Brett Favre: It’s time. I know it’s time

We’ll stop short of saying that Brett Favre announced his retirement at a post-game press conference in Detroit, but if any player other than Favre said what he said we’d probably use the “R” word without reservations.

Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 in Minnesota and Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune are both sending tweets from Detroit full of quotes from Favre that sound like a man walking away from the game.

“God blessed me from the start. I hope people appreciated the way I played.”

“It’s time. I know it’s time.”

“It’s been a wonderful ride.”

“One game, one season does not define me.”

History tells us to be skeptical, but with the head injury he suffered against the Bears added to the equation that already featured such a disappointing season it is hard to believe that there’s another season coming from Favre. He might change his mind, but it’s difficult to imagine too many teams clamoring for his services.

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41 responses to “Brett Favre: It’s time. I know it’s time

  1. Just as it’s apparent it’s time for Favre to retire, it was apparent last year that it WASN’T time to retire.

  2. You read waaaaaay too much into this Mike; what he meant is “it’s time ……. to start sending pics of my Crocs once again”.

    He should be all done with the Vikes, but there are a slew of teams that will throw money at this clown’s ego, er, I mean feet, despite the worst season of his career, and he’s egotistical enough to take it.

  3. By the way Brett, we’ve ALL seen the pictures … the LAST thing God did was “bless” you.

  4. I hated him for 16 years, indifferent for two, loved him for 2. His hatred came from being one hella QB for GB, our division rivals. Didn’t really care when he was with the Jets or Falcons.

    Thanks for the memories, good and bad! Might be nice to see you back in MN, not as a player, maybe some sort of adviser or maybe a QB coach!

  5. I’m glad Favre spent time in purple. He looked a lot better in it than his former colors. He didn’t have a great season, but he was fun to watch, espcially last year.

    Best wishes to him.

  6. radrntn says:
    Jan 2, 2011 5:09 PM
    i wonder what he would look like in silver and black….

    see: “Al Davis”

  7. He’ll be back. Just like that headache you can’t get rid of. Come July, after camps open, here’s the story. It will read just like this-

    Sources indicate that Brett Favre, the embattled quarterback who suffered through his worst-ever season in 2010, has contacted Vikings management to communicate that he is considering playing in 2011.

    The Vikings currently hold his rights, and it’s telling that Favre has yet to file his retirement papers with the league office.

    A source close to Favre says that “This is the time of the year when Brett ‘Get’s the itch’ to play again.”

    Favre’s agent Bus Cook couldn’t be reached for comment.

    Vikings coach Leslie Frazier had no comment on the story, except to say “We’re 100% behind the guys we have here in camp. If something were to change, we’ll address it at the time.”

  8. Yeah I’m sure it’s over almost definitely now that the streak has ended, but It wasn’t only the streak that originally kept him coming back.
    He’s just like any other high profile personality that loves what he does- I can see how it’d be hard to quit when you still can throw better than half the other QBs out there. :p

  9. No Brett, please reconsider. You can come back. The Vikings are one player away from winning it all. The Viking fan base was throwing out guarantees at the beginning of the year that you’d win it all. I think next year just could be your year. Come on Viking fans, talk him into it. HA HA HA HA HA!!! How’d all those guarantees work out?

  10. What’s so ironic is that fans and coaches are continually searching for that QB that understands his trade and does it well and rarely do they find one. Here we have Favre that clearly can make any throw on the field if he gets a reasonable amount of time. So, to think no GM will pursue Brett Favre next season is kinda crazy.

  11. 1historian, your an idiot.

    The NFL won’t be the same without him……he never failed to entertain! I’m very sad to see him go.

  12. Eknirb – Only thing you’re mistaken about is the Vikings holding his rights. Favre is a free agent, he had signed a 2 yr contract with the Vikes.

    I’m sure Dan Snyder is itching to throw more good money after bad players, old past their prime players, or greedy unmotivated players. Him or Skeletor in Oakland.

  13. Since I didn’t have a rival’s stake in what they did, I loved watching the 09 Vikings. Other QBs may be more talented, but Favre always brought something extra to the game–a kidlike enthusiasm and the recklessness of a linebacker. Watching him play was just … fun.

    It’s too bad this season unraveled as it did for them, and that Favre has become such a polarizing figure. If he could come back next year and be competitive, I’d love to see him on the field again. Nothing “selfish” about a man continuing his career as long as he feels he can contribute and there’s a team willing to put him on the roster. Those who don’t want to watch him can change the channel.

