Tuesday Night Football generates more than 23.7 million viewers

Forty years ago, Monday Night Football revolutionized sports broadcasting.  So maybe it’s time to expand the franchise to another night.

The non-Sunday night edition of Sunday Night Football drew more than 23.7 million viewers on Tuesday night, according to NBC Sports P.R.

The Vikings-Eagles audience also was larger than all but six Sunday Night Football games played since NBC acquired the package in 2006.

The viewership represented a whopping 25-percent increase over the audience for last year’s Week 16 game.

So, basically, we love our football.  And we hope that the NFL and the NFLPA don’t take that love for granted.

22 responses to “Tuesday Night Football generates more than 23.7 million viewers

  1. I don’t see how they could possible allow a lockout to happen with the NFL popularity being at an all time high right now. They would kill their fan base if they let that happen.

  2. Wow. That is incredible seeing as how it was only the Viking vs Eagles. I watched the game and even though it didn’t turn out the way i’d hoped, I still enjoyed it. A lockout would only hurt the NFL. Hopefully these numbers will prove that no matter what, we love football. Go Blazers.

  3. Great, this will motivate Goodell to push for 50 teams across 4 continents so we can have games 7 days a week. Please God I beg of you…..let us have a prolonged lockout so this league gets smacked down several pegs.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me at all. I often wonder why the NFL doesn’t expand into more days of the week. I’m glad they feature the Thursday and Saturday games now but I don’t see any reason why they can’t start from the beginning of the season and include games on Wednesdays as well. Its bloody annoying to have to be in Seattle on a Sunday watching the Seahawks play their garbage division foes when the Giants are playing the Packers for a playoff spot (not that it was a game worth watching). Be better if games were spread out during the week and we all had more options of better games to watch.

  5. Tuesday could be run all year long too because it wouldn’t violate antitrust rules like Thursday does and Saturday does during the college season.

  6. In the long run Tuesday Night would not fly. Last Tuesday there was a big lull in programming on other channels. I believe some of the highest rated shows are on Tuesdays including Dancing with the stars. The NFL does not need to expand and over saturate the market with its product. The NBA did that at its peak, NASCAR did it at their peak and College Football is doing it now. The NFL is fine 3 days a week at most, anything else, people (other then the die hard fans) get bored and ignore the product.

  7. The NFL needs a reality check. . .

    Move Thursday Night Football to Tuesday, but please don’t add another night. . . .

  8. As an ex-NBC employee, I can tell you, dont underestimate the impact of the weather on TV ratings. Drawing a strong conclusion from one game is ill-advised.

  9. The quality of play would be diluted in my opinion by not giving these guy proper recovery time. Ask any player they don’t care too much for Thursday games on the front end because it affects prep time. While they do enjoy the 11 days off after the fact. I don’t think it’d be a wise move.

  10. ie: Playing on Fri. and Sat.
    Friday night=High School games
    Saturday=college games
    The league cannot bite the hand that feeds it. This includes the fans fyi NFLPA.

  11. I’d be happy with pro football five nights a week (as cliverush points out, you have high school and NCAA games on Friday and Saturday). But remember there wasn’t any competitive programming on Tuesday night because of the holidays. A better test of the NFL’s viability on multiple nights would be the average Thursday night ratings, but the NFL Network isn’t available in enough homes to get an accurate accounting. Can’t Goodell at least make nice with the cable companies if no one else?

  12. Do not underestimate the power of fantasy football. With Vick, Desean Jackson, and AP in this game, a lot of fantasy championships were decided Tuesday night.

  13. They should restructure the NFL season. Hear me out.

    Currently there are 32 teams. Each team will play 13 different opponents in a season. There is currently one bye week, but there could easily be two.

    Using the bye week(s), and the fact that many teams don’t even play each other, you could set it up such that we have games Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. You could accomplish this without having crazy short weeks also if you are creative and not worried about having a team play a Wed game, then Tues, then Mon, then Sun, or of course by putting a bye in between weeks that would otherwise be too short.

    I would like Mon, Tues, and Wed night football myself.

  14. The Tuesday game drew such huge rating mainly because there is hardly any competition on Tuesday’s prime time schedule. Easily the worst night of television for the major channels, with the only show worth watching, being NCIS(…and it’s barely even worth the time anymore). Everything else is crap. Sunday and Monday have a lot of of great programing to distract us, if possible, so I hardly ever tune into those games anymore. most of the time they’re crappy match-ups anyway. Personally, it’s time for a prime time football overhaul. NBC’s coverage is crappy, and ESPN is barely watchable anymore.

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