Mangini’s fate awaits on Monday


Two years ago, Eric Mangini surprisingly lost his job as head coach of the Jets on so-called “Black Monday,” the first day after the last day of the regular season.  On the 2011 version of the day that’s no more of a holiday for head coaches than the day after Thanksgiving is for retail workers, Mangini may be hearing Donald Trump’s catch phrase, again.

Under Mangini, the Browns have won five games in 2009 and five games in 2010.  A four-game winning streak to end his first year with the team in many ways delivered another shot.  But it also served to increase expectations — expectations that the team failed to fulfill in Mangini’s second year on the job.

Mangini addressed his situation after Sunday’s 41-9 loss to the Steelers.  And he didn’t sound like a guy who is confident that he’ll get a third year to continue to clean up the gigantic mess that predated him.

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31 responses to “Mangini’s fate awaits on Monday

  1. I really hope cooler minds prevail and he stays. This team is much more competitive then it has been in years. When we have hacks like Brian Robiskie as one of our “star players” it’s a wonder that we didn’t go 2-14.

  2. As a true Browns fan I hope the next coach is good enough to give us something to look forward to after October first that is not called the Draft!


  3. A 4 game winning streak to end the season saved his job last year. A 4 game losing streak to end the season will cost him his job this year.

  4. yes becuase the key to finding the right coach is to swap them out every 2-3 years cuz that how all the successful teams do it…

    I’m not saying Mangini is an elite coach. but this team has gotten better since he showed up. we had a productive draft last year but it was just a step towards getting this team some real talent. having watched every Browns game the past two years this is a better team now then Mangini’s first game. we have holes, big ones at some spots, and swapping coaches again isn’t going to fix that. 1 more year.

  5. @coldyron

    Are you joking? First and foremost, Robiskie is on this team because Mangini wouldn’t let his hand-picked (and league-wide respected, I might add) GM run the draft. It was Mangini who drafted Robiskie and MoMass. Then, the Kokinis was fired and sued the Browns. Mangini’s power grab set the Browns back in terms of the draft and in terms of front office. The only reason we were lucky enough to land Heckert is Holmgren.

    Second, how can you say that the Browns are more competitive when they have more talent (Hillis, McCoy, Gocong, Brown, Haden, etc.) but the same record?

    Third, today CBS cut to a “more competitive” game between the Chiefs and the Raiders, two teams that were just as bad as the Browns last year. Also, the Bucs finished 10-6 this year after a 3-13 season last year. You can’t argue that the Browns have no talent when the teams that finished around or behind them last year are in the playoffs.

    Finally, Mangini has a completely different philosophy than Holmgren. Why should our Super Bowl winning team president trust a coach who has botched nearly every single important decision since he was hired?

  6. A change will be made. The desired result wasn’t shown on the the field this year but Coach Mangini has made progress with bringing a more disciplined approach and getting rid of the country club atmosphere that preceded his regime. Coach has a very business like attitude with a great football aptitude. He is a class individual and has been unfairly portrayed negatively by the media both locally and nationally just because he wouldn’t give them the great sound bite or drama that would make the reporter’s jobs easier. Thanks Coach Mangini.

  7. Holmgren has seen enough… The Holmgren family will be in Cleveland for the next five years!! Cleveland will GO TO THE SUPERBOWL under Holmgren! Mark my words and Write it Down!

  8. @sealedhuman

    “League-wide respected”? George Kokinis? Really? Last time I checked, he was back at being an assistant. Face it, the truth is that Kokinis couldn’t hack being a GM and Mangini had to step in and do both jobs to save their backsides.

    Mangini has improved the Browns and unfortunately, it didn’t show in the final record. As such, no one is going to blame Holmgren if he fires him. The Browns still have a lot of work to do. The offensive line is horrible. The right side should be cut now. Eric Steinbach can’t block his shadow and Joe Thomas had a very un-Joe Thomas like year. The defensive front was weak after Robaire Smith and Fujita went down and Josh Cribbs simply wasn’t Josh Cribbs.

