A hint on Fisher’s future comes from an unlikely place

As the football-following world waits to see whether owner Bud Adams will pick coach Jeff Fisher or quarterback Vince Young, we’ve gotten our hands on an item that potentially foreshadows the eventual decision.

The Tennessee Titans’ 2010 Christmas card.

The card has a picture with three men:  running back Chris Johnson, Adams, and Young.

Jeff Fisher is nowhere to be seen.

Sure, it’s possible that the men posed for the photo before Fisher banished Young from the team and made clear the coach’s position that Young had permanently forfeited his job.  Even so, the cards were printed up and delivered with full knowledge of the circumstances, and the smiles on Adams’ and Young’s faces tell us that, next year, Young will still be working for Adams.

And Fisher won’t.

52 responses to “A hint on Fisher’s future comes from an unlikely place

  1. If fisher goes that team falls deeper in the hole with Vince as the QB but what do u expect from a classless organization

  2. I am sure Jeff Fisher is a pain in the a$$, but Vince Young is a mental midget drama queen who is always one hurt feeling away from a complete meltdown. Mama Young can’t help you any more Vince.

  3. Cooooooooooooooooold bloooooooooooooooded. Bad news for Titans fans. Cowboys are probably happy.

  4. Just a hint of clarification… I don’t see a smile on Young’s face – so his ‘smile’ (or lack thereof) doesn’t tell us much.

    Having said that, I’d probably agree with Fisher’s status and if I were him I’d say ‘good riddance’

  5. ESPN had this like a week ago.
    Nobody posed for that, it’s clearly photoshopped from other pics.

  6. Time for a change in Tenn, people get complacent and and predictable in one place to long. Tenn needs a new set of eyes looking at the offense and defense and Fisher needs new surroundings. Fisher will be fine and get another HC job somewhere else. Even with some mediocre and bad years at Tenn, most of the talking heads in the media always list him as one of the best coaches in the NFL.

  7. The only thing missing in the photo is Young putting his hand in the pocket of Adams. He has been stealing his money for years so symbolically, it would have been accuarate.

  8. odd, 2 of them dont look happy to be there. maybe they dont like their ultimate boss, either.

  9. Keeping Vince Young will keep the Titans out of serious playoff contention for a decade. But, this wouldn’t be the first moron owner. Just look at Dan Snyder. I’ve been saying it from the beginning about him … as long as he owns the team the Skins will suck and suck hard. Hopefully, that won’t be the same fate for the Titans.

    A rather large minority of owners don’t realize it isn’t a fantasy football team they own.

  10. the best decision Bud Adams ever made was Jeff Fisher and the worst decision he ever made was Vince Young so you do the math. if he keeps Young over Fisher then he is an imbecile plain and simple. Fisher will get a job in a heart beat and the poor SOB who ends up with the Titans wil be screwed, blue, and tatooed.

  11. Definitely a PhotoShop job – and I could have done better myself, frankly.

    Anyway, I just don’t understand the love for Jeff Fisher from all these Titans’ fans. How many more near-.500 seasons did you want? Aren’t you tired of mediocrity?

  12. if they run fisher out of town, soon titans fans will be begging for mediocrity to come back.

    cause VY cant even deliver mediocrity.

  13. For the love of “anything”, I wish people would stop yapping about how great a coach Fisher is. HE HAS WON JACK CRAP. Three divison titles in 17 years (Lovie Smith has his 3rd div. title in just 7 years, yet he is always on the hot heat, ditto for Tom Coughlin and he has SB ring just three years ago)), six playoff appearances in 17 years, Yea bud is a moron for keeping this loser around so long.

    I live in Nashville and if we were in a bigger market (eg, New York, Chicago), this dweeb would have been fired many moons ago. I for one cannot believe this guy name never comes up as a coach who is on the hot seat, Fisher is mediocre at best.

  14. I would rather have some lean years if that is what it would take to get rid of Fisher.

    I hope Dallas does take him, because within three years Jerrah will run him out of town.

  15. If Fisher is fired, Tennessee is going to be the laughingstock of the NFL because the players will know the owner supports them regardless of the coach’s opinion. This was a problem in Oakland recently and has since been resolved when they let go of a cast of Al Davis scholarship players and released their major bust, Jamarcus Russell. Its obvious the Titans are following that path with them choosing Young over Fisher.

