Jason Garrett gets Cowboys gig

Jason Garrett becoming the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for the 2011 season has gone from “likely” to definite.

NFL Network is reporting that the deal is done and Garrett will be introduced as the Cowboys’ head coach this week.

Michael Lombardi, who first reported on NFL Network that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had officially made the decision to hire Garrett, noted that the Cowboys “talked to Ray Sherman to satisfy the Rooney Rule.” That’s an interesting phrasing, as the purpose of the Rooney Rule isn’t just to talk to a minority coaching candidate for appearances’ sake. The point of the Rooney Rule is to encourage teams to actually consider minority coaching candidates. The hiring of Garrett comes across as though Jones first decided to make the hiring and then decided to interview a minority just to comply with league policies.

NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci, whose hiring by the Detroit Lions in 2003 led to then-Lions President Matt Millen being fined $200,000 for violating the Rooney Rule, also noted that Jones seemed to be rushing into hiring Garrett.

“I thought he might go through the process and talk to some other people that are out there,” Mariucci said.

Instead, Jones has made his decision, and Garrett is his man.

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  1. Good for him. Almost makes me hate that franchise less.

    Oh, and we’ll never have true racial equality and harmony in this country until pieces of crap like the Rooney Rule are history.

  2. Does this mean Young is finished in Tennessee???
    I just can’t see Fischer and Young co-exist?

    Maybe Fischer didn’t want to work for another pain in the ass owner?

  3. Jones’ stubbornness has been his downfall. His insistence on picking the skill guys like Bryant and Jones instead of strengthening the lines has hurt the Cowboys success. His insistence on Garrett being the next big-time head coach is his current millstone.
    Jones’ past success has lead him to believe he knows more than he knows. Has lead him to the idea of recreating the “triplets”. Unless his son steps in and tells his father that they need a real football guy making the decision, the Cowboys will continue to fall short. All Jones will have are his glory days, which are inching closer to 20 years ago.

  4. Rooney Rule is a joke. Do you really think Mike Tomlin wouldn’t be hired somewhere because he’s black?! The Rooney Rule makes a mockery out of minorities by forcing them to go on pointless job interviews. It’s actually a very mean rule.

  5. ah fisher is gone, young sucks and two finger (middle) back at adams what joke, no loyalty to the coach of his team that has done the most for that franchise(s) from houston to tennesee, from college stadium to a nfl stadium.

  6. While it may be a good fit, Jones just wanted someone who wasn’t going to challenge his authority. I doubt it works out for the Cowgirls, but Garrett seems like he might be the man for the job imho. We shall see!

  7. I am a Steelers fan, but the Rooney rule is effing stupid. Owners are always going to hire who they want and no token interview is going to change their minds.

  8. I’m in favor of Jerry Jones making a mockery of the Rooney Rule. If I was a black coach, I’d be insulted to think I got the job because of my skin color instead of my merit as a coach.

  9. After Jerky Jones was denied permission of having to comply with the Rooney Rule, he had to put on a public display of doubt about hiring Garrett as his HC.

    Any HC who works for Jerky Jones is required to have as his theme song “Puppet on a String” by Elvis.

  10. I am so sick of this ridiculous Rooney Rule. It is the most foolish thing about the NFL. Owners want to win and will hire whomever they feel gives them the best chance. The mere existence of this rule implies that the majority of owners are racists.

    Why are there no women HCs? I think the NFL is sexist.

  11. “noted that the Cowboys “talked to Ray Sherman to satisfy the Rooney Rule.””

    I cant stand Jeriah or the cowpanzy’s. But isn’t that exactly what he is supposed to do or get fined?

  12. The PC Rooney Rule needs to be eliminated once and for all. It was a good rule when it was instituted, but it’s 2011…owners don’t give a damn about their coaches skin colour, they just want to win football games.

  13. Just as long as JJ stays the president/GM The rest of the NFC East, I mean the Eagles, and The Philadelphia Owned nj giants do not have to worry about any real competition coming from dallas cowturds or the racist skins. This just made my day a little better.
    Thanks JJ

  14. “The hiring of Garrett comes across as though Jones first decided to make the hiring and then decided to interview a minority just to comply with league policies.”

