MRI for Malcolm Jenkins

The Saints suffered several key injuries during Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Bucs.  Running back Chris Ivory left with a foot injury, and tight end Jimmy Graham suffered an ankle injury.

The biggest concern centers on safety Malcolm Jenkins, who left in the first quarter with a knee injury.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Jenkins will have an MRI today.  It’s believed to be an issue more with the knee cap than with the ligaments.  That said, we’re told that Jenkins thinks he’ll be fine.

Either way, the Saints will need to get their injured guys ready to go on Saturday, when they head to Seattle to commence the quest for “Two Dat.”

5 responses to “MRI for Malcolm Jenkins

  1. I don’t understand why they would play the starters past the 1st qtr considering atlanta was def not gonna lose to Carolina.

  2. Agreed…The Starters should have not played Sunday for the Saints. But that follows the poor decisions made by the organization (Sean Payton) all season. The first half of the year, the Saints played to not lose. Then he played the starters on Turf at home against a team that was playing hard, as they always do in N. O.
    Now they are tired and banged up for a PlayOff game with no week off. Poor decisions.

  3. The “backup” to Malcolm Jenkins is a guy named Darren Sharper, not too much of a drop off there.

    The Saints were playing for a potential #1 seed, everybody now says the Falcons were not going to lose to Carolina, but what if the Panthers had played the best half of their lives and come back to beat the Falcons, would the fans be down on Payton for “resting” the starters? I am one of those who said “rest” the starters so I may be throwing stones in a glass house.

    Saints at Seahawks…..Saints win.
    Saints at Chicago……Saints win.
    Saints at home against the Packers…..Saints win.
    Super Bowl against Pats…….sorry, Pats win.

  4. The Saints won’t Repeat Dat this year, but there is no shame in that. Only one team in recent history has repeated going to the Superbowl and that was the almighty Patriots.
    For being Superbowl winners last year and following up the season with an 11-5 record and a playoff appearance is pretty good.

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