  16. Do you really think that anyone posed for this picture, and Fischer wasn’t invited? Obvious photoshop.

  17. Anyone notice that the photo looks like it was edited to insert the two players standing next to the owner. Those have to be the two most unnatural looking poses, the players with their arms on the owner. Truly looks like the players were photographed separately and added onto the photo of Adams.


  18. As a Raider fan this is good news. If Tenn was to get rid of Young. You just know our clueless stiff for an owner-GM-head of scouting-head of player personell-part time DC would stop at nothing to get Young. Bud Adams originally saved the Raiders from being able to draft Vince 6. But of course in his never ending mission to kill the Raiders Al goes and drafts his “great playaaa” JaMarcus. Then because Al passed “ovah” a WR that can actually play football Calvin Johnson. He drafts dhBUST…..

    Tenn & the Raiders. Friends in misery…..

  19. Bud Adams would be doing Jeff Fischer a favor by setting him free. Jeff Fischer WILL find immediate employ in the NFL and Fischer will just about be able to write his own meal ticket.
    Jerry Jones is probably drooling at the prospect of a coach like Fischer. I’m guessing that’s all.

  20. Oh crap, I misspelled Jeff’s last name. Sorry sorry my foggy bad. F-I-S-H-E-R! Well duh…

  21. I don’t know what’s more disturbing.

    1. The fact that they left Fisher out and put Young in.


    2. The poor quality of the entire package. It’s just separate images placed “together”. And poorly.


    3. That geezery smile on the old dude’s face…

  22. I would love nothing more than to see this franchise run into the ground. Bud Adams is a moron, for those of you who criticize Jerry Jones, Adams is that much worse. Maybe Chris Johnson will wake up too and move on.

  23. Big deal Jeff Fisher is not on the Christmas Card, but he does have something in common with Vince Young, they both can’t play QB in the NFL.

  24. tnsteve says: Jan 1, 2011 12:18 PM

    I’m guessing the numbers on their jerseys was their SAT scores?


    Yep; too high for their Wonderlic…

  25. i would think that would make ‘history’ in the NFL, an owner selecting a QB over a coach.

    Jeff would have no problem landing a job anywhere IF he even decided to keep coaching.

    He may transition to the broadcasting booth, like cowher, gruden, etc, or even to a GM – VP position

  26. IDIOTS!

    Jeff Fischer is the only thing keeping that franchise respectable since its inception. Without Fischer, you’re looking at a pathetic franchise.

  27. Doesn’t matter who they keep. One or the other or both. Both are losers. Fisher might be the most overrated coach in the history of the league (has anyone bothered to check his actual record?) and Young is incapable of advancing this club much beyond Houston Texans status. Reminds me of a Northern Pikes tune “She ain’t pretty, she just looks that way”. Fisher, Young and the Titans – they ain’t winners, they just look that way.

    Six playoff appearances in 17 years might make the Browns or Bengals happy but real teams have loftier goals than that.

  28. I’ll say it again. Jeff Fisher is an average head coach. He has done absolutely nothing with the Oilers/Titans especially in light of the talent level he has had over the 16+ years he has been a head coach. Other coaches with less talent (and more head cases to deal with) have done more in a shorter amount of time. PLEASE stop giving Jeff Fisher all this praise. He doesn’t deserve it at all. Also, he is notorious for calling for bounties, cheat shots, and dirty play. Which is probably why he has never won anything as a player, assistant, or head coach. His greatest accomplishment has been his ability to keep his job for as long as he has. The Cowboys can have him.

  29. For those criticizing Bud Adams, he has been an owner that has let the experts (coaches/GM/staff) do practically whatever they want. There have been a few exceptions where he has, as every owner has the right to do, overridden the staffs’ decisions. Vince Young was one of those times. Jeff Fisher wanted Matt Leinart. Matt Leinart?!? Where is Matt right now? He’s a back up with the Houston Texans. What is the Titans record with Jeff Fisher at the helm? 55% regular season and 45% in the playoffs with NO super bowl rings over 16 years.

    In his first four NFL seasons (2006-09), amassed a 26-13 regular season record as a starter. His .667 winning percentage qualified as the best regular season winning percentage in franchise history and the fourth best among quarterbacks drafted between 2000-2009 (Brady, Rivers and Roethlisberger). From Titan’s Online.

    I think that speaks for itself.

  30. Vince Young is a waste of time….ultimately he’s going to be a failure because he has no self discipline. Every time he gets into an adverse situation he melts down curls up in the fetal position and cries like a little baby. He’s a complete to disgrace.

