Brandon Jacobs says goodbye, like only he can

As Florio mentioned, the offseason officially started for 20 teams on Monday.

One of the Giants’ biggest priorities this offseason will be figuring out what to do at the running back position.  The team’s rushing attack finished sixth in the league because of a breakout season by Ahmad Bradshaw (1,549 yards from scrimmage) and improved effectiveness from Brandon Jacobs (5.3 yards-per-carry) in a backup role.

Bringing the gang back together isn’t so simple, though.  Bradshaw is scheduled for unrestricted free agency.  Zach Berman of the Newark Star-Ledger writes that Bradshaw’s fumbling issues could make the Giants think twice about giving him a huge deal.

Jacobs, meanwhile, is due $4.65 million next season.  That’s a lot for a backup, no matter how effective he was this season.

“You’re all getting pictures of Brandon Jacobs leaving, wondering if he’ll ever return,” Jacobs said Monday via the New York Daily News.  “That’ll be your caption tomorrow. F— you all.”

Nice knowing you too Brandon.

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  1. I like the balance of Jacobs and Bradshaw, but unfortunately I doubt both can stay. Hopefully, Kevin Boss will be re-signed before he hits the market.

    And the O-line…..Koets and Beatty played very well off th bench this year, and Snee is in his prime. Unfortunately, the rest of the line needs a shake-up. I see a 1st or 2nd round pick going to the Offensive line this year…just a hunch.

  2. Jacobs is an idiot, but that doesn’t mean that the vast majority of NYers don’t share his contempt for the so-called sportswriters and reporters of NYC. Most people I know view NYC sportswriters as sitting just below the roaches and rats on the evolutionary scale. And, hate them as we might, at least the rats and roaches do their jobs with a hint of professionalism.

  3. woh, woh, woh. Any and all transactions must go through the owner of this team before any decisions are made. and since the owners of this team had a great season with these players on this team, I think they might want them to stick around. If I didn’t make it clear enough, the owners of this team are the Philadelphia Eagles.
    Hense the Philadelphia Owned nj giants: since 2008.
    Thanks for the great memories nj.

  4. @ Brandon Jacobs, I can’t wait for someone to knock you the hell out, ya big bastard! Until then, yes sir.

  5. Well Brandon, way to interview for your next job. Its nice to hear your command of the english language.

    PS: You want to expand the amount of teams interested in you, not narrow it.

  6. coutre: “I hope they continue to center that team around Eli. They will never succeed with him again.”

    I love the way you have to throw the word “again” in there, just hysterical! It makes all you Eli haters look like fools!

  7. Coutre……….”they will never succeed with Eli again”………Did you forget he won a Superbowl? I guess unless he makes the playoffs and wins the superbowl every year, he is considered a failure. It amazes me how many stupid people out there always think there is a better option out there. What should the Giants do? Trade for Matt Leinart and build around him? You are as sharp as a marble.

  8. Just so I’m clear….did a backup running back from a non-playoff team just speak about himself in the third person? Just checking….

  9. Come on. Without one miraculous catch, Eli would be average at BEST. Watch how few throws are where they should be. His receivers bail him out more than anyone else. His arm strength is mediocre. His leadership is horrible.

  10. “Biggest fraud in pro sports.”

    C’mon man, that’s not fair.

    Sure, he played way over his head for a portion of this year and yeah, he’s just a glorified college option QB…. but I think calling Michael Vick the biggest fraud in pro sports is a bit too much.

    Give the guy a break.

  11. And no defensive coordinator has ever uttered the phrase: “we need to slow Eli down.”
    All they say is “I wonder if we can intercept him two times or three this week” and “I bet we can make him cry by the 3rd quarter.”

  12. Well, the contract figure his agent garnered for him is the tall pole in the tent. Jacobs won’t accept a smaller offer until he is traded or released. This is what happens when agents prioritize their earnings percentage over the interests of their players.

    As far as fumbling goes, the Giants could employ the technique the Steelers did with Rashard Mendenhall. Make him carry a football around all day long and if someone could knock the ball out of his hands he had to pay that person $100.00. It worked.


  13. LMAO!
    I am so tired of all these players talking and not saying anything. Everything is a scripted, premeditated response from the PR dept. GOOD FOR Jacobs for not reading what they wrote for him (or, at the very least, embellishing it)

  14. “All they say is “I wonder if we can intercept him two times or three this week” and “I bet we can make him cry by the 3rd quarter.””

    After your first post, I thought you were either some kid posting from his mom’s basement or a moron.

    Now I’m sure.

  15. Gotta LOOOVE it when anybody speaks in the 3rd person. Especially when they follow it up with the time honored Pha Cue. Stay classy Brandon!

  16. Pats will sign him to play with BJGE & Woodhead…a 3 headed monster to pound defenses into submission & run wild late in games when the weather turns nasty…..

  17. Most the commentors here seem to think his remarks were aimed at Giants nation or something. I think he just hates reporters.

    The problem with the media is that if you lash back at them, or try to return the hate, then they just burn you even worse and run you right out of town. I’ve seen it happen with Moss (the first time, not the second) and Denny Green. Two guys who generally did okay but were ran the heck out of town because they treated the media like trash.

    People are absolutely like sheep, hate to admit it. Whatever the media says, regardless of truth, will be believed by 51 – 95% of people out there.