    I don’t know how we could’ve expected him to survive that.

  9. For the sake of consistency, Mangini needs to stay. These lump-headed Cleveland fans need to realize that Mangini is the only near competent coach to come to that god-forsaken town since young Belichick.
    Unless John Fox waltzes into town. It’s unlikely that Mangini gets the heave ho.

    This year has shown some small gains. It’s apparent that the Browns are a travesty at wideout. Since Kellen Winslow Jr’s and Braylon Edward’s departure, yet the Browns have decent options at TE. The acquisition of Peyton Hillis was a master move. Defensively, Mangini was able to assemble a rag tag crew of ex-Jets who play hard.

  10. Hey coldyron, the reason that we have that hack Robiskie is because Mangini drafted him the 2nd round instead of other “hacks” like Matthews, Cushing, and even Maulaluga. He had the right plan but you need players to win games and Eric didn’t bring the right ones in when he had the chance.

  11. The truth is that Mangini isn’t a bad coach – he’s helped a mediocre team have a mediocre season. Good coaches make a mediocre team good and a good team great. Mangini is a mediocre coach.

    It remains to be seen whether mediocrity is good enough for Holmgren.

    Browns fans were once among the most savvy and demanding fans in football. Today most Browns fans are thrilled to have a mediocre team led by a mediocre coach – which is why so many want to keep Mangini around.

    Holmgren will look to improve every position he can – including coach. One has to think that there are many candidates who would be an improvement over Mangini, who got the gift of another season to prove himself last year – and he’s simply proven himself to be mediocre.

  12. I like Eric Mangini. He’ll probably be fired tomorrow, and the Browns will get to start anew again for I don’t know how many times since 1999. And the new guy will probably want to tear down what’s been built over the the last two years, and two or three years from now, that coach and maybe Holmgren too will be gone. And then the Browns will start over yet again…

  13. #immortaljunk says: Jan 2, 2011 6:11 PM

    “Cleveland will GO TO THE SUPERBOWL under Holmgren! Mark my words and Write it Down!”

    ..only if he buys the tickets.
    Cleveland missing the playoffs is just the natural order of things.

  14. Mangini is an issue yes, even more so is Rob Ryan. They cannot allow him to leave. I do not want to take away his chance of becoming a head coach somewhere but if the option is only to change teams then we need to make him an offer he cannot refuse. As far as Cribbs goes he was electrifying as long as we withheld the big contract. as soon as he gets his payday he becomes quite average at best. His punt and kick-off returns left much to be desired. One aspect that was not his fault was the wildcat offense that never came to light. We go out and get Seneca Wallace to share the field with Joshua and we run one play again and again and again…boring and predictable.

  15. He’s only had 24 months. What’s the hurry? The Browns haven’t won any kind of championship since 1964. It’s not like a coaching change will take them to the Superbowl next year. How will anyone ever know if they have another Tom Landry without patience?

  16. It seems like an eternity ago when he was on The Sopranos and Tony called him “Mangenius”. Now we have “Sanchise”. So long, Rat. Maybe Brown University is looking for a defensive coordinator.

  17. I hope Mangini stays, but if he goes, the Browns will be better off than they were in years past when starting over, at least. A competent team president and GM already in place gives a 2011 reboot a better chance than the previous attempts. There are a lot of players on the final year of their contacts, also, so whether it’s Mangini or not, there’s bound to be a lot of turnover on the Browns’ roster, including many starters, this offseason.

    If Mangini is fired, he will have at the very least left his successor with a much better chance to succeed than his predecessors left him. I, for one, will always appreciate that he was willing to do the necessary dirty work with the roster to clean the slate in Cleveland & give the franchise a fighting chance to return to respectability in the near future.