    Adams must be a senile old fool ready to have a drool bag strapped to his chin.

  31. don’t forget mcjoke’s wonderlic! It’s surprising that number 5 can read or write let alone understand KyleShanny’s wco or even kno how to work a cell phone to release a statement through his agent lmao lmao

  32. I can’t believe that an obviously photoshopped pic not only made it here, but to have an entire blog about the subjects and that it might mean? LMMFAO!!!!!

    Somewhere, Terry Bradshaw is rolling over in his coffin!


  33. It’s about time we unloaded this overrated coach. Dude is mediocre at best, he coaches by trying not to lose, that’s why Titans teams usually win by 7 or fewer. Most of the people criticizing Bud and Vince have not followed the Titans year in and out. How would you like to play for someone who is looking for any excuse to pull you out of the game. I would be pissed off , the guy has never spoken publicly demeaning his coach at any time, but has buttoned it up better than I would have. Fisher constantly throws Vince under the bus. When you have lost six in a row and still believe your current situation gives you the best chance to win, you must be in denial or have you head up someone. Bud and Vince are the only reason we went 8-8 last year. He should have fired Jeff then. I hope you guys singing Jeff’s praises get a chance to have him as your teams head coach, especially if you are in the same division. The coach he replaced had only one losing season, which happened to be the season Jeff took over.

  34. The only reason Tennessee has been competitive since Fisher has been around is because of Fisher’s great ability to coach with less. The Titans don’t pay their players like other teams. Bud Adams is a tightass and doesn’t put the money back in the team. If he did, Fisher would’ve been to multiple Super Bowls, but unfortunately for him whenever he has a homegrown stud free agent, they lose him. So he plays with less yet still has kept the team respectable. I’d love to see Fisher hired by some team that’s willing to give him the players he needs and watch him win championships.

  35. I don’t get the hatred for Fisher. Do people really think he suddenly forgot how to coach? I’ll take his record of 142-119 (probably 142-120 after the Colts win tomorrow, much to my chagrin) , especially considering he made it through some of the “salary cap hell” years that teams dread.

    OK Titans, fire him. In my mind, whoever ends up with him next will end up laughing at you. Hey, my stepdad will be happy if the Raiders sign him.

    (Whether my mind is sane or not is up for debate, of course…)

  36. ddavid1966 – Fisher has no SB rings – what happened in those years?

    1995-8 – transition period as Adams fights with Houston for a new stadium, moves the team, first two years as TN Oilers before permanent stadium finished.

    1999-2003 – Reach SB 34, play superb, post four seasons with 11-plus wins, Steve McNair co-MVP.

    2004-5 – Cap issues hit team, McNair injured.

    2006-7 – Roster issues get fixed, team begins winning again.

    2008 – VY melts down in opening game; Kerry Collins leads 13-3 resurgence.

    2009 – Collins falters; Fisher left with no choice but to put Young in and he surprises everyone.

    2010 – Fast start, but VY refuses to do the work to improve (skips film sessions, team meetings, etc.), melts down again and gets disciplined, this on top of key injuries to other players; though team finishes 6-10 the players refuse to quit on Fisher – VY is the one who lost the locker room.

    To win 142 games in a league as competitive as this, that’s darned good and Fisher has shown more talent than a lot of other coaches or GMs in fixing roster issues. And like has been said on this board, Bud Adams has not been a meddlesome owner here (as Lindy’s Pro Football Preview put it before the 2009 season, Fisher is like Belichick and Reid in he runs the whole show); the idea Bud Adams would fire Fisher because of Vince Young or force Fisher to play Young (remember, VY came back in 2009 out of necessity, not because Adams ordered it) simply isn’t believeable.

    Fisher got his offense back late in the season and it showed. I cannot find any plausible reason to believe he won’t be back in 2011.

  37. I checked – the Titans salary is in the $118 million range – I don’t consider that remotely cheap. I don’t know where some people get the idea they don’t pay their players.

  38. Good Luck Coach,
    Get out of Bud’s place ASAP.
    Just look at all the big name coaches waiting line to move to Nashville, TN.
    Just think…country music, grits and Vince Young, what coach could say “no” to all that?
    Jeff, south Flordia in the winter….? Please consider. Bring Coach Washburn, Munch and Chuck.
    Go Doplhins!!!!

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