Logan Mankins: I didn’t vote for myself, I don’t know who did

Patriots guard Logan Mankins has had a great half-season since first taking the field in November following a lengthy contract dispute. But is playing well for eight games enough to merit a Pro Bowl selection?

For the voters who chose this year’s AFC Pro Bowl roster, it was. But Mankins admits he finds it surprising that he was selected.

“It happens,” Mankins said. “I didn’t vote for myself, so I don’t know who did.”

Players can’t vote for themselves in the Pro Bowl, but the people who did apparently thought half a season of Mankins was better than a full season of just about any other guard in the NFL.

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  1. “Players can’t vote for themselves in the Pro Bowl, but the people who did apparently thought half a season of Mankins was better than a full season of just about any other guard in the NFL”

    Tru Dat!

  2. I was absolutely brutal to Mankins during his holdout.

    It’s just funny how successful the Patriots have been since he returned to the lineup. They lost to Cleveland his first game back and since have won 7 straight. During that time Brady was able set a record for pass attempts without an interception.


  3. @commoncents
    lol. I was thinking of Suggs too. What a peabrain.
    Anyway, the fact that others voted for him and the way the Pats offense has performed since Mankins came back shows how good the guy is. Sign him, please.

  4. Doesn’t matter, he’s going to be playing the following week in a slightly more important game.

    Also, His 7 games have been beastly (even if no one deserves a Pro-Bowl spot for 7 games)

  5. Mankins deserves a lot of credit for the way he’s performed since coming back. He’s dominated despite not having an off season program, or training camp. Too often you see players hold out, then return out of shape, get injured (see Revis), or just not play well. Usually it’s a short trip from the couch to IR.

  6. @commoncents- That’s hilarious! Glad to see you got the caps lock thing worked out as well. God, I’ve accomplished nothing this week…

  7. C’mon folks…it’s a Player’s Union thing. Honor the guy that held out.

    Same thing happens with lots of guys…..I’ m an Eagles fan, but do I think that Jason Peters is a Pro-Bowler? NO. I’m not saying he isn’t a decent player, but he’s not a Pro-Bowler.

    Vick has taken a beating all year, and he only got his shot because Kolb was concussed right in front of Peters. But, Peters held out in Buffalo, forced a trade, raised the salary structure for all, so he gets the nod from the players.

    Where the talent level is close, the players vote for the guys that help them financially. (Didn’t think this was Jason Witten’s year either, but he’s Dallas’ Union Rep……)

  8. that whole o-line has gotten nastier and more physical since he’s come back. give him Jahri Evans money if that’s what it takes.

  9. “any other guard in the NFL” or, you know, the AFC as thats what they voted on in this instance.

  10. Belichick and Kraft will understand that especially with the OL losses in 2011, they need mild-mannered Logan to anchor the offense. They’ll get a deal done late, a la Wilfork.

  11. It’s possible that other union members wanted to express appreciation for his holdout, which really wasn’t a holdout. He also is a great player.

  12. infectorman says:
    Dec 30, 2010 8:55 AM
    man-child is a B E A S T !
    wrap that lei on’ em!

    Yes, you are right there infectiondude, LM will end up in Hawaii, because the Pats will not make the Superbowl.

  13. You have got to be kidding me, this guy has let up as many sacks as Eric Wood has all season. Wood deserves to take the Guard position for the AFC. The whole thing is rigged.

  14. lol @ the comment saying Mankins is mild mannered.

    As a Pats fan I will say that Mankins is playing at a pro bowl level and its widely agreed upon that he is one of the top 5 guards in the league. But I cannot agree with a guy going to the pro bowl after playing 7 games.

    And Meriweather shouldnt be in either, what a joke.

  15. casophonic says:
    Dec 30, 2010 9:39 AM

    (Didn’t think this was Jason Witten’s year either, but he’s Dallas’ Union Rep……)

    Guess you didn’t pay much attention to football this season, Witten leads the LEAGUE this season in receptions and yards, and leads the NFC in TD receptions among TE’s… he also became the fastest TE in history (beating Tony G’s previous record) to 600 receptions this season, and only one of 4 in history to make it there. So yeah, I’d say this was his year actually. I’m a Cowboys fan, and I will admit that most of the Cowboys who made it in the Pro Bowl this season DID NOT deserve to be there (esp. Gurode), but Witten more than deserves to play in the pro bowl. Next time check your stats before you hate….

  16. HUGE Pats fan here….really feel it’s a joke Mankins got voted in as well as Brandon Meriweather…..doesn’t matter though, niether will be allowed to play along with 4 other Patriots that got voted in as Bill won’t want them risking injury before the Super bowl…

  17. This is from a Pats hater: Mankins should be MVP, if the award is truly about who is most valuable to his team. The Pats before he ended the holdout and before are two entirely different teams.

  18. Its awesome how Patriots players are such consistently great sports:

    Humble, focused, hard working.

    I love Brady being a shoe in for the MVP award, and criticizing it anyway.

    I love Woodhead poking fun of himself as he tries to sell his own jersey.

    I love the way that 61 players, week in and week out, manage to avoid disclosing competitive information to the media, or criticizing their opponents.

    Haters can hate all they want, but the Patriots players’ record speaks for itself.

  19. Pro Bowl selections are based on reputation.

    Ray Lewis did not have a better season than either James Farrior or Lawrence Timmons. Hampton should have made it in over Wilfork on the basis of being the most important player on the best rush defense in the modern era (up until 2 weeks ago).

    Revis and Nnamdi did not have better seasons than Joe Haden.

    Ed Reed may have had 6 picks, but I think he had 3 two-pick games (against really bad quarterbacks). He has like 40-some tackles too, which means he made the pro bowl on his performance in 3 games?

    He made it for the same reason that Mankins did. He’s got a name.

  20. #
    bleedblue18 says: Dec 30, 2010 10:14 AM

    I voted for him just for standing up to Kraft holding out and calling him a liar. Priceless, you get my vote Logan.
    Example 1 of a billion why the ProBowl is meaningless…rival fans’ uninformed voting. Hey Indyfan, what you don’t know or care to is that Mankins said that in anger, it wasn’t the truth (Pats offered him a pretty nice looking deal)and he admitted it wasn’t the truth. Bet you don’t even know exactly what Mankins called him a liar for.

  21. Mankins is nasty. He brings a real intimidating nastiness to the Pats offensive mindset. He’s powerful, dominating and as consistent as a swiss watch. He is definately a top 3 guard in the league. HOWEVER, I don’t think the Pats offense instantly became great once he returned as some of the other posters have concluded. Conolly was doing a very nice job, was the definition of solid and I think the Pats offense was/has been a work-in-progress the entire season. They have improved by design and commitment to execution. It can not be soley attributed to Mankins return….he is just another factor in an overall continuous improvement of the unit as a whole. He IS, without a doubt, an upgrade….but the offense has evolved via execution of plays by the entire unit.

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