    But if this is good-bye … well, Brett, thanks for so many years of great entertainment. Some fans may not miss you, but the game will.

  14. When wrestlers retire, they leave their boots on the mat. Favre left his Wrangler pants on the ground… and then texted a pic to everyone.

  15. After watching what Favre has done for the last 4 years I doubt he knows anything, anything at all!!!
    My guess is the reason he only got a 50,000. dollar fine was a behind the door conversation where he promised to not come back or play in the last game for the Vikes…..if not, Godell really screwed the pooch on that punishment!!!!
    So long Brett & BUHBBYE!!!!!
    Hit the road jack & don’t ya come back no more no more no more…..

  16. Pervy; Brett Favre pretty much made us ALL “experts” on his “junk”, wouldn’t you say?.

  17. And who thinks, even for a minute, that this will stop the talking heads in the media from writing “Will he or won’t he?” articles for the next 6 months?

  18. 100% he will be starting somewhere next year… probably Detroit.

    One game doesn’t define him… it takes 2: the 2009 and 2007 NFC Championship games. In both he threw stupid interceptions that cost his team a Superbowl appearance…

  19. Problem is, we have heard this tune before. When the Packers didn’t kiss his butt enough in 2007, he retired. Then changed his mind. One year with the Jets, retired again, then changed his mind. Managed to finally get to the CryQueens, one season and suggested he was done once again, then changed his mind.

    So if you don’t mind, lets see what happens next year before we believe a word he says. Remember, he also said the penis shots weren’t his either.

    He obviously has a hard time telling the truth. Like the time he said the Vikings were the best team he ever played forgetting for the moment that he had previously won a Superbowl with a different team that wasn’t the Vikings. Because, you know, the Vikings never won a Superbowl.

  20. Brett’s done. He was done after last season, but that AWFUL INT vs the Saints, and his teammates flying down and asking him to please come back got his juices flowing again. He should have stayed retired. Trust me, once you are in your 40’s things start to break down, and take MUCH longer to recover. I personally would have liked to see him go out like Elway last season.

  21. He will never go away. He’ll be back on some TV network football show and all the talking heads will kiss his butt. I’ll be stabbing the button on my remote with lightning quickness whenever I see his face. I just can’t take him anymore.

  22. Naw Let’s Judge BrINT on three games 2 NFC championship game losses and another playoff game in OT when a stupid Interception caused his team to lose. How about his last game where his last pass of any consequence was an interception HAHAHAHA Hang it up you adulterous choking
    For all the predictions of a VIKING SB Victory (the ultimate NFL oxymoron) chew on this

    The Lions’ win over the Vikings today not only gave them their fourth straight victory, it also moved Detroit out of the cellar of the NFC North. The final NFC North standings for 2010 have the Lions and Vikings tied for third place, but based on divisional record, Detroit is actually ahead of Minnesota in the standings. On paper they are just tied, but if you go by divisional record, the Lions are listed third and the Vikes are at the bottom of the NFC North standings. That is certainly a welcomed change

    Please don’t blame injuries losers if that was the case the Packers would be in last place there is no way they would be in the playoffs
    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team player or fan base
    Say what you want but the fact The Vikings were the worst team in the NFC north this year THE WORST HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. richm2256 says:

    Pervy; Brett Favre pretty much made us ALL “experts” on his “junk”, wouldn’t you say?.

    Says the guy for whom facts carry so little weight.

    1. He denies the photos were of him and since there’s been no formal hearing on the matter, we’ve heard no verifiable evidence to the contrary.

    2. If they were of him, they were sent to an individual who made them public. Therefore she made them fodder for people’s prurient interests; he did not. No evidence has been presented to show they were unsolicited, and it’s unlikely a prominent figure would send something like that without a request. If they are of him and it’s true that she collects such things, she probably did request them.

    3. As perv said, not all of us gawked at the photos … just as not all of us followed the links to the porn sites where Rex Ryan’s material was posted. When you choose to obsess over pornographic material posted by others … that’s on you.

  24. @30ptbuck

    How about your team win the superbowl this year, your team still has time to choke and record won’t matter seeing as your team wouldn’t have won and winning the superbowl is what really matters.

  25. Wow, with all the drama you guys talk I would think it is a bunch of women crying and complaining!!

    Brett will be done. He knows it and he has never talked like he did yesterday after the game. He knows he needs to retire finally and he will!
    The Packers FORCED him to retire, he did not want to. He hated being with the Jets so he said he would retire again. He loved being with the Vikes and that is why he came back. But after everything is said and done he knows he is done!

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