Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles gunning for rushing title

Week 17 is about finalizing playoff spots.  For some teams, it’s also about aiming for individual goals.

This year, the Texans and Chiefs are hoping to help their lead backs earn a rushing title.  Texans running back Arian Foster has 1,436 yards, leading the Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles by 56 yards.

“I think it’s important to the team,” said Texans coach Gary Kubiak.  “I think it’s important to the offense.  Not me personally, but I think it’s something that’s hard to get in this league.”

As awesome as Foster has been, Charles has turned in the more impressive season.  His 6.4 yards-per-carry average is almost unheard of.  No one has come close to a mark like that since Jim Brown.   Charles has thrown in 455 receiving yards.

“I might play a lot this week and I’m still trying to get the rushing title,” Charles told the team’s website.

Kansas City has been careful not to overwork Charles all year.  With no bye week coming up, it seems unlikely they would go crazy to go after a stat title.   Charles plays early in the day, so Foster will know how many yards he needs to get when he suits up in the late afternoon.

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  1. Funny how comments get deleted. Anyway, the RB rotation in KC is working really well. Weis has been careful not to Chris Johnson Jamaal Charles, and it should pay off in the playoffs, when Charles will have fresh legs.

  2. 218 carries and 1380 yards is amazing..foster has 80 more carries and 56 more yards…if charles was given the ball more he would have 1800 yards easily…charles has the more impressive year

  3. “As awesome as Foster has been, Charles has turned in the more impressive season.” really???

    when did yards per carry become the end all be all stat for a RB? (when a Texan leads the league in every other stat LMAO)

    Foster is 1st in the league in
    YARDS, TD’s, yards per game, 1st downs…

    Foster has 14 rushing tds to Jamaal’s 4! 16/7total

    Foster has 10 runs over 20, JC has 9
    They both have 2 40+ runs

    the article mentions Jamaal’s 455 receiving yards but doesn’t mention Foster has 64 catches for 594…

    Bottom Line: Foster 96pts – Charles 42pts

    Foster should be the AFC starter in the Pro Bowl, and is having a more impressive season than any other back in the league. If you can look at the facts and still think “As awesome as Foster has been, Charles has turned in the more impressive season.”

    You’re just not being honest…

  4. I had J Charles and Foster on the same fantasy team. I started out 1-6, and won 9 in a row to win the league.

    I also had DMC. I’ll never have running backs like that on the same team again.

  5. If Charles got nearly the touches Foster had this wouldn’t even be a topic!! Charles by far was the RB of the year! Haley never game him the ball nearly enough and he’s still at the top!

  6. If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to watch the race for the rushing crown. The top three rushers are all facing relatively mediocre run defenses, so any one of them could have a field day.

    It’ll be interesting to see how much action Jamaal Charles sees, since the Chiefs already know they’ll be playing the following week.

    It’s also interesting to note that while Arian Foster and CJ are already out of the playoffs, they’re facing the Jags and Colts respectively, both of whom are battling for the division crown… both players will be getting their opponent’s best shot.

  7. @texanspride I could see where you might think what you’re thinking but just look at how many carries Foster has 296 to Charles 216…Foster only has Charles beat by 56 yards! Charles gets those extra 80 carries that Foster has and he’s got an extra 512 yards.

    Foster 296 carries for 1436 yards, 4.9 average.

    Charles (with 296 carries with 6.4 average) 1892!

    Not to mention that 6.4 yards per carry is Hall of Fame numbers!! Barry Sanders 6.1 average, O.J Simpson 6.0 average, Jim Brown 6.4 average. That’s some pretty good names to have yours mentioned with!

    I guess the truth just hurts…

  8. @joetoronto

    bo jackson only had 81 carries that year and only played in 7 games…if you take away his 91 yard td he has a 5.8 yard/carry average. In the years where he was over 100 carries his best was 5.6….thats why they do a minimum carry restriction on these stats. heck cleveland’s punter has a 68 yard/carry average but do you think he can keep that average w/ over 2oo attempts? nope

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