Report: Pitt has Marvin Lewis on short list

Though it’s unknown whether Bengals coach Marvin Lewis will have any suitors in the NFL after his contract expires in Cincinnati, he reportedly has a prospective employer in the college ranks.

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network reports that the University of Pittsburgh has Lewis on its short list of candidates to replace Mike Haywood, who had a George O’Leary-style tenure with the Panthers.

Lewis was an assistant at Pitt from 1990 through 1992, on a staff that included at one point three future NFL head coaches: Lewis, Jon Gruden, and Mike McCarthy.

It’s unknown whether Lewis has any interest in the Pitt job, or whether Pitt has budgeted the kind of money that would make him interested in the job.

11 responses to “Report: Pitt has Marvin Lewis on short list

  1. Why in the world would Marvin Lewis even want to take a college job in a mediocre college conference? It’s one thing to do a Charlie Weis and go to a great conference as a coordinator, it’s another to go to a terrible football conference (Big East).

  2. If Pitt gets Marvin Lewis, Haywood’s arrest will be the best thing that ever happened to Pitt.

  3. bengals2012 says:

    Why in the world would Marvin Lewis even want to take a college job in a mediocre college conference?


    Three possible reasons come to mind:

    1. Pitt would probably pay him more than Mike Brown.

    2. Pitt is one of the top three programs in a bad conference with an automatic BCS bid.

    2. Pitt has an indoor practice facility and the Bengals do not. Marvin has begged Mike Brown for one his entire time in Cincy.

  4. Marvin Lewis would never go to the college ranks. Just because it’s close to his hometown doesn’t mean anything. It’d be one thing if he still lived there, but he doesn’t. He lives in Cincinnati. To me the interest isn’t mutual.

  5. bengals2012:

    Your logic is more than a little bizarre. Marvin Lewis may live in Cincinnati now, but if he wants to keep coaching, he is going to have to move somewhere.

    Because, you see, he won’t be the head coach of the Bengals anymore after today, and I think most potential employers would require that he not attempt to coach their team from his home in Cincinnati.

  6. wtf2812 says:
    Jan 2, 2011 4:46 PM
    My first preference for Pitt is Tom Bradley from Penn State, but I could more than live with Marvin Lewis.

    I think Bradley will hold out for the day JoPa finally steps down. If he was interested in coaching anywhere else, he would have been gone long ago.

    I’m surprised that Pitt, who just did the mediocre NFL coach thing with Wannstedt, would want to go that route again.

    If the rumors are true that Maryland has chosen Randy Edsall over Mike Leach, I think Pitt should go after Leach. He would dominate in the Big Least Conference.

  7. AD pederson has made a National Embarassment. Chancellor Nordenberg could make the very best of a bad situation by hiring Tom Bradley. MArvin Lewis is a very good second choice.

  8. Other than Norv Turner, no one has done less with more than Marvin Lewis. I commend the Bengals for sticking with him to try and keep some form of continuity within the organization…but why on earth would someone want him to coach at any level?

    I haven’t seen anything from Lewis that says he can lead men…young or old.

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