Vikings will continue with their current power structure

It started five years ago with Brad Childress, Fran Foley, and Rob Brzezinski.  It continued with Rick Spielman replacing Foley.  And now Leslie Frazier will be the be the new Brad Childress.

Even though the name was abandoned long ago, the “triangle of authority” persists in Minnesota, with Frazier, Spielman, and Brzezinski working together to run the football operations.

Owner Zygi Wilf told a small group of reporters on Monday that the existing power structure will remain in place.

“We believe what we have right now as an organization has worked,” Zygi Wilf said, per Tom Pelissero of

Well, if it really was working, Childress would still be the head coach.  But it has the potential to work, if Frazier and Spielman will work together to reach a true consensus on player moves.  In the past, we got the impression that the consensus approach worked as long as Childress agreed with it, and that if there was a disagreement Childress typically got his way.

That said, it can work under Spielman and Frazier.  Both seem to be men of goodwill, who know how to disagree without being disagreeable.  Not that Childress was disagreeable.  But it became clear as Childress had problems with more and more other people that the problem wasn’t the other people but Childress.

The first challenge?  Finding a quarterback.  And we’ve got a feeling that Spielman wishes that Childress hadn’t summarily shipped Sage Rosenfels out of town before he ever got a fair shot to compete for playing time.

20 responses to “Vikings will continue with their current power structure

  1. Will the triangle of authority retain Darrell Bevel as Offensive Coordinator now that his good buddy Brett has departed the scene?

  2. The only change will be to remove the word “power” from “current power structure”. To more reflect the reality of the times.

  3. “With the fourteenth choice of the 2011 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select Ryan Mallett of the University of Arkansas.”

    Or maybe Cam Newton falls to them?

  4. Jimmysmith1 Says:

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  5. jimmysee says: Jan 3, 2011 10:45 PM

    Will the triangle of authority retain Darrell Bevel as Offensive Coordinator now that his good buddy Brett has departed the scene?


    Actually, I think that’s going purely a Frazier decision. My understanding (which could easily be wrong) is that the Triangle is more responsible for team personnel decisions from a player perspective.

  6. Wasn’t Lord Favre the final piece of the puzzle?
    Was this the same team (minus Taylor) that was 12 men in the huddle away from a chance for a Lombardi trophy?
    So same staff minus Childress is now the key? Ziggy isn’t an idiot. In 3 years (length of Fraziers contract) he’ll introduce a new head coach to go along with his new stadium that will open. Enjoy Viking fans.

  7. So many holes to fill on this team…here’s what I think they should do:

    Resign at top money: Rice, Greenway, Peterson (do the deal now)
    Resign at mid level money: Robison, E. Henderson, Abdullah/

    Let them go: Tahi, Greg Lewis, Pat Williams, Leber, Sheppard, Frampton, Butt Favre, Longwell.

    FA Targets: Vontae Leach, James Jones, Legedu Naanee, Carl Nicks, Deuce Lutui, Olin Kreutz, Matt Prater, Paul Soliai, Ernie Sims (runs around like a fool, but he’s fast), David Thornton, Ike Taylor, William Gay, Tanard Jackson (kid needs a steady hand) Kerry Collins.

    Reality is, you can make some things happen on offense with a steady, veteran QB, peterson, a new guard or two (unless herrera returns) some coaching a quality schemes, k-sauce, camarillo, harvin, rice and berrian. Defense…platoon that dline, get more speed, sign greenway and dump the safeties…get new ones; they’re getting griffin and cook back so find some effing safeties. Sanford looks okay and abdullah bites on everything; find something solid and they’re back to being a pain in the rear of the nfc north; with a crap schedule next year they could do some damage…as long as they have a creative and solid OC.

  8. The lions/vikes game was dull and it sounded like the game was being played in a building. No life to it. Vikes fans are more into it and scott linehan the Offensive Coordinator of the Lions(former vikes off coordinator) did well. Good luck vikes cause your gonna need it. 2 blowout losses and a loss to the lions to end the season? childress doesn’t look so bad now. It’s gotta be the players, injuries or something else that went haywire. Who knew farve was gonna implode? but if you have to send 3 guys to MS then farve doesn’t wanna come back. Now the lawsuit, does the stupid drama ever end here? The pack and lions will be even better next year and chicago beat up the vikes twice this year. That may put the vikes last in the division next year too! 31 out of 32 teams end the season with different levels of disappointment. No more getting my hopes up for the vikes. It hurts too much to get slammed by the saints(2009), falcons(98) or that 40-0 giants loss. Should I waste my time going to vikes camp when many many players do not stay for autographs? they book over to the new dorms? Have to fight hoards of fans for an early morning bench seat in 90 degree heat? probably no! also HD beats the humpty dome. Bad seats all over, even the suite I was in was in the endzone! peace to my fellow fans.

  9. I don’t get it, if Ziggy truly believes “We believe (that) what we have right now as an organization has worked” and the team finished in last place in the NFC North, what is his definition of it “not working?”

    That’s not setting the bar very high but for an organization without a stadium, without a QB, and without any Lombarid trophies in 50 years, maybe having three people to blame makes it easier.

  10. Didn’t Favre call his unit “the Triangle of Authority”….or was that the term he used when he wanted a three-way with the Jets’ rub-and-tug girls?

  11. More idiots on parade. Lets all moan and groan about a terrible season and forget just a year ago the Vikings missed the Championship by a stupid 12 men penalty. It’s hard to get your head straight after that. And even more so when the coach (Chilli) lost the locker-room. The players love Frazier. They want to play for him and know he has their back.

  12. Typical fans on this site. So quick to criticize especially when they have no first hand knowledge about anything they are posting. Winning a Super Bowl is without a doubt the most difficult thing to reach in sports. Vikes took a shot the past couple years, got close and now have to reload. Childress put all his cards in at start of season. Problem is it was a pair of 2’s and he got beat by a straight flush.

  13. @deli

    I think it’s time to go find yourself a new team. Sure there have been disappointments. I know them as well as anyone being a Viking fan my entire life. But if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

    Yes the 2010 season was terrible and so was the Lions game. But did you take a minute to think that they had their 3rd string QB in, a rookie LG, a 2nd string RG, an over rated McKinnie on the OL, 2nd, 3rd and 4th string secondary personnel? I don’t see very many teams that win a lot of games in those circumstances. The fact this team did beat the Eagles the week before shows the amount of depth they do have.

    Do they have holes to fill? Absolutely! But again, if you hate the team that much and they cause you so many problems there are several other teams you can become a fan of.

  14. OMFG, its like a nuke blew up in the middle of St. Paul!!!
    Love it!!!
    The Vikings wont be relevant for 4-5 years.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the doormat of the NFC north for years to come… The Minnesota Vikings

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