Chargers hand out some in-house hardware

With 1/16th of the season still to go, the San Diego Chargers decided that they had seen enough.  On the eve of the regular-season finale, the Chargers have announced a variety of in-house postseason awards.

For the fourth straight year, the team MVP is quarterback Philip Rivers.

The team’s offensive player of the year award, named for the late Rodney Culver, is running back Mike Tolbert.

The defensive player of the year award, in honor of the late David Griggs, went to linebacker Shaun Phillips.

The award given to the most inspirational player, named for the late Emil Karas, was given to two players:  linebacker Stephen Cooper and center Nick Hardwick.

The linemen of the year are guard Kris Dielman and defensive tackle Antonio Garay, and the special teams player of the year is fullback Jacob Hester.

The Chargers typically started slowly, winning two of their first seven.  Then, they typically caught fire.  Then, they atypically collapsed, making them ineligible for the postseason.

6 responses to “Chargers hand out some in-house hardware

  1. Awwww, how sweet! Rivers got himself another nice San Diego Charger MVP trophy to enjoy.

    I hope he likes looking at it while he sits at home during the playoffs.

  2. Meanwhile Charger fans continued their yearly tradition of being loud mouthed, band-wagoning jackholes.

    Stay classy San Diego.

  3. That is flat out embarassing…why not give the whole team an all expense paid trip to Maui too. That sure will motivate them to play better.

  4. At least we do not have to hear (until training camp, anyway) how great Phillip Rivers is. I notice all of the talk of him breaking Dan Marino’s yardage record has ended. And who cares if he did break that record? I doubt that Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger, or Brees would trade a Super Bowl ring for the single season yardage record.

    Rivers does not belong in the rarified atmosphere of Brady (or Manning or Big Ben) and he won’t until he wins a game that means something.

  5. Rivers has exactly one impressive playoff victory: at Indianapolis in 2007. But even then, he missed most of the second half due to an injury and Billy Volek won the game for the Chargers. But I’m sure everyone will pick the Chargers to win the Super Bowl next year like they always do. Maybe Rivers can make a collage of those predictions and put it with his other meaningless regular season awards.

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