Charlie Weis may not be long for Kansas City


If there was an offensive coordinator of the year award, we’d vote for Charlie Weis of the Chiefs.  Matt Cassel has played mistake-free football, Jamaal Charles might win the rushing title, and a long-struggling offensive line has turned things around.

Despite all that, there is increasing chatter that Weis may not return to the team in 2011.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen warned on last week’s Countdown not to be surprised if Weis was replaced by Josh McDaniels after the season.  That report seemed so out of left field it didn’t really light a media fire.

Now longtime Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley throws gas on the notion, saying that Weis could end up as the offensive coordinator at University of Florida.  Here’s Dooley on his radio show, via

“In terms of Florida’s Offensive Coordinator, if you’re driving in your car, I want you to pull over. When I say this, you’re going to freak out. . . .  I think your new offensive coordinator for the Florida Gators is going to be Charlie Weis.

“I’ve heard this from some people in the NFL, that that’s going on. My first reaction was, ‘are you kidding me, why would Charlie Weis leave Kansas City to go to Florida in the same job’? … Wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.”

Dooley is a well-respected name that is not known for just throwing stuff against the wall.  Dooley’s claim also helps explains Mort’s report.

We’ll keep a close eye on this one in the coming days.  It’s unclear which side would be looking for a divorce.  Or if its mutual.

The only logical explanation of a Weis-Todd Haley break would be something personal.  (Weis wanting a lighter work schedule or to return to college?  Personality conflict?)  Weis’ results in Kansas City have exceeded all expectations.

UPDATE: Mort is now reporting that Weis’ departure for Florida is likely.

22 responses to “Charlie Weis may not be long for Kansas City

  1. It makes no sense at all. Dude would be better off in the NFL and to accept the fact he is a great OC and playcaller and shouldn’t even try to springboard himself to a HC again (which is what a jump to FL as an OC looks like) any level.
    If it’s a matter solely of Haley hatred, I would bet anything that wherever Fox goes if it’s as a HC, Weis has an automatic OC job in the NFL.

  2. So, you think Josh McDaniels will become the next Off Coord for Tood Haley? The same McDaniels who ran the score up so badly on KC that Haley wouldn’t shake his hand at the end of the game. Yea, I can see that happening – when pigs fly. Maybe Weis will leave, but no way Coach McDoodle will end up in KC. This is just another Mort rumor for a slow NFL rumor day. He does this crap all the time.

  3. Okay, I admit you have puzzle piece here but there is no way in heck they fit together. Are you honestly telling me McDaniels and Haley can coexist? Too many fingers wagging and too many egos for that. No way will McDaniels be taking over for Charlie. If anything I think it would more likely for the Chiefs to fire Haley and promote Weis to HC and bring Josh McDaniels in to the the OC.

  4. Patriots West falling apart? No problem! Just bring in Weis’s replacement in NE to replace him in Kansas City!

    Piolo, Crennell, Weis, Cassell, Vrabel, O’Callaghan, and now McDaniels…

    Am I missing anyone?

  5. I didn’t think Haley & McDaniels cared for each much based Ingrid non-handshake blowout game? Weiss should go back to the Giants! – signed Tom Coughlin or the next Giants coach.

  6. This doesn’t make a lot of sense. Weis has done a fantastic job with that offense this year, so why would they shove him out the door? The only thing I could think of is that maybe there’s a personality conflict with Todd Haley. But then why would they go and bring in McDaniels who Haley was memorably pissed at earlier this year?

  7. To be fair, if the NFL does go to an 18 game season in 2012, that’s a lot of standing on the sidelines. Unless they let him get one of those fat-mobile scooters you see everywhere at Disney World, then Weis just isn’t going to stand for it. (pardon the pun).

    NCAA isn’t in danger of going to a playoff system anytime soon, so that’s a max of 14 games each year. It’s still going to wreak havoc on his knees and back, but still better then an 22+ game NFL season.

    Godspeed, fatty.

  8. considering that McDaniels is Pioli’s boy, and the Chiefs are a new age low rent Patriots, this makes perfect sense…how can Scott Pioli’s name not even be mentioned yet?

  9. Haley is an offensive guy–maybe he and Weis have clashed and can’t work together. Haley strikes me as being hard-nosed enough to dump Weis, but I can’t see him hiring McDaniels. Are you kidding? “Hi, Josh. I need a coordinator who’ll throw me under the bus when the time is right.”

    I’d be interested to know if Weis has any history with Muschamp. Seems his last stint in college didn’t work out that well. Although I respect college ball and don’t care for the condescending way scytherius put it, better to go from HC at Notre Dame to an OC in the NFL to an OC in the NCAA … even in the SEC. On a personal note, hope it’s not true. He’d be a good get for Fla., as was Muschamp. And I don’t think the Gators need an OC get of Weis’s caliber.


  10. Why the heck is Weis not being mentioned for some NFL head coaching jobs with all the openings? Lets take a look at his last four years in the NFL as an offensive coordinator.

    2001 Superbowl Champion
    2002 10-6
    2003 Superbowl Champion
    2004-Superbowl Champion
    2005-2009 Notre Dame
    2010 Chiefs improve to 12-4(with a win)

    What am I missing here?? That he couldn’t pick high school kids as well as Urban Meyer or Nick Saban? So what? His record in the pros is clear cut. Hes a winner.

  11. charlie weiss’s health is not too good either is it?i know he damn near died a few years back,and had hip replacement surgery last year,and he has a handicapped child which i’m sure will all factor into whether he stays or goes anywhere.

  12. macker1283 says:
    Dec 31, 2010 2:45 PM
    Why the heck is Weis not being mentioned for some NFL head coaching jobs with all the openings?

    2005-2009 Notre Dame


    i think you answered your own question right there. When even the best college HC’s are crashing and burning in the NFL, why would anyone give him a chance after his failures at Notre Dame?

  13. I was wondering how long it would take for other organizations to come after Wiess and Crennel.

    I think the offensive improvement in KC has a lot to with Wiess. But I have faith in Pioli that he’ll help Todd Haley find a suitable replacement.

    I kind of expect McDaniels to surface in KC in some capacity….if there’s a season next year…which might part of Wiess’s reason for departure.

    ….and Nick Wright, sometimes he’s brilliant….and sometimes I can’t change the station fast enough.

  14. I think Fat Boy needs to take some advice from Dirty Harry…..”A man’s got to know his limitations.”

  15. Weis is a buffoon and it seems the Chiefs have figured this out. Why they hired him and kept him after he should have been fired after the Colts game is a puzzle. McDaniels is a better fit with Cassel.

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