Report: Rob Ryan “on the list” in Carolina

On Friday, Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said he’d be “really shocked” if he didn’t interview for head coaching jobs this year.

Asked if he heard anything specific, Ryan smartly said that kind of talk wasn’t allowed yet.  But it appears some conversations have been going on behind the scenes.

John Czarnecki of reports Rob Ryan is “on the list” of prospective head coaching candidates in Carolina and is expected to interview there.  Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera is mentioned as another possibility.

It’s expected that Panthers owner Jerry Richardson will go for a first time head coach.  Arizona’s Russ Grimm has been mentioned as a possibility, but Darin Gantt of the Charlotte Observer has downplayed the chance of that happening.

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  1. I’m sorry, but carolina doesn’t pay anyone so why go there. Hella cheap organization. They care more about saving money, than winning games.

    Worst places to coach… bills, panthers, jags.

  2. Let’s hope that teams ask Rob Ryan how he feels about feet, just to avoid any issues in the future…

  3. Do any of you morons who are commenting about how Carolina is cheap have any idea how much Fox is being paid? Try 6.5 million, which makes him one of the highest compensated coaches in the NFL…

    We’re not cheap, we just don’t try to fix all our problems with money like the Skins and Cowboys do… is anyone criticizing the Steelers for being cheap?

  4. …and I can’t see Rob Ryan as a fit for Carolina, they may interview him as a matter of due diligence but he doesn’t fit the organization personality-wise at all.

    I would expect Harbaugh, Fewell, Grimm or Rivera to be out next HC.

  5. The Panthers have had one the highest payrolls every year except for this year. Their head coach is one of the highest paid in the league.

    You morons that think that Jerry Richardson is cheap and compare the Panthers to the the lowest spending teams are clearly misinformed.

    Jerry Richardson used this year to his advantage and cleared his books so that he would have a competitve advantage when the new rules are enforced under a new CBA. While other teams will be forced to dump good players to get under the cap the Panthers will have about 70+ million to spend and the number 1 pick.

    Do some research you idiots!!!

  6. As a Browns fan, I won’t be too sad to see Ryan go because, honestly, our defense has been something of a joke.

    In fact, I can’t imagine why Rob Ryan *is* being considered for HC positions. He’s been a DC for 2 seasons, and he’s ready be a HC?

    Here’s a case where where the wool (personality, media fodder type) has been pulled over the eyes (coaching accomplishments). Have any of these people who are pimping Ryan realized that the Browns have had some serious trouble stopping the pass and the run- especially down the stretch into the 3rd and 4 the qtrs? I’ve never *seen* a team fade so fast. Do people realize how many games the Browns gave up when they had been leading in the 4th qtr.? Ryan doesn’t know how to teach his defense to finish or how to play with a lead. The become extremely lax when they think they have the game in the bag- and that is annoying as hell to us Browns fans because you feel like your team is *still* gonna lose- even if they have the lead in the 4th.

    Anyway, point is- the Browns defense always seems to crumble under pressure, can’t finish games, has surrendered many leads, and usually has about one qtr of really good play in them.

    So why all the hype about Rob Ryan?

  7. I, too, am a Browns fan. I believe that Ryan has done an adequate job with the talent he has to work with (remember the purge of talent under Crennel). However, that doesn’t make him qualified to be a HC. There are many successful OC’s or DC’s who couldn’t cut it as HC’s, and now looking for work.

    Also, the GM & HC have to be on the same page as far as game plans and the players required to fulfill those plans. Look at Cincinnati. Marvin Lewis has done a good job there but has to deal with the owner/GM’s idea of talent. Mike Brown has no clue what his team needs.

    I am no fan of Mangina but, he has restored discipline and a sense of “team” back to the Browns. Does this make him a good HC? I don’t think it is enough but I’m sure Big Mike knows a lot more than me.

    I wish Ryan well but…I think he’ll be another Mangenius for awhile yet.

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