who his favorite quarterback still is.

“Jay Cutler was my guy. He threw it up, but that was so long ago and in the past,” Marshall said.

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  1. Shows you how STUPID this guy is (although getting his a$$ kicked by a McDonalds bag was evidence enough):

    His greatest year was under Orton. And Orton is gonna be available. It was a perfect chance to lobby for a QB that can throw to him.

    Always. Focused. On. The. Wrong. Things, BOWEL MOVEMENT.

  2. Henne should counter
    your almost tops in dropped passes this season with 10…just shut up and catch what I throw to you

  3. I would welcome Orton. He played his heart out for a screwed up little coach of a troll.

    However…. I wonder if Brandon is saying Henne refused to lob the ball, or if he made that statement for Mr. Henning’s Offensive Play Calling?


  4. @phinfan

    be careful what you wish for. As a Bronco fan I too hope a trade happens… to any team. If you watch Orton carefully you can’t help but notice the cast iron boots he wears and the fact that he ALWAYS makes a mistake when the chips are down. Don’t be fooled by the bloated stats. Our defense is hideous and we were down double digits consistently.

  5. THis is further testimony that NFL Princess reciviers don’t always help a team, and sometimes hurt it. Since acquiring Marshal, the Fish still suck. Since acquiring T Owens, the Bengals nose dived.

  6. You SHOULD want Orton. He was great under that McDummy turd…and played very hard. The only gripe i have is that he is a statue in the pocket.

    Do the Fins have a decent O line? If so, Orton is your man. I’d sell ’em to ya for a 2nd or two 3rds!

  7. psychonolfi says:
    Dec 30, 2010 6:52 PM
    King of Drops calling out Robot…pathetic

    They didn’t mention Braylon Edwards in this article.

  8. phinfan says:
    Dec 30, 2010 7:01 PM
    I would welcome Orton. He played his heart out for a screwed up little coach of a troll.

    However…. I wonder if Brandon is saying Henne refused to lob the ball, or if he made that statement for Mr. Henning’s Offensive Play Calling?



    You’re on to something there. Henne has been under “don’t make a mistake” lockdown all year, and it has been pretty apparent. Last year he was just slinging the ball around. This year he has just been tight and anxious. A lot of folks want to hang Miami’s offensive woes all on Henne, but that’s just inaccurate. At least 8 of his picks weren’t his fault, including the one posthumously awarded to Harrison the week after the Steeler game. The ball clearly bounced off the ground and was ruled incomplete in the game. With the right coaching and weapons (i.e. speed reciever) he can be a very good QB.

  9. I’ll give you a hint at who I think may be the starting QB for the Dolphins in 2011:

    He is starting this weekend in place of an MVP candidate.

    Text your answer to *kevinkolb.

    Standard text messaging rates apply.

    Plus $5 will be donated to the realitypolice vacation fund.

    Thank you.

  10. This is the reason WRs are not worth the money. In order for them to do their job they are dependent on every other single player on the offense to execute. It is too dependent of a position to be able to single handedly make a difference.

  11. Not sure eagles will part with him. Reality is, no team will sign vick to a huge superstar contract with one strike left on his nfl career. Its insurance having kolb. They may need to let him walk or sign then trade. Having two qbs with big money is a sick reality but having one qb with a huge superstar dollar and getting kicked outta the league is sudden death for any team, coach and gm.

    Besides kolb is a wc offense

  12. haywoodjablomee says: Dec 30, 2010 10:11 PM

    “I wonder what quarterback the Dolphins are going to pick in this years second round?”

    hey bozo, they don’t have a 2nd round pick this season. traded it for b marsh.

    enough with the marshall haters, he is having a bad season because of henne. plain and simple. miami got a solid deal when they traded for this guy

  13. Not a fan of WR’s with big mouths, but remember that Parcells said he was “disappointed with Henne” before the season started. Parcells is gone….time to start over again with a new coach and a new QB.

  14. @jcusa514…

    Hahahahaha!!! Keep tellin’ yr self that while the Fins are 8-8 for the forseeable future because the spent $50 mill and 2 2nds on a diva WR.

  15. Brandon Marshall is obviously an idiot. This is the classic, ego-centric, loud mouthed behavior that fractures team unity. The term “Diva Receiver” does not adequately quantify the extent of the damage that these egotistical buffoons cause their teams. He’s an absolute cancer and not a team mate. I don’t care how much physical talent the guy has….he’s a cancer. I think these guys should have their voicebox surgically removed as a part of the terms of their contract.

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