Reports: Coughlin should be safe

A pair of pregame reports indicate that Giants coach Tom Coughlin’s seat isn’t overly hot.

CBS’ Charley Casserly reports Coughlin will definitely be back, while Jay Glazer of FOX says Coughlin will be back barring a “collapse” by Big Blue Sunday in Washington.  ESPN’s Chris Mortensen echoed Glazer’s sentiments.

My question: What defines a “collapse” in Washington?  I would say any loss to the Redskins would be troubling because it would be a second straight season the Giants totally fell apart down the stretch.    The Giants are a superior team and still have a chance to make the playoffs.

They can end all the Coughlin speculation just by taking care of business Sunday.

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  1. I think he should be. That game against the Eagles was just a miracle. And it’s not like it hasn’t happend to other teams. Hell, Peyton Manning has a comeback like that against the Patriots every damn year. Sometimes, twice.

    Even if they don’t make the playoffs, he’s deserving of another year.

  2. i guess the mara’s are cool with 9 win seasons, late season collapses, and 1-and-done playoff appearances. TC is a good guy but its time for a change. some lucky team is going to get jim harbaugh to lead their team for the next decade…and i get another 2 years of coughlin…wonderful.

  3. jdand, you said it. this team is one of the most talented in the NFL yet consistenly underachieves. coughlin had his run, it is time to move on.

  4. Fiddlesticks. Love Cowher. Would love to see him take the helm for the Giants. Coughlin’s contract is up next year anyway. Cowher is available now. And what do they need? Another Philly debacle? Mighty talented team to be sitting home in January.

  5. considering the whole lockout looming, I’d expect the Giants to give Coughlin a 1 year extension, same as in 2007.


    in 7 years here the only year coughlin even won a single playoff game was 2007 when he had spags as d-c

    giants by end of sunday will have beaten just 1 team this entire season with an over .500 record – chicago on a day they lost their starting qb in the 2nd quarter

    if lose sunday in wash

    giants after 6-2 start end up 9-7

    finishing year 3-5
    last year finished 3-8
    year before finished 1-4

    7 wins 17 losses to close last 3 seasons

    that is a terrible job with this roster. i think giants have an excellent roster

    Coughlin’s Regular Season Record as a NFL Head Coach from 2000 to 2010(last Ten seasons) inclusive is:

    83 wins 76 losses

    Over those TEN seasons he won 4 playoff games all of them ONE season with Spagnuolo, the other NINE seasons he did NOT win a single playoff game

    Jim Lee Howell

    Look at his 7 year record of success here and compare it to the pitiful job Coughlin did here over 7 years. AND Maras asked him to step down and move on to a management position.


    One NFL Championship
    2 Conference Titles
    53-27-4 Record as Giants Head Coach a .630 Winning Percentage

    Jim Lee Howell was 46 years old when Giants moved him from Head coach to a management position.

    Steve Owen was 55 years old when the Giants did likewise with him.

    Coughlin will be 65 before next season starts.

    Got to be the oldest in the league and oldest Giants coach ever

    Coughlin’s Regular Season Record as a NFL Head Coach from 2000 to 2010(last Ten seasons) inclusive is:

    83 wins 76 losses

    Over those TEN seasons he won 4 playoff games all of them ONE season with Spagnuolo, the other NINE seasons he did NOT win a single playoff game.

    these playoff coaches this year are in their first job even the ones who have now been around a long time like reid or smith – THEY WERE MUCH YOUNGER MEN WHEN THEY WERE HIRED AND EACH HAS BEEN A SUCCESS. Using the training of how the game was played at the time of their hiring where they learned the business. coughlin is a dinosaur who learned in the 70s forty years ago and this game has changed.

    Coughlin has got to be the oldest coach in the league and he was already fired elsewhere. when you look at those last 10 seasons of his he is barely over .500 and its all because of the time spags was here.

    spags 10-6 plus 4-0 playoffs
    spags 12-4 plus 0-1 playoffs


    83-76 COUGHLIN’S last 10 years
    less 26-11 spags two years
    57-65 coughlin’s last 8 seasons WITHOUT spags – A HORRENDOUS RECORD

    now either that 26-11 with spags is an abberation or the OTHER 8 YEARS are

  7. He has a year left
    He did bring another trophy to the meadowlands
    Let him go one more year and go out on his terms

    With a lockout comming who wants a new head coach
    Why do you think the Vikes and the Cowboys are staying with what they have

    Why pay a big name to sit home till june or july

  8. In the 3 prior Giants games before the Eagles-Giants 2nd meeting a week and a half ago, Bradshaw and Jacobs averaged over 6.8 yards per carry. In the 2 games before that Eagles visit, Bradshaw and Jacobs combined, gained 200 yards or over in each of those games. In that Eagles game that followed those 3 excellent running displays, Bradshaw and Jacobs combined then for 100 yards on 31 carries vs. Philadelphia and in the Packers game the pair combined for 78 yards on 20 carries. Totals for the 2 games SINCE a huge change was made by Coughlin – 178 yards on 51 carries or a difference of 3.5 yards per carry less after Coughlin’s changes. Which is 3.3 yards per carry down from previous 3 games.

    So what did Coughlin do? He changed 3/5 of the positions on that o-line that to me at least looked better than I’d seen it in years.

    #1- He reinserts O’Hara who had missed 8 straight games, several weeks did little if anything in practice, for the most important game of the year and you saw it yourself he was not fit, not sharp and maybe still hurting, he was outplayed from the word go and including in Green Bay as well.

    #2- Moved Seubert who did an outstanding job at center to guard.

    #3- Moved Diehl who quite frankly is best at guard and now is a terrible left tackle as you’ve seen what Peppers and others did to him there, Coughlin moved Diehl back to left tackle.

    #4- Benched Beattie who had done a great job as the young man is finally getting a chance to play.

    The numbers don’t lie, your own eyes don’t lie, these changes Coughlin made to the o-line because of his
    “great sense of loyalty” in this case O’Hara(surprise, surprise O’Hara defends Coughlin) this loyalty just like Coughlin’s defending of Tim Lewis, of Sheridan, even of Dodge, of Quinn( it is 2 years NOT just this year of Quinn’s terrible special teams), etc. are exactly why Coughlin should be asked politely by Giants management to retire gracefully, however this season ends.

  9. Coughlin is a good coach. It’s just that both he and the Giants could use a change.

    I’d love to have him in Dallas. He could whip our talented ass clowns into shape and show the owner a thing or two.

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