Shawn Andrews unsure of football future

The marriage of Shawn Andrews and the Giants has worked out well for both sides.

Andrews has provided depth and solid play at a position of need for the G-Men once he learned the team’s offense.  He’s missed three games, but that’s less then plenty of others on the team’s banged-up line.   Andrews has shown he can be a productive, drama-free member of a quality team again, although his constant back pain has him wondering about his future.

“Just making it back, I beat the odds,” Andrews said via the New York Post. “And now that I love it here, I don’t want it to be over. At the same time, that’s the future.”
Andrews contradicted himself in the same interview, saying he hasn’t thought about retirement.  But he’s been forced to take 13 injections this season, including three epidurals.  Some doctors have advised him to walk away from the game.
For at least one more Sunday, Andrews will take a painkilling shot and try to help his team find its way into the NFC playoffs.

18 responses to “Shawn Andrews unsure of football future

  1. Looks like he’s getting his Michael Phelps on in that picture. Thanks north jersey, gotcha again, signed by your owner: The Philadelphia Eagles. 🙂

  2. Mad55555 it is a shame your Eagles can’t win the big game but please do continue to feel like the Eagles have accomplished something by beating the Giants 6 regular season games in a row. If only they handed out Superbowl rings for that right?

    Shawn Andrews turned out to be an incredible investment for the Giants this year, hope he continues to play.

  3. mad55555 says: “Thanks north jersey, gotcha again, signed by your owner: The Philadelphia Eagles.”

    Where are your trophies, again? Oh that’s right, you don’t get one for a regular season win. And we all know what Philly does best in the postseason – rollover. Eventually you inbred trailer dwellers will learn the game that counts is played in February. See you in August, mad55555, when you and all the Philly trash climb out from under the rocks you hide under as soon as Philly chokes in the playoffs AGAIN. Noticed you were nowhere to found after the Minnesota game. Typical Eagle fan. Hides the moment the beatdown occurs.

  4. mad55555 says: Jan 1, 2011 5:01 PM

    Looks like he’s getting his Michael Phelps on in that picture. Thanks north jersey, gotcha again, signed by your owner: The Philadelphia Eagles.


    3 time Super Bowl Champs>>>>>>>>50 years of Paper Chumps

  5. When fans start bragging about trophies from years back and how “only the playoffs matter,” you know their team is in big trouble, otherwise they’d be talking about how their team is doing right now: obviously, not well for the Giants.

    No one really knows where Andrews’ head is from week to week; Giants took a flier on him and it panned out, just like the Eagles did with Vick. SA has lied to the press about injuries in the past, so its hard to take anything he says seriously about wanting to play or not. Probably even he doesn’t know what he wants to do.

  6. Bwaaaaaa.
    You, have as many trophies as I do… ZERO, you nitwits. You people are like that fan in that movie where the team craps all over him, doesn’t not care who he is, never heard of him but yet he still thinks he’s part of the team. Basically like you people. The Philadelphia Owned nj giants : since 2008, have no clue who the hell you people are, don’t care who the hell you are, but for some reason you think you “helped” win something for them. It’s sad to say but, I feel like I am telling kids THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SANTA CLAUS! Bwaaaa. Have fun watching your team win, and the Eagles lose this Sunday :O

