This Gary Kubiak-Wade Phillips combo platter looks inevitable

It started with a quick missive from NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora on Wednesday: Texans coach Gary Kubiak could be safe in Houston, and paired with Wade Phillips as his defensive coordinator next year.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle now confirms that’s exactly what is expected to happen.  From Friday’s paper:

“Unless something like a blowout loss to Jacksonville in Sunday’s game at Reliant Stadium causes him to have an 11th-hour change of heart, McNair will bring back Kubiak for his sixth season, two people familiar with the situation said Thursday,” McClain writes.

Kubiak would then be paired with Phillips as his defensive coordinator.  (Phillips might like sticking it to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones by helping the other team in the state.)

We’re on record saying that this plan is just crazy enough to work.  The one part that makes no sense is somehow tying it to avoiding a blowout loss Sunday.

Five years of evidence of Kubiak apparently isn’t enough.  How the team performs against Trent Edwards could make a difference?   The Texans losing to the Titans and Broncos the last two weeks somehow didn’t break Kubiak, but a blowout loss would now?

Houston’s offense is good, but Kubiak needs to figure out how to put together four quarters of quality of football.  They are great at scoring in bunches, usually when trailing.

For three straight years, his prized offense has been far better at creating yards and fantasy points than actual points.

18 responses to “This Gary Kubiak-Wade Phillips combo platter looks inevitable

  1. So what you’re saying is after being served sh*t sandwiches for the last several years, now the Texans fans are going to have a full fecal matter buffet available to them.


  2. These coaching carousels always strike me as a bit ridiculous. Is Wade Phillips really going to make the Texans’ non-existent secondary play the pass better?

    1) Houston needs to learn how to not fall behind early, and 2) Houston needs a virtually complete roster overhaul of the D side of the ball. Outside of Cushing, Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans, and maybe Okoye, there’s next to no talent there.

  3. So a team that played uninspired, mistake-prone football is going to solve all of it’s problems by hiring a defensive coordinator whose last team played uninspired, mistake-prone football.

    Is Jed York running the Texans, too?

  4. Wade is a great DC….Houston fans should be pleased with this news…..Now Kubiak can concentrate on the O and Wade can watch the D. If they can have a good draft and pick some middle of the road FA for depth they will compete, they already have weapons on offense, this team can be scary good……if not you blow up the whole thing at the end of next yr.

  5. jvw speaks truth.

    Both Kubiak and Phillips were attempting to coach way over their heads. Neither are HC material.

    Kubiak should be an OC only, but hey, that’s basically what he’ll be next year.

    The Chiefs have two of the best in the game… wonder why they can’t pull it all together?

  6. Houston has 4-3 personell and they’re bringing in Wade? Makes no sense; they’ll have to turn over that whole roster

  7. Gary Kubiak is an underrated coach. The Texans have struggled this year with injuries, and being in the same division as the Colts, Titans and Jags do them no favors. This team is a highly capable team, they just need defensive work. If they draft a DE that can match up with Williams and then get some secondary players, they will be a hot team next season.

  8. Wow…for the third year in a row, the Texans were supposed to compete for the AFC South title, or at least a playoff spot. For the third year in a row, they weren’t even close to either.

    No doubt, the talent is there. So obviously, the coaching isn’t.

    Time to blow this thing up. Anything less than a 2000 lb “smart bomb” will just delay the inevitable, and ensure another crappy season in 2011.

  9. Yeah, maybe if they wre both coordinators. Kubiak is the HC, not the OC there so he’s responsible for the intensity and attention to detail of the team overall, not just the offense.

    Therefore, I’d expect at best a 10-6 season if Phillips could improve the defense and even that would be iffy because it’s not just that the defense blows in Houston but the attitude of the team is not that of a championship level team.

    Therefore, if your HC can’t get championship level effort and convey the importance of the little things to your team, you’re basically wasting your time with him.

  10. The Chiefs won their division and are playoff bound… with the best turnaround in franchise history.

    How is that not ‘pulling it all together’?

  11. realitypolice says: Dec 31, 2010 9:35 AM

    So a team that played uninspired, mistake-prone football is going to solve all of it’s problems by hiring a defensive coordinator whose last team played uninspired, mistake-prone football.

    Is Jed York running the Texans, too?


    Genius comment! Wish I would have thought of it….

  12. Kubiak is over-matched as a head coach, he simply needs to be moved out.

    Jeff Fisher would get the Texans into the playoffs next season and possibly a few wins. Time for the Texans to take over the division is now and trying out another combination of folks with Kubiak would set the franchise back another 2 to 3 years.

  13. Houston WILL never Win while kubiak is the head coach. Even though they will have 2 successful coordinators, i believe that when they have another bad year, with a little improvement by the defense wade philips will be the new head coach in 2012. Get a qualified GM & head coach & things will change. Otherwise forget ithouston fans.

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