    We knew this was going to happen. It’s unfortunate that even the Fritz Pollard Alliance doesn’t care. NFL, please fix the Rooney Rule.

  15. Scrap the Rooney rule.

    Of all places the NFL doesn’t discriminate. Look at all the minority millionaires. Does it describe what counts as a minority. Do you have to interview two Tony Dungy’s for every one Chennel? I havn’t seen very many females, hispanics, Asians, or Jewish Head Couches should they take steps to correct that?

  16. Give it up. He wanted to hire Garrett. He wanted to hire him when he hired Wade, but the kid wasn’t ready. I dare say he still isn’t ready but thats not my call. Why should Jones be forced to consider a minority coach when he knows who he wants? If Garrett was a black man, then Jones could just hire him without second thought, right? Why should that be any different? The BEST man, in the eyes of the person doing the hiring, should get the job. Not the best buy with brown skin to satisfy a rule. Leading a billion dollar organization shouldn’t be forced to make compromises to make other people not involved with the organization happy. If it was YOUR billion dollars, I’m sure you’d want to hire the person you thought best to lead your organization in the direction you wanted to go and not compromised on that because of rules that made sense 30 years ago.

  17. Wasn’t a change made to the Rooney Rule that eliminated phone interviews as properly complying with the Rule and that there had to be face-to-face interviews?

  18. Fritz Pollard Alliance has not added anything new to their site in months, despite a minority head coach being fired, and two minority interim head coaches being named. It will be interesting to see if they say anything about this.

  19. jones must be certain there will be a lockout. we’ll soon see how many bigger name coaches get hired by this possible over 12 teams needing a new coach if they let their’s go now?

  20. I’m not a fan of either team, but now I am rooting for the Eagles to blow the Cowboys doors off today to make the presser announcing Garrett as coach next week just that much more uncomfortable.

    Garrett has done nothing but win a few meaningless games for a team whose early season failures he helped create. His main qualification for the position is that he is willing to accept the micro-management style of Jerry Jones. Period.

  21. Of course, JJ won’t play by the rules, the Rooney rule. The good news is that ‘dem ‘boys have just hired another loser as head ‘boy.

  22. Jones did exactly what the Rooney Rule is suppose to do…….a “minority” comes in, says hi, then the real head coach is announced. The rule is a complete sham and everyone knows it. I’ve read countless statements from coaching candidates who have said they didn’t even bother going to certain interviews because it they know it’s just a dog and pony show. Owners know exactly who they want as a coach going in to the “interview” process.

  23. I guess as a Cowboy fan, I’ll have to keep expecting mediocre … thanks for nothing JJ.

  24. The Rooney Rule is a complete joke. Why would anyone want to interview for a job if they don’t feel they have a legitimate shot at getting it?

    The Rooney Rule is essentially an effort to get minority candidates hired – which is a fraud. It’s not about giving minorities an “equal chance” at an interview. If this were the case, Minnesota would be forced to interview a minority candidate not named Frazier. The league is telling owners that it’s ok to not interview a minority if the interim coach is a minority.

    Why is it the league’s place to tell an owner who they can hire? It’s not “fair” for either side of those involved in reality.

    This rule is a complete sham. Owners will hire who they want to hire; and if they are going to choose to not hire someone simply because of their race, they will pay the price when their team goes down the drain.

  25. Speaking of the “Rooney Rule”, does Minnesota have to interview hispanic or caucasian candidates as well? If not, how is that “Equal Opportunity”? They sounds more like preferential treatment when one person(s) has special entitlements.

  26. The damn so called “Rooney Rule” is racist. If I own a team I want to hire the man I don’t want some minority hire that “Mickey” Rooney thinks I should hire. There is too much of this crap. We have a POTUS who is a minority hire. Look where that got us. I’m an Eagles fan and glad Jones hired Jason Garrett. He’s qualified, experienced and will continue the great Eagles-NY-Washington-Dallas rivalries, the best in the NFL. We (NFL East) may not win the Super Bowl this year, but the division still rocks. There is nothing like an NFL East divisional game.

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