Open call for mailbag questions


In last week’s Christmas and blizzard and trip-to-Philly and new-in-home-studio installation craziness, we forgot to make a call for mailbag questions.

This week, we’re asking for them early.  We’ll use them as possible content (i.e., filler) for ProFootballTalk Live, and we’ll write up the remainder this weekend.

So ask early, ask often.  Just ask.

13 responses to “Open call for mailbag questions

  1. What ever happened to the drug controversy involving the Saints coaching staff from earlier this season? If I remember right, it seemed that drugs were disappearing from their drug cabinet and Joe Vitt was named along with Sean Payton. Did the NFL bury the investigation for their “golden” team from last year or did Roger Goodell put it on the fast track to nowhere?

  2. Any scoop on what the Patriots defender got suspender for? Seems pretty tough considering the depthit leaves them.
    With 3 picks in the first 33 they need a sack specialist, who do you think they take.
    Oh, don’t let Adam or Mort beat you to the storyline behind the suspension.

  3. Question- is the talk about a “lockout” of NFL players by NFL owners, serious? I mean , do we take that as seriously an option? Given the money made by NFL owners, the NFL proper, the NFL players, the money made on television rights and, holy crap, we’re talking a mountain of money here. When is enough to be construed as enough?

  4. What one or two pieces would put the Lions in the playoffs next year?

    When will the Rooney Rule become extinct?

    Why did TOcho/Batman and Robin end up as such a FLOP for the Bengals?

    With Romo’s underperformance, when do the Cowboys bring in their next QB?

    Will the Stanford/Elway relationship entice Harbaugh to be Bronco HC?

    With the HUGE current HC carrosel, what qualities actually comprise a successful NFL Head Coach?

  5. What happens when a minority gets rewarded the head coaching position (see Frazier in Minny) after having the interim tag, do NFL clubs still have to adhere to the Rooney Rule?

  6. Assuming Andrew Luck stays in college, who goes to Carolina and Denver with picks 1 and 2 in the 2011 NFL Draft?

  7. How would your rank the college qb’s coming out this year? Mallet, Luck, Newton, Gabbert and Locker… Any others to keep an eye on?

  8. Please explain to me why GM’s never get their “skirts” ruffled? Case in point…at the end of every season one coach or another is asked about his “Job Status”. Why in the world would these moronic reporters ask the coach a stupid question like that? Seems to me any reporter worth their weight in salt would ask the coach’s BOSS that question!! Get these panty waste (yes, waste) GM’s out from behind the desk and put them behind a Mic!!!

  9. Mike, I would like to know what the total amount of fines paid by the players to the league, and where did the money go? I want to know exactly where, not to “charity.”

  10. Is there any call to do away with or at least rewrite The Rooney Rule as it creates a double standard. Why is Minn allowed to name their interim coach HC but Dallas has to go through sham interviews to hire their interim coach.

    Also why is the assumption that “minority” automatically refers to an african-american candidate? Will there be a rule to address latinos or asians… or for that matter sexual orientation which has minority status.

    Either the rule needs to be rewritten to be more specific in who the NFL wants to get interviews or it must be done away with as teams are still hiring whoever they want.

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