Frazier hasn’t talked to Wilfs about removing interim tag

After Minnesota’s win in Philadelphia Tuesday night, we heard that the victory proved the Vikings loved playing for interim head coach Leslie Frazier.  (So what did the two previous blowouts prove?)

Frazier appears to have the best chance of any current interim coach of getting bumped up to the permanent gig, but at this point that’s mostly speculation.  Owner Zygi Wilf hasn’t said anything to the media or to Frazier.

“I’m sure we’ll talk here pretty soon” about his future, Frazier told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “We’re wrapping the season up now. Hopefully real soon.”

Frazier says he was never told a timeline to talk about his chances and that he’s focused on the team’s final game against the Lions.

The Wilfs had a plan in place when Brad Childress was hired, and moved quickly to get their man.  Based on that track record, Frazier should know where he stands early next week.

If the Wilfs don’t want him, we suspect other teams will want to speak with him too.

14 responses to “Frazier hasn’t talked to Wilfs about removing interim tag

  1. Doesn’t Wilf have to interview a white, hispanic, indian, a woman and a hispanic before he commits to Frazier?

  2. He only needs to interview one person of any race. I bet he already cleared that by interviewing the OC, Darell bevel

  3. I thought since Frazier was a minority he didn’t have to interview anyone? Just hire Frazier if he wants.

  4. Regardless of the Rooney, if it’s true he hasn’t talked with the Wilfs, maybe it’s because he’s been trying to keep the Viking ship afloat. (Packer backers can now insert the worn out Love Boat comments here.) Team Turmoil has outdone themselves this year, let’s hope the stadium issue gets settled and my vote goes to Frazier as the next Vikings Coach.

  5. Favre runs that team, unless he really decides to retire, Wilf will have to check with him first.

    The Vikings have so many holes to fill that its an afterthought who the coach will be. Its like being named Recreational Director on the Titanic.

  6. OMG, will wonders never cease!

    No mention of the Rooney Rule in the entire blog, but then again, in this case, there is no need for the rule is there.

    My own opinion, I’m torn if the Vikes should keep Frazier or not. It would be kinda hard to turn down one of the bigger names if there is interest…….

  7. I say keep Fraizer, he’s a breath of fresh air and the team trusts him. Now granted, 20 of the current players might not be back, but still, a year with his staff and I expect much better things from the team. BTW, don’t fix the dome this spring. Just use the money toward a new facility.

  8. I think people dont realize how hard the Viking schedule was this year, plus we had a LOT of injuries all season: No Sid Rice half the season, Harvins missed many games, Favre playing thru injuries, Petersons knee injury, HOF OG Hutchinson injured, OG Herrera, #2 DB Cedric Griffin out the season, #4 DB Chris Cook missed a lot, Bernard Berrian missed a few, etc.

    Our losses this season:
    – Saints
    – Dolphins (BAD LOSS)
    – Jets
    – Packers Twice
    – Patriots
    – Giants
    – Bears Twice

    Those are ALL playoff teams except the Dolphins, and all very strong teams at that.

    Their combined records (90 – 45). Combining injuries with an underperforming (injured) QB, and very hard schedule, and it’s no wonder the Vikings are 6-9 right now. We had the chance to beat the Dolphins, Saints, Jets, and Packers at the end of the games, but Favre couldnt do what he was historically known for, leading late game drives. A lot of that had to do with not having his go to wide receiver, Sidney Rice.

  9. If you can get Cowher I’d go there in a heartbeat.

    Gruden I’m torn on. Let’s be honest here, Jon Gruden is an average head coach. His career coaching record is just over 0.500 and his super bowl came in his first season taking over Dungy’s team basically. The team when downhill as he stuck around and he left it in shambles.

    But with Gruden he’s really entertaining. So you do have to factor that in.

    Frazier seems like a pretty good coach. I’d say give him a shot unless you can get Cowher or maybe Gruden. But seriously who else would you even consider?

  10. Quite frankily I don’t think Frazier is who we need as a head coach right now. We need an offensive minded coach. One who can help find a quarterback or develop one into a franchise calibre QB.

    The offence has enough firepower to get the job done. They just need to dump Berrian and find a compliment receiver to Harvin and Rice. Possibly a more athletic tightend who can block as well. Face it, Kleinsasser’s production is at it’s worse this year. We need to revamp the Offensive line which is well, offensive.

    Back on defence we need a linebacker to replace Ben Leber, depth at defensive tackle and replace Madieu Williams and Tyrell Johnson with the two guys we already have in Jamarca Sanford and Hussain Abdullah.

  11. I’m guessing the Wilfs are making private calls to the big names to see if they are interested, and if they say no, Frazier has the job.

    And I say trade down a few spots and take a lineman or two at the top of the draft and fix the weakest spot on the team. Hopefully….

  12. vikadontis98rex says: Dec 30, 2010 1:46 PM
    …..but Favre couldnt do what he was historically known for, leading late game drives.

    He hasn’t been that guy for eight years or more.

  13. I keep reading about how Gruden is wearing Tony Dungy’s ring…anyone remember who the Bucs beat in the Superbowl? That’s right! The Raiders! Does that mean Gruden is wearing Dungy’s ring that he got by beating himself in the game? If you look at it that way, Gruden still coached in the game, he was just on the wrong sideline. The fact is, he still won a championship with a team Tony Dungy wasn’t able to get into the stadium. He might be overrated, but the same case could be made about a lot of players and coaches with superbowl rings. Its not one person, its a team effort. Coaches and players.

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