Frank Bush out as Texans defensive coordinator

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In a move that surprises absolutely no one, the Texans have fired defensive coordinator Frank Bush.

Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted the news a short time ago, but there wasn’t a soul that watched the Texans defense this season that didn’t know that this move was coming. They finished 30th in yards allowed, 29th in points allowed and made quarterbacks from Tim Tebow to Bruce Gradkowski to Kerry Collins look like All-Pros at various points this season.

Of course, all those numbers are just part of the reason why this news raises no eyebrows. The other part is that it seems like just a matter of time before Wade Phillips is named as the new defensive coordinator in Houston. Phillips, ousted as Cowboys head coach after eight games this season, has been a successful coordinator in several different places and, at one point, earned high marks for his work with the Dallas defense.

Bush was with the Texans since 2007 and moved up to the coordinator role before the 2009 season.

10 responses to “Frank Bush out as Texans defensive coordinator

  1. Wade Phillips? Why on earth would a team seeking to win in a division that entails beating a perennial winner as the Colts, hire Wade. This is the man who killed the Bills with his decision to bench Doug Flutie on the eve of a playoff game. These old coaches who refuse to change their ways despite losing, always seem to get new jobs without any trouble. Give me a younger coach who understands todays player. Houston should give Eric Mangini or Rob Ryan a chance to run the D.

  2. Not surprising but not what most fans in Houston wanted to hear! Gary should be gone! After all he s the one that week after week he would say about Bush “He is a great guy and a good coach, I am sticking with him”. Well let him stick with him and kick his butt out the door too! The HC is in control of the other coaches and to keep them week after week when there was talk of the Texans D in route to be the worse in history is a joke!

  3. Bob McNair to Gary Kubiak:

    I don’t know this Frank Bush — I don’t know what he does — I don’t know what he lives on.

    Now why don’t you tell him that defensive coordinator is out of the question, and you don’t want to see him around the facility anymore.

    Now he’ll understand, believe me.

    If you don’t listen to me- and keep this man as DC- you’ll disappoint me.

  4. HOU only had one decent corner D Robinson and they let him walk in FA and replaced him with a rookie. They also brought in S Pollard who probably led the league in unnecesary roughness penalties. Helps explain the pass D.

    This was a roster GM problem more than a coaching prob.

  5. Isn’t Wade Phillips a 3-4 guy? Wouldn’t they rather bring in a 4-3 guy so the defensive front wouldn’t need a complete overhaul?

  6. cliverush says:
    Jan 3, 2011 2:53 PM
    Wade Phillips? Why on earth would a team seeking to win in a division that entails beating a perennial winner as the Colts, hire Wade.

    —-Wade is a dough boy, but he’s a good defensive coordinator. Very good. He’s just not a head coach.

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