NFL schedules ownership meeting for January 18

When the owners last met on December 15 in Atlanta, it was assumed they’d reconvene in conjunction with the Super Bowl.

They’ll get together even sooner than that.

Per a league source, the owners will meet on January 18 in Atlanta, which could be the site of the NFC title game only five days later.

The session most likely arises from the ongoing labor situation, and the lack of any real urgency by either side to hammer out terms before the current deal expires on March 3.

If there’s going to be any shot at working out a new CBA before the end of the present CBA, plans need to be made quickly for intensive negotiating sessions.  Hopefully, the NFL will finalize those plans on January 18.

14 responses to “NFL schedules ownership meeting for January 18

  1. 18 game regular seasons, abuse your employees more and pay them a little less while raping the networks for more money. All dead to right obvious plays by billionaires crying poor to the millionaires, out hearts bleed for all of you.

  2. It is **VITAL** for the owners to agree on a unified front for their side to achieve maximum success. Jerry Jones plus Ralph Wilson agreeing equals optimal success for the NFL owners. Easier said than done, though.

  3. Maybe all the fans need to organize and boycott all NFL broadcasts, games and quit buying merchandise so everybody in the league FINALLY realizes who really makes the sport work! The NFL brass, owners, players and all the team personnel that collect these HUGE paychecks are actually the smallest piece to the NFL puzzle! The millions of fans is what really makes the sport work and we are all that should really matter! Without us none of them would even have a job let alone get rich off our dollars! While most of us struggle in this bad economy they still get paid millions to play a game but they all have forgotten that!
    Goodell and the rest of the league doesn’t care about the fans what so ever! That is evident by the continued blackout policy even though unemployment is high and most people can’t afford to go to games right now!
    I say bring on the labor strike so the NFL and owners can lose billions while they fight over who gets a small percentage more fan dollars!
    I don’t feel sorry for the NFL or any owner that wants more money when they feel they should give unproven rookies 35-50+ million guaranteed deals right out of the draft! If the league and the owners sat down and put a cap on these BS rookie contracts it would put a lot more money in their pockets and end this dispute! Most starting players won’t make even close to 50 mil in their career but unproven rookies are now getting that kind of money before even playing a snap?!?! Such a joke!
    The ONLY person that would disagree with this is Jamarcus Russell since he was well worth his 32 million guaranteed money! And look how he turned out!

  4. Lockout the players! Bring in some guys who appreciate their opportunity and not complain about headaches after pulling in more money than most of us can only dream of. I would like to tell my boss to shove it when he tells me I have to work an extra 2-4 hours. Cry babies.

  5. The fans will come crawling back (regardless of the faux chest-thumping going on here). The players will cry uncle. The owners will (largely) get what they want. They know it, and deep down we all know it too. But testosterone requires everyone to puff themselves up and cry, “You’re not the boss of me!”

    Well, actually, they are. They are called OWNERS for a reason. They own the teams, the logos, the stadiums, the shirts, the desks, the shoes, the scoreboards and the tape dispensers. They can do whatever they want with their assets and they know that they can survive a short term financial and PR loss for a long term gain.

  6. If people would stop buying those overpriced team jerseys with players numbers on the back (and that’s just a very small piece of the pie) maybe it would send a small message to everyone concerned that it is we (the paying fans) that make the NFL what it is. Maybe the fans should form a union and vote to boycott games. See how the players and management like that!!!

  7. Moving from 14 games to 16 games wasn’t a big deal.

    Moving from 16 games to 18 games wont’ be a big deal either.

    The only difference: Back in the 1970’s there weren’t as many pampered, moaning, whining people out there as there are now.

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