  7. @the wannabe tony soprano johnny boombots giants fan brain trust piping in. I really love your tired, pathetic and now stale commentary reusing the brilliant sb ring line. I’m a born and raised Philadelphian temporarily and unfortunately living in manhattan for work (by the cadence of your responses I’m guessing you’re all outer boroughs) and I’ve listened to your blubbering for years now over your hatred for the eagles. All I get out of it is your unhappiness over the one sided rivalry you’ve created for some reason that goes unrequited (look it up)…an unhappiness fueled by the fact that we’ve owned you for how many years now yet we could care less whether your waste of space air conditioner stadium and special needs qb falls into the hudson. I’ve read the Post/Daily News drivel you call “newspapers.” I’m met with NY1 every morning I wake up. Mike and mike? Really?…it’s pathetic. Congratulations. Your two last sb champ teams have solidified their place in the annals of NFL history as some of the worst teams to ever catch lightening in a bottle and somehow pull out wins in games they clearly had no place being in. Yes you got 3 rings but i tend to deal in the present, not the past. Do you want a cookie or something? We owned you last year. We owned you this year (even without eli throwing to his favorite receiver, asante samuel). We owned you in 07 and we’ll own next year. You know it and it eats you up. Just deal with it. We hate Dallas and couldn’t care less you: a team we constantly treat like our red-headed stepchild.

  8. #
    mad55555 says: Jan 1, 2011 5:01 PM

    Looks like he’s getting his Michael Phelps on in that picture. Thanks north jersey, gotcha again, signed by your owner: The Philadelphia Eagles. 🙂
    More like we got you. We paid a left tackle 2 million for one season. Each year we have to pick up his contract. We don’t think he’s good enough? Cut his ass with no money owed. Sounds like we made the smart decision.

    Oh yeah how’s your running QBs quad? He won’t make it long in this league if he keeps getting hit like that. Kolb will soon be ……. LOL we know you’re going to trade Kolb, keep Vick, Vick will get hurt, you’ll have no backup, and the Eagles will suck yet again.


  9. First all The eagles are not Not GOING TO TRADE Kolb N.Y scum oh you like to think that and we they trade him to you so you have Q.B not a wimp that his fellow team mates ignore.
    And well said Alex sorry your stuck in a city that has to have there teams play in another state or country (see Buf, Bills) because there fans can’t stand to sit in there own resturant dumpster of an over priced cost of living piss smelling city for just 4 hours. And as shawn you think your team is smart because of the contract shoot all he does is take up a roster of sombody that wants play not just steal a pay check by saying oh my back. You see he does this because he is not smart enough to even hold a job mopping bathrooms at Buger King. Just face it N.Y you city smells like an arm pit. OH and btw I have Known quite a few of your fellow fans and well most think they sound tough when they talk but really it sounds as if there are no high schools in the city grow up and talk like adults not like sombody just shoved a big apple up your butts.

  10. What most fans fail to realize is that this league is cyclical. Teams are good for a few years, bad for a few years. One team will “own” another, and a few years later the roles will be reversed.

    Except for the Steelers. They are the one team that seems to have consistency throughout the decades (and no, I am not a Steelers fan…I’m a Giants fan). Even the Pats and Colts, they sucked in the 80 and 90s, only getting to glory consistently through this past decade.

    Eagle fans can crow all they want about the past three years, The Eagles have won. No denying that.

    But please realize most of you ar as “fair-weather” as any other fan. I didn’t hear a whole lot of confidence in Vick at the beginning of the season. Everything was Kevin Kolb (what happened to him). Most of you fans will be nowhere to be found if/when the Eagles are the cellar dwellers. It will happen. It will happen to the Cowboys and the Giants too (remember when the “Skins were winning SBs? Look at them now).

  11. @thevag78
    don’t hold your breath. The Eagles are one of the most consistently great teams in the league. The Philadelphia Owned nj team…. they are more like a one night stand. Oh and you still got eli face. Sorta like bitter beer face, but only with more eli in it.

  12. When it’s all said and done at the end of the season, the magic number will go from 50 to 51(as in years), and all of this chest thumping “Philly owns the Giants” wont mean squat to anyone except Philly fans. The two games against the Giants are your annual Super Bowl, and I can’t help but to pity you pathetic clowns for celebrating so vehemently for beating a team that you all consider to be garbage anyway.

    They lost to the Vikes, at home, against a rookie 3rd string QB with a 1st round bye on the line. I guess I can understand why those Giants games mean so much to you guys. Thats as far as the Eagles are going

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