  18. What a class act this guy is. Time to change your tampon, Brandon. And this is coming from a woman.

  19. coutre MAY be a hater, but he has a valid argument.

    simply being on a team that wins a SB does not make you a great player. The D was the winning factor of that 2007 NYG SB team, and anybody with half a brain knows that.

    Eli had 20 INTs that year and passed for 250+ a measly 3 times. Other than that single miraculous year, he/they haven’t made it past his first game of the playoffs.
    2008: (169 yards, 0 tds, 2 ints), 2006: (161 yards, 2 tds, 1 int), 2005: (113 yards, 0 tds, 3 ints)

  20. @coutre and mad55555
    Yeah, one miraculous catch. That’s why the score was 17-14. Not because Manning engineered 2 TD (3 scoring drives) drives in that Super Bowl.

    Sure, the Defense played lights out. But stop saying Manning had only “one miraculous catch” in that game. Forget the fact that he played error-free that entire post-season leading up to the Super Bowl.

    Wait, did you understand those words put together? “Super” and “Bowl”? Here’s an easier way for Eagles fans to remember what that game is:

    It is the biggest game of the year in pro football and your QB pukes in the huddle instead of throwing 2 TD passes to win it.

    Sound familiar, Eagle fans?

  21. He’ll be back in NY next year – it’s not even up for debate.

    AB’s going to get a very reasonable deal (5 years, $28-32M). Reese has some leverage with AB’s fumblitis, so they’ll give him $8M+ his second year, and Jacobs will get the boot. We’ll absolutely draft a RB in April to groom for a year behind Ware.

    Not concerned about this as a Giants fan. Jacobs is nice in small doses, but he has zero acceleration out of the backfield. If they decide to go with Ware as AB’s backup and cut Jacobs, I’d be totally fine with it. So long as he stays out of the NFC… which he wouldn’t. He’d go RIGHT to Washington or Philly.

  22. .
    it doesnt even make sense….
    they had 3 running backs before this so why take fault at the RB position.

    the giants losses were due to ONE PLAYER.


    pickmaster manning

  23. @gcsuk

    Man your memory of NFL history is pretty spot on. However, let’s start talking in the present:


    Sound familiar Giants fans?

  24. @alexr215
    No argument, the Giants haven’t amde the playoffs 2 straight years. So yeah, the playoffs DO sound familiar. It hasn’t been THAT long.

    Aside from a very few teams (Pats, Steelers, Colts) MOST teams go through this. Every team has their ups and downs. Pick another team not in those 3, and look at just the last 10 years. You’ll see ups and downs for all.

    Remember the Rams? The Greatest Show on Turf? Man, they were going to be around forever! What did they win, 1 SB?

    How ’bout them Bears? Hell, go back to ’85, BEFORE Free Agency! That was a team that should have been a dynasty like no others. What did they win? 1 SB, and they have only been back once. They STILL treat Ditka like a God, not like the buffoon that he is. You want to talk about over-rated? There is the definition of “Over-rated”.

    49ers? Where are they now? Bills? 4 straight SB appearances, and now they can’t sniff the post-season. Cowboys? 1 playoff win in the last 12 years. Packers? 1 SB win since the ’60s. Eagles? What have they done in the SB besides leave a big steaming pile of puke at the 50 yard line?

    There are a LOT of teams with storied and hallowed roots that haven’t done squat in recent memory. I can go on for a LOT more, but I think you get the point.

  25. @bspurloc
    Man, you hit the nail on the head. Eli Manning is the ONLY reason the Giants lost those games!

    I remember when he had those 2 personal fouls and caused the meltdown against Tennesee (wait, that was Diehl and Mackenzie). And in the same game, he FORCED Hakeem Nicks to bounce 2 passes off his chest and into the arms of defenders (wait that might have been Nicks’ fault).

    Or how about that TERRIBLE defensive game plan that ELI installed against Indy… only 3 DT’s? (wait, that was Perry Fewell).

    OK, how about that terrible punt coverage he provided against Philly in the “Miracle at the Meadowlands”? (wait, that was the Giants HORRIBLE Special Teams play).

    Got it… how about Eli giving up 45 points to GB in a must-win game? I mean, did you see him in pass coverage? He was TERRIBLE (wait,that was the Giants secondary getting scorched).

    Eli did not have a good year. He had good games, he had OK games, and he had terrible games (more than I would care to remember). But to say

    “the Giants losses were due to ONE player… ELI”

    is just stupid and misinformed. Please watch a game (or maybe ALL the games) before you comment on an entire season by an entire team.

  26. alexr215 says:
    Jan 3, 2011 1:49 PM
    Just so I’m clear….did a backup running back from a non-playoff team just speak about himself in the third person? Just checking….


    The starting running back from the 2007 Superbowl Champion NY Giants just spoke.

    Just checking YOU, bitch.

  27. @nohopeleft

    I’d love to see you say that to anyone on this site when you’re not hiding like a BITCH behind an anonymous user name. Throw an @ sign and a yahoo at the end of my username and you can find out real quick where you can try and say it to my face, tough guy.

    Ehem. Allow me to repeat myself since some people are a little slow: did a backup running back from a non-playoff team just speak about himself in the third person?

  28. @alexr215
    Hate to correct you (you seem reasonable enough), but Jacobs ended the year (the last 6 games) as the Starting RB. You can call it nitpicking or splitting hairs, but he WAS the starting RB.

    That being said, Bradshaw had more carries in some of those games, but IMO, Jacobs was more effective.

    So maybe they had 2 starting RBs and no back-ups?

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