Aaron Williams, DeAndre Brown enter NFL draft

With the college football season coming to a close, the names of players who will forgo their final seasons of NCAA eligibility and enter the NFL draft are coming in.

Two who announced their intentions Thursday are Texas cornerback Aaron Williams and Southern Miss receiver DeAndre Brown, both of whom said they’re ready to turn pro.

Williams, a two-year starter at Texas, says he was told by the NFL draft advisory board that he’s likely to be a first- or second-round pick. Brown, a 6-foot-6, 239-pounder who has great athletic talent but has been slowed by injuries, probably can’t expect to go that high.

And in other NFL draft news, all five Ohio State players who have been suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season have promised that they will, in fact, return to school to serve those suspensions and then play the second half of next season. The players were told that they couldn’t play in the Sugar Bowl unless they made that promise, which sounds like a promise that’s just made to be broken as soon as the Sugar Bowl is over. I seriously doubt all five of them will actually return to Ohio State next year.

7 responses to “Aaron Williams, DeAndre Brown enter NFL draft

  1. This is why I can’t get into College Football. All of the OU players will enter the draft and the bowl will go on and the school will cash in. It is a terrible way to teach these kids responsibility.

  2. Ohio State lost a lot of its credibility with this controversy. I guess $$$ is more important than reputation.

  3. Why do college players enter the draft?

    Don’t they know that “the billionaire owners are going to rip them off”, so they’ll make million and millions of dollars?

    Don’t they know that they might have to work 18 weeks instead of 16?

    What’s wrong with these guys?

  4. These kids did the right thinking in the end…Ya gotta help the family that you have and love when in need because you will need someone to be there for you one day. I think its great they sold there personal belongings to help out,wish more young kids nowadays were like these guys!…These Nazi’s of the NCAA who make billions off of these kids need to open up there eyes one of these days

  5. @austskate
    They weren’t suspended because their absence may lower the TV ratings in the bowl game. Just another example of the NCAA hypocrisy when dealing with these unpaid players.

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