Trent Baalke, Jim Harbaugh may not fit together

Trent Baalke is confident he’ll be San Francisco’s next G.M. and he’s acting in such a capacity on Monday in exit interviews with 49ers players.

Baalke may need to “deliver” Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh to seal the job, because Harbaugh is now seen in the Bay Area as a franchise savior that could help build a new 49ers stadium.  But what if Harbaugh doesn’t want to work with Baalke?

That’s implication made by NFL Network’s Albert Breer, who believes Baalke’s presence will get in the way:

“Hearing front-office structure/GM is vital to landing Jim Harbaugh for NFL teams,” Breer writes.  “And that could put Baalke’s candidacy in peril with 49ers. . . . Basically, if the Niners really want Harbaugh, might have to pass on Baalke.  We’ll see.  Either way, who the GM is, is very important to [Harbaugh].”

If the 49ers had to choose between Harbaugh and Baalke, perhaps San Francisco’s G.M. search isn’t over yet.

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  1. Meanwhile, Pete Carroll has to be thinking “are u kidding me? He comes to the Pac 10 and kicks my ass 3 out of 4 games, and now he might come to the NFC West?”

  2. you need to get your GM before you get your Coach….and the GM should pick the coach…if the coach doesnt have final say in personnel then they should not be hired first…

  3. I heard the dolphins might be in the mix for harbugh as well because of Dolphins owner Ross being a michigan man himself

  4. jaggedmark- He isn’t your guy… He would be your guy if you didn’t pass on him in ’02 for QB coach, but you did. I highly doubt he forgot about that…

  5. I have to admit, I’m not sure I entirely get the hype over Harbaugh. Sure, he turned around Stanford, but he doesn’t really have a track record that fills you with confidence.

    In fact at Stanford he had two winning seasons and two losing seasons… the two winning seasons happen to coincide with when he started Andrew Luck. Would we be having this conversation if he didn’t have Luck as his QB?

    And as we’ve seen over and over again, success at the college level hardly ever translates to success in the NFL (at least in the last decade). Think of Bobby Petrino, Steve Spurrier, Dennis Erickson, Nick Saban, Butch Davis, Rich Brooks, Mike Riley, and Pete Carroll.

    Also I seem to have just read somewhere that the Broncos were hoping that hiring John Elway would help secure Harbaugh.

    I guess it’s a good time to be Harbaugh. Not necessarily a fan of one of those teams courting him.

  6. Wasnt Baalke in the front office when Dingleberry was hired? I’m sure he’ll choose another winner, great job whiners.

  7. Seriously, Michigan has become the equivalent of Greendale College off of the show Community. The Niners are NFL royalty … first to five, best coach of all-time, best QB of all-time, best WR of all-time, and best Safety of all-time.

    Michigan doesn’t have a yellow snowballs chance … which is what your freaking cold coeds are dining on right now. Come 39 miles away to sunny Santa Clara Jim and restore the glory of the Niners!

    PS – bring Lombardi with you and convince Jed that Baalke Bartalkamos from Perfect Strangers is not the GM you want!

    Niners Forever!

  8. Is that a Raiders fan that is mocking our GM? Who is yours? A 100 year old senile cowboy that has a man crush on Jamarcus still? Settle down Raiders, we beat you this year and will beat you every year into infinity.

  9. They go together like a giant bowl of oranges flanked by two dorky looking guys in suits, under some pineapple trees.

  10. Its amazing how playing in a weak conference can drive up your stock. Harbaugh is the most overrated college to pro prospect since Nick Saban. The difference was Saban had earned his chance. Harbaugh’s rah rah style of coaching doesnt fly in the NFL. He will be back in the NCAA within 3 years if he doesnt get fired sooner.

  11. No offense PFT, but this was exactly why the riots started when it was reported Baalke was a “lock”, because we KNEW it meant no Harbaugh.

    There is no relationship between them to speak of and Baalke, while he might ultimately be a great GM, as of today adds no credibility to land a Hrabaugh or Gruden.

    Jed is simply going to have to decide on either getting legitimate, or taking the cheap, comfortable way out.

    Given the stadium status, he better start going all in or there will be no fans to fill it.

  12. It’s amazing that said weak conference repeatedly produces national championship contenders. Just sayin….

  13. On another note, at one point they had several teams in the top 25. Oregon is currently #2, Stanford #4. Hardly a weak conference

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