  18. audient,

    Right you are. The blackest day in the history of the Cleveland Browns was Jan 25, 1961 when the David Jones syndicate sold controlling interest in the team to the meglomaniac Art Modell who got into an ego spat with Paul Brown and fired him in 1962. Then, two years later, Blanton Collier won Cleveland last NFL title with Paul Brown’s team and players. Dumb ass Modell figured, “Oh, I get it. Things don’t work, fire the coach and schazzzaaaam –success.” That’s been the philosophy ever since and the Browns will never win again until and unless they put the “hire-fire” shovel down and start building the right way and STICK WITH IT. Chuck Noll lost a ton of games his first two years in Pittsburgh, but Rooney stuck with him and the rest is history.

  19. Is that Hines Ward I still hear laughing? This guy cant coach, period.Well for you poor Browns fans look like its back to square 1, again.

  20. Totally pathetic how this team layed down vs. Pissburgh today. The players dont care if the guy gets fired, they didnt go out & play for him today. Steeler fans are banging their chest like they did something today, all they did was beat a team that rolled over & played dead, a team that didnt care.

  21. I was against the hiring of Mangini and I am glad to see him go. The offense has been horrible the last two years. Holmgren gave him a chance to produce. Mangini choked. Its time to get a big name coach in Cleveland. End of story.

  22. @mikebacker

    yes, Kokinis is well-respected throughout the league. Look it up. He had to be lured away from the Ravens, and the Ravens hired him again as a Senior Personnel Assistant as soon as the Browns fired him. The Ravens, in case you missed it, have been an excellent team since they came into existence, primarily because of their personnel decisions. And who is responsible for their personnel decisions? Kokinis. If you think that Kokinis couldn’t “hack being a GM,” then why did the Browns fail to fire him with cause? Look up the documents and statements released by Kokinis. Mangini never let him do his job (this is supported by the fact that the Browns settled with Kokinis). And even if you are right, then I ask you why Mangini picked such an awful GM? He was allowed to choose who he wanted…why did he do such a poor job? Either way, your argument doesn’t hold up.

    “Mangini has improved the Browns and unfortunately, it didn’t show in the final record.” Are you serious? Where else should it show up? Mangini had more talent this year, but didn’t improve at all. If we can beat the best teams in the league (NO, NE) and lose to the worst teams (Buffalo, Cincy), then how can you call that consistency? Also, McCoy and Hillis both admitted that many of the loses this year resulted from poor effort. You can’t even argue that the team “played hard” for Mangini each week. If you need any evidence, please see the last four games of the season.

    Your arguments for how bad the line is don’t match with statistics. statistics shows that the Browns are among the top five in the league in rush left, and they aren’t even that bad in rush right. Joe Thomas had a very un-Joe Thomas like season, huh? That’s why he made the Pro Bowl again. And even if you arguments were true, which they aren’t, then you have to blame the coaching because players like Thomas and Steinbach have undeniable talent. If they don’t perform, then it is on the coaching scheme.

    Josh Cribbs has been hurt, but even before he was hurt he didn’t do much because the coaching staff neutralized him by forcing him to be a less-than-mediocre receiver and a wildcat quarterback who never throws. Why would you take a record-breaking special teams player and turn him into a less-than-mediocre receiver? Horrible coaching decision.

    You still didn’t explain how teams that were just as bad as the Browns improved this year (namely, the Chiefs, Bucs, and Raiders).

  23. Randy Lerner will interview Josh McDaniels – as he was fired he MUST be good (at least that was the rationalization for Mangini’s hiring) – so Lerner will waste no time and interview McDaniels and then move to sign him before any other team has a chance to interview him let alone express interest in him

    Sure it sounds crazy but that’s what happened with Mangini – a hot commodity to the Browns alone once he was fired by the Jets

  24. Not every Cleveland fan wants Mangini to go. We are sick and tired of rebuilding every other year.

    And Cribbs had four dislocated toes. I fully expect him to return to form next year. there are players who drop in production once they have a big contract but I don’t think that’s Cribbs’ mentality.

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