Harbaugh, Lombardi could be the one-two punch in San Fran

Not long before Rosenthal posted a recent item regarding the possible inability of potential 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke and potential head coach Jim Harbaugh to coexist, a league source was expressing to us a very strong feeling/hunch that Harbaugh would be paired not with Baalke but with NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi.

“Lombardi and Harbaugh have a close relationship,” the source said, pointing out that they worked together in Oakland.  “I think Lombardi is ending up there.”

Lombardi was interviewed last week, and he later declared that Baalke will be getting the job.  It meshes with what everyone else in league circles has believed — that the parade of unemployed front-office types to interview for the G.M. position was aimed at creating the impression that the team was doing its due diligence, and that Baalke eventually would be getting the gig.

But with owner Jed York wanting a one-two Bill Walsh-John McVay punch to lead the team while on the same page at all times, Harbaugh’s reluctance to work with Baalke and Harbaugh’s apparent interest in working with Lombardi could change all of that.

As always, stay tuned.

15 responses to “Harbaugh, Lombardi could be the one-two punch in San Fran

  1. This is the best news I have heard all day. This would be a dream scenario for Niner fans. Have Baalke learn from a seasoned pro like Lombardi and see how things are done. Lombardi and Harbaugh understand the 49ers legacy and would return us to the glory years. Lombardi probably also has the guts to make a deal for Andrew Luck … two firsts and a second maybe?

    * Jed, this is your conscience, stop applying so much grease to your hair, and hire Lombardi and Harbaugh … that is all *

    Niners Forever

  2. Harbaugh worked with Al Davis in Oakland, Lombardi was known as being Two Faced and a Back Stabber, another words a Punk. Tell the Niners that Denver had Lombardi working for FREE, Have you seen the quality of players go up since Al Davis sent Lombardi on his way. Lombardi is a Weasel, even Rooster comes to mind. A Rooster will *&^% his Father, *&^%$ his Mother and Eats *&^%, Lombardi in a nut shell.

  3. Jed York opens up with a soft short left jab, that fails to connect, and follows with a wild roundhouse right that totally misses the mark and leaves him open and defenseless.

  4. A devastating combo. Lombardi has a head for talent like few others, and got railroaded by the Raiders because……well they’re the Raiders.

    If the niners wind up with Lombardi and Harbaugh, they will rule that division for years to come.

  5. What happened to the breaking story that Baalke was a lock to get the job? Niner fans should just wait and see what happens, instead of the getting hooked by various incorrect and changing predictions on who will be hired.

    Also glad to see that no one has dropped another unfunny Perfect Strangers reference due to Baalke’s name.

  6. If this actually does happen, Jed is gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do. What happened to the GM hire comes first, then he gets to pick his HC? To try to sell this as anything but the complete opposite of that would be more of a sham than the original sham GM search.

    Jed needs to learn what uncle Eddie learned the hard way – to hire the right people, then get the hell out of the way and just sign the checks. I doubt that any member of the York family is capable of that.

  7. Every Niner fan should be on their hands and knees praying this happens.

    Instant credibility and chances of being successful over the long term would be very high.

  8. Lombardi get him a job doing anything that gets him off the NFL network

    This guy sucks

  9. @snnyjcbs …

    Yikes! I take it you don’t like Lombardi. Care to be more specific–seriously? What exactly did he do in Oakland that has you so upset?

  10. the legacy of the 49ers will always be one of cheating from salary cap cheating to election campaign money laundering. all debartolos should be run out of the nfl on a rail.

  11. Yes the genius of Lombardi. The same guy who predicted Joe Haden would be too slow and a bust and said Jamal Lewis would get cut in 2007, the same year he rushed for over 1200 yards.

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