League fines Jets $100,000 for Alosi wall

Another day, another league investigation involving the Jets wrapped up.

The NFL fined the Jets $100,000 Thursday for violating league rules when strength coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll.  Alosi has been suspended indefinitely by the team.

The league called the sideline “wall” that was formed “both a competitive violation as well as a dangerous tactic.”

The league also verbally slapped around special-teams coordinator Mike Westhoff, who accused the Patriots of engaging in similar tactics during a radio interview.  It says teams are to report violations, not engage in “public criticism.”

“The discipline . . . includes the response to the Alosi incident and special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff, who . . . accused other teams of employing similar tactics,” the NFL’s release said.

The league surely now hopes this story gets buried and forgotten by the time we all emerge from our New Year’s football stupor next week.

37 responses to “League fines Jets $100,000 for Alosi wall

  1. No worries. This story will now disappear.

    But, a new story will arise, because it’s the Jets!!!

  2. It’s not enough, but it’s something!!

    If Westhoff and Ryan were being truthful in denying knowledge of Alosi’s actions, then why didn’t they fire him immediately? You find out a conditioning coach has gone behind your back and organized other coaches to take out a gunner … but you just slap him on the wrist?

    Bill Parcells opening the doors to Giants Stadium so opponents are kicking into the wind is gamesmanship. The Saints switching our booth channel from NBC so our coaches don’t see the replay and realize they need to challenge is gamesmanship. Sideline coaches conspiring to take out a player is cheating.

  3. Roger Goodell former NY Jets employee:

    Videotaping an opponent sideline in plain view of 80,000 people=$500,000.

    Tripping an opponent, with the potential of ending his career, during a punt return =$100,000.


    I thought Favre’s fine was ridiculous. But then again he was employed by the Jet’s at the time wasn’t he.

  4. I thought Goodell would just ignore it? Kudo’s Mr Commissioner! Player safety is paramount!

  5. Well, theres a good lesson in here for the kids. remember, if you get caught doing something wrong and you admit to it and are cooperative like the Pats were, you will be punished and humiliated for years. if you get caught cheating like the jets do over and over… simply lie about it and everything will be ok.

  6. No mention of the fact that they accused the Patriots of similar tactics, which is mentioned on ESPN. If Pats do something they are cheaters. if Jets do something, just ignore. This is a slap on the wrist.

  7. So are these crash-and-burn Jets going to try to somehow blame this on the Patriots again? Keep talking Westhoff, just keep talking.

  8. You know, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that from all the times that I’ve watched this footage, I don’t think Alosi touched him. I think that this was the best acting job I’ve ever seen. I think Nolan Carroll has duped us all. Is there any reaction by Alosi’s body at all? I mean, Tavaris Jackson and Adrian Peterson bump knees doing a game and they both go down. Carroll lays on the carpet for 5 minutes, but Alosi never changes his stance after hitting Carroll’s knee. Sounds like the NFL’s version of the grassy knoll.

  9. Now that the Tripgate controversy has been addressed, and FootFetishgate is petering out, we can look towards the future and ask ourselves: in what fashion will the Jets disgrace themselves next?

  10. Rex Ryan should be suspended. There is no way Rex didn’t order that. Just like Josh McDaniel didn’t know about the videotaping. What a bunch of garbage.

  11. Just

    That was awful. I am sorry. I had no idea I was about to make a terrible comment. The fans of a certain green team make terrible comments all the time, but still.

    Anyway, it’s not a major penalty but it’s a guilty sentence. The fine’s irrelevant anyway as it’s an eleventy billion dollar institution belonging to some rich old dude who actually knew nothing about this. I do think the Jets are the new tarnished image team of the league, and the NFL world now has to acknowledge what real dirty pool is.

    Lookin like Jets Chiefs in two weeks. Should be an awesome game.

  12. Westhoff immediately locks himself in the film room and scans last 10 years of Patriot game films hoping to find ‘wall’ footage to send in.

