No decision yet on Jeff Fisher, who says he wants to stay

After 16 years with the Oilers-turned-Titans, coach Jeff Fisher may not be back in 2011.  Then again, maybe he will be back.

In a statement released by the team, owner Bud Adams explained that no decision has been made.

“I met for several hours today with Steve Underwood and [G.M.] Mike Reinfeldt about our organization and other decisions that are in front of us,” Adam said.  “There are several things that need to be considered in this evaluation process, including Jeff’s history with our team, the labor situation and other challenges.  I have been at this for a long time, and these decisions take time and thoughtful consideration.  I will make the decisions that I feel are in the best interest of the team.  I do understand the time element involved and would expect to make these decisions in the near future.  In the meantime, I will continue to be in contact with Jeff and the senior staff for any additional information that I may need.”

Adams’ reference to the “labor situation” represents an acknowledgment of the reality that a new coach likely will have limited access to the team — and that the new coach may not even meet his players for the first time until September, with maybe a week or two to get ready for the season.

For his part, Fisher says he wants to stay.  “I’ve said it time and time again, I want to finish my career here,” Fisher said at a Monday press conference, via Albert Breer of NFL Network.

The problem is that Fisher also has made it clear that he wants quarterback Vince Young to finish his career elsewhere, and that Adams wants Fisher and Young to coexist.

The chances of that remain slim; Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Young did not attend the final team meeting of the season.  Even though Young is on injured reserve, all other players on IR attended.

In the end, this could play out in one of several ways.  First, Adams could decide to fire Fisher.  Second, Adams could tell Fisher that if he stays he has to accept Young as his quarterback, and that if Fisher doesn’t like it, Fisher can quit with no buyout for 2011, the last year of his current contract.  In response, Fisher can quit or he can claim that his contract is being violated and file a grievance with the league office, possibly in an effort to leave with a buyout.  Third, someone else can trade with the Titans for the final year of Fisher’s contract.  Fourth, they can all hold hands and resolve to work together in an effort to win a Super Bowl next year.

We think it’s safe to rule out the last one.

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  1. Jeff Fisher has 6 winning seasons in 16 years and has won 6 playoff games why does he get all this respect around the league?

  2. It may be time to move on. Like Madden says, 10 years is long enough tenure and he’s been there for 16

  3. Mike….please listen or read the actual transcript of the presser before making assumptions and printing them as news. You could tell, he and executive management are together….He sounds pretty safe.

    I watched and heard it, some of your reporting is incorrect. Fisher said he can’t be traded since the league has changed that rule recently. He also said that there are 13 players on IR and only HALF showed up today, Young was not one of them.

    Fisher made it clear that they need to address the “quarterback situation”, the defense and the defensive penalties, and re-establishing the run game.

    C’mon, slow down and be accurate.

  4. The labor situation hasn’t bothered other owners who’ve ditched their coaches. But if Adams plans to send Fisher packing, he should do it now and not lollygag.

  5. he is like his press-conferences: bland, lost relevance, and going and going and going…

    please let him get ‘fetched’ by some team that is stupid enough to believe the hype and look past the performance of this joker

  6. Mike, you left out one possibility that was inconceivable before I listened to Fisher’s press conference… the Titans may cut Vince Young.

  7. I’m a longtime Titans fan with a great deal of respect for Jeff Fisher…..but the fact is, the quality of his coaching has slipped dramatically in the past couple years.

    The whole Vince Young fiasco makes for an easy scapegoat, creating a distraction that allowed Fisher’s subpar performance this season to slide under the media radar….but make no mistake, the Titans are a very, very bad team right now. And with the undisciplined and unfocused manner in which they’ve played over the past couple months, it’s quite obvious that coaching had a lot to do with it.

  8. In his last 7 years, Fisher is 23-41 without Vince Young as his starter, while Young’s career record is 31-17. What doesn’t add up here? What other coach gets this kind of leeway? Wade Phillips has a better record than St. Fisher.

  9. Between every potential alternative for Fisher closing up and the fact the Titans aren’t far off from turning it around, there’s less and less reason for him not to stay.

    chicago99 – this presumably includes the last two years when Steve McNair was endlessly banged up. What doesn’t add up is that Collins led the Titans to 13-3 and the locker room sided with Fisher over Young in 2010.

  10. Monkees – Collins was 12-3 two years ago, which was impressive. However, he was 0-3 in 2006, 0-6 in 2009, and 1-5 this year. Those numbers are critical in telling the story of Collins (makes his record sub .500). As for the locker room siding with Fisher? Who told you that? It must have been St. Jeff. Kenny Britt wrote a message to Young on his towel during a game. CJ has made his feelings for Young known. Scaife came out with positive comments about Young and got benched for it. Nate Washington couldn’t believe that Fisher issued a gag order about this. Even the defense has had positive comments about Young.

    I suppose when Tass was telling you how great things were in the Soviet Union in the late 70s you believed that too?

  11. Fischer is tired of being kept under wraps like that. There was fish in the paper bag before they made him put it over his head.

  12. Man does this hurt!!.. I am a die hard Titans fan.. so with that said i have over the years accepted the fact that i have no control of what goes on behind the scenes and in the locker room…and just rooted for the product that ran on the field….but it has all come to this…what will be done…like everybody else i have opinions on what should be done but i guess im just gonna keep those to myself and say as a die hard titans fan….. lets get this figured out and stop the bleeding….im ready to win again…GO TITANS

  13. That “fan” with a paper bag is watching from a sports bar, every time I go to a game the traveling team has more fans out number the Titans fans.
    When the Titans get on a streak all the memoribilia comes out, plate tags, window flags, etc.
    F..K these fair weather fans, Jeff- you deserve better.
    Tell Bud Adams what I cant say here, you held this team together for 4 years during the transition and then got an ultimatum to make the Super Bowl.
    I would have told the old F..kstick to go to hell back then.
    Let him have VY and a losing record for the next 5 years.
    You deserve better and waiting makes you pass up better jobs.

  14. kmdp4 says:
    Jan 3, 2011 6:02 PM
    …………..why does he get all this respect around the league?


    The porn ‘stache?

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