Browns, Panthers to interview Perry Fewell

Giants coach Tom Coughlin isn’t planning to make any changes to his coaching staff, but he might not have a choice.

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell could be headed elsewhere.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Cleveland and Carolina have both submitted interview requests to the Giants, saying they’d like to interview Fewell for their head-coaching vacancies.

Fewell just finished his first year as the Giants’ defensive coordinator. He was with the Bills from 2006 until the end of the 2009 season, first as defensive coordinator and then, at the end of his tenure in Buffalo, as interim head coach.

By interviewing Fewell, the Browns and Panthers will have satisfied the requirements of the Rooney Rule.

22 responses to “Browns, Panthers to interview Perry Fewell

  1. “By interviewing Fewell, the Browns and Panthers will have satisfied the requirements of the Rooney Rule.”


    Exactly. Don’t worry Giants fans, Fewell isn’t going anywhere.

  2. Do you really think they would be interviewing him if they had to wait if the Giants would have made the playoffs? This action just gets the Rooney debacle out of the way early for both teams so they can hire who they really want ASAP-very sad.

  3. The Browns are interviewing him for what? Granted Fewell is talented, but last time I saw the Brownies can’t score on anyone. If anything they need an offensive minded coach, something they haven’t had since the 80’s

  4. As a Panthers fan this sounds way too familiar to me. Hiring the defensive coordinator from the Giants… exactly what we did last time with John Fox.

    I think Perry will be a great coach, just not here. We need a change in philosophy that bringing the same type of coach in will never accomplish.

    Maybe they are just trying to satisfy the Rooney Rule. I hope that is the case here, but I think Cleveland could use a defensive mind unlike what they have dealt with with Mangini and his supposed offensive mind.

  5. The biggest problem the Browns had this year was not being able to finish games. I’d be leery of Fewell after his defense got totally shredded by the Eagles in the fourth quarter a few weeks back. I’d also be worried that hiring another defensive-minded coach wouldn’t help the Browns’ anemic offense…

  6. “Mr. Fewel, what happened in the fourth quarter against Philly?”

    “Um. I don’t know.”

    “And the following week against Green Bay?”

    “Um. I don’t know.”

    “Thank you for coming in. Be sure to validate your parking on the way out.”

    “Now we can hire Whitey. High 5!”

  7. Well, it is what it is. It gives black coaches an opportunity – which is what it’s designed to do.

    If he’s qualified – he’ll get the gig, if not; he won’t. At least he was interviewed, gained the experience, etc.

    I think Leslie Frazier has a great shot at the Vikes job. One day, it will be 50/50 in the league of black/white HC’s – just not today…but some day

  8. deegizzle says:
    Jan 3, 2011 2:47 PM
    Token interview to comply with a rule that has very quickly become antiquated.


    Black man
    Based on what? The abudance of black head coaches in the NFL?

    Do you really think it’s a level playing field now?

  9. Maybe Fewell doesn’t get these jobs, this time. Or, maybe he surprises one or both of these organizations. Or maybe he makes such an impression that someone else hires him down the road that wouldn’t have given him a second look but for the buzz that these interviews generate.

    Browns ought to interview Marvin Lewis, while they’re at it. And not to satisfy the Rooney Rule.

  10. It’s not fair. There are not enough minority owners. The NFL should force 50% of the league to be minority owned. No more, no less. The owners can decided who has to sell their teams. GO!

  11. Then the rooney rule should apply to players too. Let’s count ’em up and see what the percentages are. If you want more black owners and coaches, then i’d like to see more white guys playing the game. Only fair.

  12. Fewell should be held more accountable than anyone for the Gmen’s late season collapse. Why? Because HIS defense failed. If other teams want him, good riddance! For you black racists crying “Rooney rule”, I think it’s racist to HAVE a Rooney rule. Why force teams to interview black candidates solely based on the color of their skin? And if its come to qualifications (alone) not being the sole reason for interviewing potential head coaching candidates, then why exclude Latinos and Asians? Because there aren’t any? See how ridiculous it is? All the Rooney rule does is perpetuate racism. Period.

  13. @thegman2010:

    The Rooney Rule DOES include other races. The rule is you must interview at least one minority candidate for any head coaching opening, not specifically a black candidate. It just so happens that there aren’t a lot of Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Samoan, or Eskimo candidates.

    Chargers DC Ron Rivera is a guy who’s been discussed as a Rooney Rule qualifying interview, for example.

  14. vaneeghan says:
    Jan 3, 2011 2:50 PM

    He showed great leadership abilities as the front man for Jane’s Addiction.

    Good one!

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