  13. The commissioner and these random figures for fines is hilariously frustrating! Anyone from the Jets in on the tripping incident should be fired and the NFL shouldn’t profit from that. I’m no fan of bail for crimes either by the way; either someone deserves to be in jail or they don’t, and the arresting agency/municipality shouldn’t be able to randomly set a figure for their conditional release. I never understood that very much at all.

  14. Thank God. I hope we now can put this story to bed…and cease all this Jets hating, which I can’t for the life of me understand, as it’s not like (a) the Jets are a threat to win this year and (b) they’ve won anything of late.

    And habsman, you’ve been spewing this same stale stat about Goodell on every Jets post about Alosi, and aside from the fact it’s completely irrelevant, it just ain’t right. Goodell worked for the Jets, yes, but as an intern, and it was for less than a year. It’s not like the man grew up in the Jets organization or anything. So the fact you’re saying he’s playing favorites b/c 10 mos working as an intern is moronic. Go back to New England, Miami, or whatever cesspool you call home.

  15. The Jets should have fired that guy immediately. The fact that they did not lends creedence to the thought that the coaching staff was aware and condoned the “wall”. When you think about it, the wall does no good unless the players on the field are aware it is there. I think Alosi’s knee thrust was just him, but the wall was designed for the blockers to push the gunner OB and force him to go around the wall to get back on the field (taking a few extra seconds and gaining an advantage). The league’s fine is ridiculous. Either let it go or give them a fine that matters

  16. Tripping an opponent, with the potential of ending his career, during a punt return =$100,000.
    Every play, every hit can potential end a career.

    This was minor compared to some of the things that go on every game. The player wasn’t ever hurt.

    It was stupid, but not that big of a deal.

  17. Let’s see, they deliberately tried to injure an opponent …….. they lied about this being a deliberate act …… they lied that they had never done this before……. they STILL haven’t fired the “rogue” strength coach who supposedly lied to THEM ….. and their ST coach – who claims he didn’t know a THING about this – breaks an NFL rule by dragging the Patriots into this ……. and the final fine for the Team, Rex Ryan, Westhoff, and Alosi combined is a paltry 100 grand?????

    New England films the Jet’s signals – which itself is LEGAL – from a place that had just been made illegal, not placing any opponent in physical jeopardy, and they get fined a combined $750,000 and lose a first round pick

    Yeah, that’s fair, Mr. Goodell

  18. My gosh, lots of Patriots fans here acting the same way they found so unfair when people did it to them.

    I’m no Jets fan either. I just find it interesting that some people think it’s okay to live by one standard but hold others to a different one.

  19. BFD. The Jets can pay that with tip money. I still don’t consider standing 6 feet off of the sideline to be that big a deal and certainly do not consider doing so to be gaining a competitive advantage.
    Ok, so they did break a rule (off of the field of play) and one of their coaches is a complete a$$hole, but a “competitive violation”? It isn’t like a videotaped walkthrough or anyone’s signals.
    I hope Rex Ryan loses each week because he’s a loudmouth and a chest thumper, but I don’t consider this to be premeditated. Not when you’re standing 6 feet off the field of play.

  20. Rex Ryacheat and Mike Cheathoff getting what they deserve….surely Arlen Specter should be heard from soon for this blatant CHEATING…lord only knows how long this wall cheating has been going on…Jets are FILTHY CHEATERS!!!

  21. @jmorand47
    Did you even read what alosi said? He said he tripped him. Do you think the guy would have accepted being suspended and fined if he didn’t do it? He admitted it as soon as the story came out, so he’s not being some kind of fall guy either.

  22. No later than 7PM on January 8th, the NFL will have cancelled the Nacho & the Fatman Show after they have lost another playoff game to either the Chiefs or the Colts.

    Then life will return to normal as it has been for the past 41 years of failure for the Jests.

    What a joke of a franchise this red headed stepchild continues to be !!

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