As expected, Weis will leave Chiefs for Gators

Well, the reunion of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel won’t result in three more Super Bowl rings in four years.

Multiple outlets report that Weis, as expected, has accepted the position of offensive coordinator at the University of Florida, a rare lateral move for an offensive coordinator at the NFL level.  Weis will remain with the Chiefs through the end of the team’s playoff run, but Weis will be announced as the Gators’ new offensive coordinator on Monday.

The Chiefs gave Weis a landing spot after he was fired by Notre Dame, putting the former Patriots offensive coordinator on the same staff as Crennel, the former Patriots defensive coordinator.  Though Weis did well enough with quarterback Matt Cassel to merit consideration for other jobs, no one expected him to return to the college level for anything less than a head-coaching gig.

The move raises obvious questions regarding the relationship between Weis and head coach Todd Haley, a coach of the year candidate regarded by some as a first-class pain in the rear.  The potential for a lockout that would reduce dramatically the salaries of NFL assistant coaches also may have been a factor, although Weis presumably is getting the bulk of his compensation from his Notre Dame buyout.  (Then again, we always suspected that the terms of the ND contract were overstated in order to scare off NFL teams that may have been interested in Weis before it became accepted that he wasn’t an “A” list head-coaching candidate for the pro game.)

It will be interesting to see whether another former Pats offensive coordinator becomes a candidate for the job.  Former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli are believed to have a very good relationship; McDaniels and Haley don’t.  If McDaniels receives serious consideration for the position, it will confirm that Pioli is running the show in the Show-Me State, regardless of how much preening or posturing or finger-pointing Haley performs.

20 responses to “As expected, Weis will leave Chiefs for Gators

  1. What a stupid move. Seems like someone needs to swallow their pride. The Chiefs could really be a force given another year with the same staff and some more syncing with Cassel.

    Regardless of the impending labor “negotiations”, this is an idiot move by Weis.

  2. Holy cow is this report riddled with presumptions passed off as facts.

    Why does the move “raise questions” about the relationship between Weis and Haley? You offer a perfectly plausible reason that doesn’t involve a pact of mutual hatred in the NEXT SENTENCE following the acquisation!

    Haley is regarded as a pain in the rear by whom? Terrell Owens? Anquan Boldin? Chan Gailey? Does he sometimes forget to cater to big egos in trying to achieve his goals? Name me a successful NFL coach who doesn’t (who didn’t have the benefit of working with Peyton Manning…lol).

    McDaniels and Haley don’t have a good relationship? Because Haley didn’t shake his hand after their first game? Hugging it out after the second game doesn’t count?

    And a McDaniels hire shows that Pioli is “running the show”? Is it at all possible the Pioli could ask Haley his opinion and, despite letting his emotions get the best of him at the end of a 20-point shellacking, Haley might actually recognize McDaniels’ abilities to run an offense?

    I love this site more than any other football site on the net, but the hyperbole sometimes gets out of hand. I feel like I just read a recap of last week’s Days of Our Lives…

  3. No matter how you slice it, this is bad news for the Chiefs.

    Stability is what’s needed now, not a new OC.

  4. Sometimes you just have to look out for number one. Weis may feel more comfortable coaching at the college level. Developing young players for the NFL may be more satifying than trying to coach a bunch of millionaires. Also if the Gators are more sucessful this year [ QB Brantley needs a lot of development yet] , Weis’s stock should go up on the HC lists. Plus he avoids any possible problems with a lockout.
    Now all the Gators need is to pick up some good recruits and ,oh yeah, Weis should be a great attraction and has good expierience in that area I am sure. Sounds like a winwin situation for eveybody but the Chiefs.

  5. .

    Why would anyone other than Pioli be ” running the show” ? He helped put together the roster for the Patriots who have the best record in football over the last decade. Since taking over in KC, the talent level on the Chiefs has gone from woeful to highly competitive. He’s done an excellent job..


  6. Holmgren will be the “new? HC in Cleveland….
    Cleveland isn’t on Cowher’s list? Mangini will get the axe and go on to win a superbowl with another Team and Cleveland fans everywhere will be saying,”Oh NO not again!” didn’t we learn anything from letting Belichick go???

  7. Quick question: Does Charlie still get to collect his pay from his previous gig/disaster at ND while being the OC there?

    If so, this s a great country.

  8. Not getting along with Weis will be Hayley’s downfall. Hayley has a bad rep around the league.

  9. Josh is a great OC and QB coach. Any team that gets him for that position will be lucky. It was a big mistake to leave the Pats before he had sufficient experience and seasoning at the coordinator level.

    Would be awful funny if he ended up in KC working for Haley though. Will there be finger pointing and hissy fits by Haley on the sideline whenever his own offense scores over 30 points ?

  10. And so the Patriot’s minor league team gets another Belichick guy to work his system in there and send players up to the big show.

    I’d like to see Meyer come up to NE as some type of coordinator or assistant coach…that might be interesting if it happened.

  11. Schedule and travel may be a factor? Gators played 13 including Outback Bowl. Pro teams do 20-24 with pre-season. Pros are overnight, all across the country, Gators played 10 in Fla this year, traveled to Knoxville, Nashville,
    If the situation in KC was difficult, the still high profile serious gator job would feel like a break. It adds up to a lot of personal benefits.
    KC was perhaps, like a rebound girlfriend.

  12. i’m so pissed off that my team is gonna be a flash in the pan. haley is a terrible coach and is living off the deeds of his staff. just the 4th down calls alone drive me crazy i’m not even adding in the major character that he seems to have. between the first place schedule and a new oc, 7 wins tops.

  13. cartsteen, it reminds me of when it came out that Parcells would be leaving NE the week before the SB vs GB.
    I never understood why that could not wait until after the darn game? Thanks Bill, right back at ya baby.
    He then of course left for the despised Jets, along with perhaps the greatest RB Boston ever had, an excellent kicker, and it seems most of our heart and soul.
    So, it could be worse. He won’t be returning to stab you in the back with your own weapons twice a year.

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