Tom Coughlin doesn’t plan on changing his coaching staff

When John Mara announced Tom Coughlin would be back in 2011, he emphasized the organization’s belief in stability.

Coughlin is paying that forward when it comes to his assistant coaches. Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that Coughlin told the media Monday that he has no designs on replacing any of the assistants from his staff after a second straight year ended without a playoff game.

He might not have plans on it, but another tweet from Vacchiano brings up the possibility that he’ll have to make a change anyway. Vacchiano reports that offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is a contender for the vacant head coaching job at the University of Connecticut. That news will likely warm the hearts of the many Giants fans who have never warmed to the play caller’s style, although the numbers don’t bear out the argument that he’s done a particularly bad job.

The same can’t be said of special teams coach Tom Quinn, however. The Giants were dismal in all phases of special teams this season, with the backbreaking loss to the Eagles standing out as a particularly awful moment. They didn’t have a hands team on the field to combat an obvious onside kick, Matt Dodge couldn’t get a punt out of bounds and then the entire punt coverage team whiffed on DeSean Jackson. It’s a bit surprising that there’s no desire to improve on Quinn, but, again, the Giants seem to believe the status quo will fix everything.

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  1. Having watched virtually every snap of the Coughlin regime, I can only say I am not surprised by this arrogance. During this era, Special Teams have ranged from below average to the current dismal. But why change? Gilbride has had good stats, but as those of us who watch every play know, he doesn’t play to the team’s strengths and together with Coughlin, shows little regard for the game situation in 4th quarter play calling. The D improved a lot under Fewell this year so with our luck, he’ll get hired away somewhere and we’ll be stuck with the rest.

  2. Glad they are keeping Coughlin…it isn’t his fault Eli leads trhe league in INTs. Maybe THAT’S where they should look.

  3. I can live with Gilbride and hope that Fewell stays, but anyone who has watched game in and game out knows that special teams (even without the Eagles debacle) destroyed them all season-long.

    Quinn didn’t have his unit prepared or disciplined to play playoff caliber football.

  4. I have been a staunch TC advocate for his entire tenure in NY. However, if he is going to hitch his wagons to Gilbride and Quinn for another year, he is going to have to win the Super Bowl to keep any support.

    Any Giants fan could have done better playcalling in the 2nd Half yesterday with that offense. Run up the middle, run up the middle, incomplete pass…how innovative. Nice way to almost blow another lead.

  5. The Giants go as their defense goes. We won the Super Bowl despite having Gilbride as our OC not because he was the OC.

  6. Of course he isn’t going to change his coaching staff… They are watching film, getting ready for a playoff game…..Oops i meant….They are scheduling tee times…

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