49ers contact Giants about Perry Fewell

A third team with a head coaching vacancy is interested in talking to Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.

Yesterday we noted that the Browns and Panthers had both contacted the Giants about interviewing Fewell. Now Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger reports that the 49ers have asked for permission to speak with Fewell as well.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin hired Fewell as his defensive coordinator in 2010. Prior to that Fewell had spent four seasons in Buffalo, first as defensive coordinator and then as interim head coach for the last seven games of the 2009 season.

Before becoming the Bills’ defensive coordinator, Fewell was a defensive backs coach in Jacksonville, St. Louis and Chicago.

11 responses to “49ers contact Giants about Perry Fewell

  1. Wow… first Hue Jackson, now Perry Fewell. The Niners are determined to turn this into a big production, at least until they make the inevitable Jon Gruden hire.

    Unless San Fran intends to make a big trade up to the #1 spot, I doubt this job is Harbaugh’s to lose, despite what the talking heads think.

    One thing is for sure: with all the high-profile openings, free agency, and the looming threat of a lockout, this will be a wild NFL off-season. Plenty of drama all around.

  2. Hopefully Fewell thinks about it for a bit. I think/hope he realizes that Coughlin will probably be around 1 or 2 years more at most. If he stays and keeps the defense solid (they did lead the league in takeaways, they just had a few VERY bad games), he would probably be in prime position to get the HC job in NY.

    And like ggbblue said, can’t they just take Gilbride instead?

  3. He should charge $50K per interview. He may as well make something out of the process given that he is being used.

    I think any team that has had a “minority” head coach in their last two head coaches should be exempt from the “Rooney Rule” requirement.

    And do the Cowboys get a pass from fulfilling their requirement to abide by the Rooney Rule because they intend to hire from within, or do they get a pass because they are the Cowboys?

  4. I have to go with giving Gilbride chatter. How about a suck version of the rooney rule? You have to interview one crap candidate? Please? Come on Uconn

  5. #
    nygiantstones says: Jan 4, 2011 11:49 AM

    If I’m the Giants, I seriously consider denying requests for Fewell to be interviewed. Too much of a revolving door at the DC position in NY these days.

    Actually heres the thing while teams have to request for an interview with assistants it is only a request because that assistant is under contract the loop hole in the whole system is that if a team is requesting to speak with an asst for a Head coach position the team can not refuse the request. If the request if for an asst. say DC to interview for another DC position than and only than can the request be denied by the team. If it is for a promotion in stature the request can’t be denied by the team.

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