Brady, Dolphins defense not doing Tony Sparano any favors

Tom Brady worked longer than many folks expected Sunday, and left with a lead big enough to ensure the Patriots’ 14th victory.

Brady was replaced by backup Brian Hoyer midway through the third quarter with the score 31-0 Patriots.  Hoyer actually played a series in the first half too, but Brady closed out the second quarter and led the team on a touchdown drive to start the third.

Hoyer promptly threw a 42-yard touchdown to Brandon Tate to make the score 38-0.  Brady finished with two touchdowns on the day, making him the 6th player in NFL history to throw a touchdown every game in a 16-game season.

Barring a surprise return, Brady should finish the season with 36 touchdowns, four interceptions, and an MVP award.

A desultory performance on Sunday by Chad Henne should further help ensure the Dolphins look to replace him next year.  And Miami’s performance will make it even tougher for owner Stephen Ross to keep coach Tony Sparano.

19 responses to “Brady, Dolphins defense not doing Tony Sparano any favors

  1. Not a good day to be a coach on the hot seat. Sparano and Mangini’s teams are being outscored by a combined 76-3. It’s almost like their teams want them to get fired.

  2. NE is in full juggernaut mode. im almost hoping the jets win their 1st playoff game just so i can see them get obliterated in new england.

  3. New England drops 38 points on your #3 defense in the league, while keeping the no interception streak intact.

    But some of you still think Mike “sit my a$$ down” Vick is your MVP?

  4. This is game pretty much sums up Hennings play calling for the season, the patriots knew exactly what the Fins were running, and were able to stuff it right away, and what does he do to counter? Start running the option with thigpen and calling for playaction on 3rd and 10. Enjoy retirement, as you watch the rest of your fellow coaches fired.

  5. just my take on this, I dont hate sparano but i do think a change is needed. Cowher listed teams he would be interested in as Giants, Dolphins, and Texans in that order. I dont think Miami should pass that opportunity to get him, OC Dan Henning MUST go, seems like there is no strategy to his play calling. Henne has shown some streaks of great play but has mostly been bad, Im not sure this is all on him, alot has to do with the play calling. I dont think miami should run out and do anything drastic to get another QB but if one falls in there lap then take him. Just my take on it.

  6. Thank you NE patriots & Tom Brady for putting us dolphin fans out of our missery. Now we can finally make some moves to improve the team hopefully by the end of the day. Ive had enough of Tony nice guy sparano and his offseason “moves” im tired of dan henning and his 2 yard plays im tired of henne and his “athletisism” and im tired of whoever is drafting players for us.

  7. 14-2, and now 53-15 since spygate….keep hatin’ haters! Yea, we stink without those signals in plain view to 70,000 people in the stadium.

    3 wins away from ring #4…either way, we have 3 of the first 33 picks in April and 6 of the first 96…LOL…keep hatin’ BUMS!

  8. All you Phin fans wishing for Cowher may want to think again. In Pitt he had a great front office, all he had to do was coach. How many AFC championship games did he lose at home? Be careful what you wish for/

  9. Funny how the Tuna gets to pocket the big money and get none of the blame. Why isn’t anyone pointing fingers at Parcells?

  10. Parcells time will be measured by what he drafted.

    Jake Long over Matt Ryan. Because franchise left tackles win championships. Brilliant!

  11. Sparano is a good coach…surrounded by Clowns.

    Ireland has had nothing but poor drafts…poorer trades…and his FA pickups horrible in that alot of money spent on 2 players which depleted depth and it showed on special teams…He’s set Dolphins back 5 more years.

    But the biggest CLOWN…is Ross….who cares more about halftime show and celebrity partial ownbers…that the product on field

  12. lol, right now as a dolphins fan, it would kinda be nice to lose an AFC championship game, definatley an improvement over 7-9.

  13. it shows how dominant the Pats are getting at the end of the season again pounding the #3 defense for 38….

    on the phins, they only need to make a few moves and getting rid of Sparano is not one of them. grogansheroes is right, be careful what you wish for.

    – QB: it’s been obvious for at least 10 games that it’s over for Henne…. they need to spend the big bucks and get a big name vet

    – OC: Henning has lost his mind… the play calling has been very weak for this set of talent the whole year… this one factor could have changed the season if they had got a new OC early on, they would be a serious wild card contender… in the 1st q today, there was a 3rd and 12 at the phins 30 and he called Ricky up the middle against probably the best nose in the league and I knew the game was over

    – Offensive line: one more top flight guy would make a world of difference here.. they are right on the cusp of being a top flight crew.

    all the other BS about the D, WRs, doesn’t fly…. you get a real QB with real play calling to put the pressure on and they will do well.

  14. I am so sick of the mediocrity of this damn team. so freaking BORING to watch, no big plays…when was the last time you have seen them throw a bomb for a TD or punt return for a TD?? I dont get it. when can we ever get a QB? we have only been waiting since Marino left? thanks Saban for picking Culpepper over Brees. I cant stand the B.S. anymore. Start over!! get rid of ronnie, ricky, henne, henning, sparano, fasano and every other worthless cowboy parcells brought to this team.

  15. It’s time to clean house again, with the exception of Mike Nolan and the defensive coaching staff!!! Fire Tony Sparano. Fire Jeff Ireland. Fire Dan Henning and the entire offensive coaching staff. Fire special teams coach Darren Rizzi. Cut Chad Henne. Get a franchise QB. Beef up the interior of the offensive line, C, LG, RG. Get a speed WR to complemnt Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess. Get a stud RB. Most importantly, get Bill Cowher as head coach and GM!

  16. Where are all the Dolphins fans who said the Pats are done and the Phins would win the East? Where ARE you?!? Hello?

    As a BC alum, I could have told you about Henning. Geesh. Why do you think Patriot Nation was shootin’ you down at the beginning of the season? I actually thought Henne would be fine. I think Sparano is a good coach. You have Marshall, Bess, Fasano, Brown, and Williams on offense. Here’s an idea. Trash the Wildcat! It doesn’t work anymore! Should have thrown it more earlier in the season. You trade for Marshall and get what, 3 TDs from him? Why’d you trade for him if you don’t look at him in the red zone?

    What a waste!

  17. I think it’s safe to say the Wildcat is dead. It’s just a gimmick that has run its course. Parcels bailed out in the middle of the season….apparently he could see the writing on the wall. The team needs a new OC at a minimum and really I think they need a new head coach. They’ve been playing like zombies for past several games and that tells me they’re not respecting Sparano.

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