Report: Charlie Weis “likely” headed to Florida

Well, that didn’t take long.

Less than an hour after we passed along a couple of suggestions that Charlie Weis could leave Kansas City and wind up at University of Florida as offensive coordinator, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that Weis’ move to Florida is “likely.”

Chiefs coach Todd Haley was asked about the rumor Friday and said that it was the first he heard of it.  Haley didn’t deny the report, according to Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star.

Weis’ possible motivation for a change (and the Chiefs’ motivation to let him go) is unclear.   Weis may want to get back into college football or perhaps he and Chiefs coach Todd Haley just didn’t want to continue working together.

Either way, it’s a surprising revelation for perhaps the most improved offense in the league only one week before a home playoff game.

34 responses to “Report: Charlie Weis “likely” headed to Florida

  1. Wow.

    Who the? What the?

    I’m speechless.

    If Weiss played his cards right and kept the Chiefs offense on top for 2-3 years, some team would probably have given him an NFL head coaching job, using the excuse that he just wasn’t cut out to coach at the college level and would be more successful coaching pro players.

    Don’t tell me this wouldn’t have happened. Some desperate team would have done it.

    Now he is going to return to the college ranks to be an offensive coordinator?

    There is something more to this story.

  2. That dude sucks in College football. As a Notre Dame fan I don’t know how many times I watched that baffoon make idiotic coaching decisions when they had the game all but locked up and ended up losing. I wouldn’t let that fatboy coach a peewee team.

  3. I’m not suprised. The local radio guy in KC (Nick Wright) was saying that Weiss and Haley argued in practice/games quite frequently.

    I always thought Nick was a hack… maybe I should give him a little bit of credit.

  4. Weis is quickly becoming the Larry Brown of football. The only positive here is that his move back to college is likely a step towards becoming a collegiate head coach again, in which case we get to see him fail again.

  5. Let’s hope he leaves his Super Bowl rings at home this time. Evidently, the whole “wanna see my ring” thing lost its charm pretty quickly at ND.

  6. Totally agree, I don’t get this at all.

    Maybe, Charlie is going to try and learn NCAA coaching from a different approach, and then try the HC gig again.

    Evidently, he’s going to try to wash that horrible NotreDame taste from his mouth with Gator-Aide.

  7. Say hello to the new O/C for the KC Chiefs, Josh McDaniels. I’m a Chiefs fan and I think Weis has done a really good job the 2nd half of the season, but make no mistake, McDaniels as O/C will be an upgrade over Weis. Pioli is running the show in KC, not Haley. Pioli will be the person making the hire, and he said before he left the Patriots that if he took another GM job, McDaniels would be at the top of his list for HC candidates. Pioli wouldn’t have stupidly given McDaniels complete power over personnel like Bowlen did, because Pioli will always have the final say on personnel with the Chiefs. McDaniels as O/C and Haley as H/C will work simply because it has to. Haley knows that Pioli is the man in charge, so he’ll do what he has to do to make the relationship between he and McDaniels work, because if he doesn’t, he knows Pioli won’t hesitate to make a change.

    Besides, if Weis doesn’t do something about his weight and his health, unfortunately he’s not long for this world anyway. Look at him, he’s a heart attack or stroke just waiting to happen.

  8. They enticed him with all the Pitch to you win joints in town & a new virgin student sacrifice every week. Gators like them youngin’s.

  9. @jeffz303……

    VERY good point.

    I think McDaniels would be a fit……….just keep him insulated from personell decisions as much as possible.

  10. mean13 says:
    Dec 31, 2010 2:53 PM
    As a Gator, we’ll take him.

    As a Nittany Lion ( and I hate the Irish), your nuts.

  11. Why do you people alway make fun of someone’s weight with terrible remarks. Yes, I weight only 165 and am 5’11”.

  12. “#
    smokehouse56 says: Dec 31, 2010 5:22 PM

    Why do you people alway make fun of someone’s weight with terrible remarks. Yes, I weight only 165 and am 5’11″.”
    Because eating like a slob and a pig is a choice and suing doctors because your still fat after bypass surgery is also ridiculous.
    Hey look i can still eat 15 cheese burgers, just not in 5 minutes!

  13. How did this even come up, isn’t Weis under contract? Was he given permission to seek other employment? Or is it not meddling if it’s not from another NFL franchise?

  14. smokehouse56 says:
    Dec 31, 2010 5:22 PM
    Why do you people alway make fun of someone’s weight with terrible remarks. Yes, I weight only 165 and am 5’11″.


    Pussee ……………………..

  15. Can’t Todd Haley get along with anyone?? The guy is an ego-maniac.

    The only reason the Chiefs have won 10 games this year is the Weiss and Romeo Crennel coaching jobs, and the players working hard despite the poor coaching decisions by Haley. The Chiefs don’t get national attention – so the National Press don’t get to see Haley’s bone-headed coaching decisions, to include on-side kicks, going for it on 4th down when he should be kicking field goals, etc.

  16. Very nice for the Gators…time to ditch the stupid spread


    yeah, it obviously doesn’t work for any of the dozens of teams that use it (notice the sarcasm)

  17. Interesting that McDaniels is rumored to be next in line if Charlie leaves – just a month ago Haley wouldn’t even give him the after game handshake.

  18. @jeffz303 “McDaniels as O/C and Haley as H/C will work simply because it has to.”


    Yeah, sure. These two guys will forever be linked to that finger wagging incident, and you think they’re going to be able to work together ….. I am continuosly amazed at the simplicity of the idiots here on PFT.

    Clearly Weiss was foisted on Haley by Pioli, who definitely knows what he is doing, building a new team in the image of the Patriots. With Weiss, it’s working. Charlie is reestablishing his creds as a coach.

    Clearly something is amiss here when a guy showing obvious signs of success in the pros opts to take the exact same position for a college team. Weiss clearly cannot take a similar position with another pro team, so college is his only out. So just how bad must things be with Haley, if this is what Weiss wants?

  19. @ Jeff303 and Coachstram

    You mean THE Josh McDaniels who stuck with Orton all year, was guilty of horrible play calling in must win situations, and totally missed the talent in Tebow, whom he DRAFTED?
    You mean THE Josh McDaniels who couldn’t score on the Raiders in the most embarrassing loss in team history?

    You want THAT Josh McDaniels as your OC?

    Really??? How about equipment manager?

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