David Garrard will miss the playoffs, if the Jaguars make it

Are you ready for Trent Edwards, playoff starting quarterback?

Sure, that scenario is extremely unlikely.  But it’s still possible following that news that Jaguars quarterback David Garrard will miss any playoff games should the Jaguars make it, according to the Florida Times-Union.  MDS mentioned Wednesday how Garrard was out this week because of his thumb injury.

Garrard will undergo surgery Thursday and rehab for two months.  Maurice Jones-Drew is also awaiting knee surgery, but plans to see if the Jaguars make the playoffs first.  He may try to play through his injury in that scenario.

The odds on the Jaguars playing next week were slim even if everyone was healthy.  The Colts have won seven straight games against division opponents at home.  Indianapolis just needs a win against Tennessee to knock Jacksonville out of the playoffs.

18 responses to “David Garrard will miss the playoffs, if the Jaguars make it

  1. You’re right that it is extremely unlikely that the Jag will make it.

    But just in case, I’ve made preliminary inquiries about taking out a mortgage on my house so that I can make as large a bet possible against Trent Edwards in the playoffs.

    That’s Gold, Jerry, Gold!

  2. Oh no! Was hoping the Jags could pull off the miracle playoff appearance (no offense Colts fans). They’ve done unexpectedly well this year, and Garrard has had a good season. Hate to see it all end like this.

  3. thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    Dec 30, 2010 1:26 PM
    WHAT? You mean odds on them winning? I’m pretty sure they are going to PLAY regardless of a few starters health. LOL
    C’mon man!!!

    Umm…..the games this Sunday, when the Jaguars will definitely be playing, are THIS week. The games which he is referring to which the Jaguars have very small odds of playing in, which are NEXT week, as he correctly called them, are playoff games.

    Now, I’m sure you’ll shoot back some wise a** comment about how Sunday is technically next week, but I think most of us understand that when we talk about “this week’s games” we are obviously referring to games coming up on Sunday.

  4. I heard Caldwell is going to rest all his starters and get ready for the playoffs – seeing everyone has decided that the Titans don’t have a chance. I think Jeff Fisher is even checking on the cost for canceling the flight to Indy right now…As long as the cancelation fee is not too high, I think he will cancel the flight and stay in Nashville and work on his resume.

  5. Trent Edwards is one of the most pathetic QBs to play the game. The guy will check it down and he wont attack the middle of the field 20 yards down. Poor Jag fans, have to put their hopes in this guy.

  6. @thereisalwaysnextyear:

    Kudos to you. Sorry for assuming you would be like most posters here.

    And now I feel bad about my snarky post. So I apologize for that too.

    I always call people out for not staying civil in their arguments here, so I can’t be a hypocrite.

    My bad.

  7. I see a parallel to Leftwich’s “cranky ankle” conspiracy where after that episode, Leftwich never took another regular season snap with the Jaguars. Now Garrard has the aching middle finger (same aching finger he played with last weekend and threw for 299 yards).

    Garrard has played with more significant injuries prior to this and has always been a gamer. Something tells me he didn’t take himself out of the game…

    This smells of a conspiracy of Del Rio shutting Garrard down in favor of a quarterback (Edwards) who Del Rio knows will be auditioning for a new team in 2011. He’s betting on Edwards doing well against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL in order to have tape for his agent to show potential teams.

    Long story short I don’t think Garrard, Edwards, or Del Rio will be with the Jaguars next year.

  8. Buh-bye, Jagoffs. Good riddance!

    P.S. If they don’t get rid of Del Rio, the management is more delusional than Jaguar fans and Del Rio combined.


    Three down. Five to go!

    GO COLTS!!!

  9. @carson9
    Tell your sister she’ll be better off investing in some of that hot Cali real estate before waiting for the “L.A. Jags”. Dude, the L.A. Jags thing is so 2009. Try keep up with the times.

  10. “carson9 says:
    Dec 30, 2010 4:16 PM
    My sister in LA is really anticipating buying season tickets for the LA Jaguars soon”

    Right because the two AFC teams already in California can’t sell out so the NFL will allow a third AFC to move there. A team with zero blackouts this year by the way. 2008 called, they want their joke back.

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